“The case of the two newspaper reporters is MOCKINGBIRD” Released under the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection. Case #: NW 53310 Date: 06-14-2017 [1]


Same document, page 4: List of code words used.

Same document, page 5: List of code words used (continued).

MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Secretary, CIA Management Committee 5/16/1973 SUBJECT “Family Jewels” P. 21 [2]

Same document – Page 21 (Continued)

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library Documents declassified Oct-Dec 2010 Page 4 [3]

Same document – Page 5

Office of the Inspector General – Report September 2016 “A Review of the FBI’s Impersonation of a Journalist in a Criminal Investigation” [4]

Same document – Executive Summary – i

“Project Mockingbird” or “Operation Mockingbird” has been reported as being a CIA program aimed at propagandizing American citizens however, declassified documents do not support this claim.

There may be another program under another code name.

The Operational Potential of Subliminal Perception – 1958

Approved for release 1984 – CIA Historical Review Program [5]

Same Document – Page 65

– Individual perception without awareness of the stimulus

Studied in laboratories for 70 years at the time (1958)

Example: An increase in popcorn sales in a New Jersey movie theater is said to have been stimulated by subliminal interruptions of the feature film with an advertisement urging the patrons to buy popcorn.

– Exposure time is a fraction of a second

– It has been demonstrated that certain individuals can at certain times and under certain circumstances be influenced to act abnormally without awareness of the influence.

– Danger of a “flashback” and unpredictable results.

– Four principle categories of behavior without awareness

a) An individual fails to realize his abnormal behavior because his normal awareness and self control have been interrupted by disturbing agents such as fear, anxiety, illness, drugs, or hypnotic suggestion.

b) Operant conditioning (also called “instrumental conditioning”) is a learning process through which the strength of a behavior is modified by reward or punishment.

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