DOJ Inspector General Report (OIG) Flow Chart


Congress will receive the Inspector General Report on January 15th, 2018. We learned this on December 13th, 2017 at The House Judiciary Committee hearing with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. OIG reports ARE NOT released to Congress as a whole. They go to the specific committees that oversee the agency that the OIG investigated. The House and Senate Judiciary Committees oversee the Department of Justice (DoJ). It is to those two committees that the OIG report will go to. The Senate judiciary committee chairman is Chuck Grassley. The House judiciary committee chairman is Bob Goodlatte.

Here are the rest of the committee members.

The OIG Report also goes to the head of the agency investigated. In this case Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The OIG Report contains a list of recommendations for corrective actions. The agency head then has one week to report to Congress on what actions the department is going to take in response to the OIG report.

  Goodlatte will be getting the OIG Report from Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Stephen Boyd.

This tells us that the DoJ will actually get the report FIRST. This indicates that the DoJ COULD BE getting the report from the OIG as soon as January 8th. What is not clear is if the report that Congress gets on the 15th will contain the DoJ response or not. The DoJ response is critical! Wray discussed actions that can be taken based upon the OIG Report. Policy, personnel, procedures, and re-opening of investigations. In short, just about everything. (Immunity agreements can also be rescinded) The House Judiciary Committee (JC) is already conducting an investigation. They and the Senate JC will use the OIG Report to supplement their investigations. Their investigation will produce hearings with the end goal of requesting/demanding a Special Counsel investigation. The OIG does not have the power of prosecution and neither does Congress. That power of prosecution is exclusive to the DoJ or a Special Counsel appointed by the DoJ. Congress can request/demand that the DoJ appoint a special counsel. That demand/request can be ignored. IF ignored Congress would have to pass legislation to force an appointment. This scenario is rare in the extreme but it is a possibility. I highly doubt it will occur. The DoJ can appoint a Special Counsel or wait for Congress to demand one. Either way it is hard to imagine one not being appointed. Oh and guess who also can appoint a special counsel? The President of the United States.

The DoJ can act on the OIG Report and investigate/prosecute themselves without a Special Counsel. After all, the OIG is independent. While possible, I doubt this will occur due to the political optics of an agency investigating itself. In addition to notifying Congress and the agency investigated, the OIG also informs the public. There are three outlets:

Twitter >>>

Oversite Website>>>

DOJ OIG website>>>

The timing of public release with regards to the January 15th, 2018 release to Congress is unclear. Pubic release of information will be determined solely by Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz.

There is one important caveat with regards to Inspector General reports – this tells us we will not get the same detail of information that goes to the DoJ and Congress. We will not get the evidence. What we will get (when we get it) will be a summary and recommendations.

The recommendations are key for us to follow and the OIG is fastidious when it comes to documenting and tracking them and whether or not they are addressed to their satisfaction. The OIG will use Congress and public outcry to help achieve this end. We will also have to monitor Congress and the DoJ. It will be important to pay close attention to their reactions to the report and the actions that ensue. The bottom line is we need to be on high alert for any and all information that trickles out from Congress and the DoJ. Caution: The general outline above is where we are and what we can EXPECT. However, due to the highly sensitive/historic nature of events, things more than likely will unfold UNEXPECTEDLY. We’ll have to be ready and adjust on the fly. Firings for me will not be enough. I will be looking specifically for actions coming out of the DoJ as well as Congress that lead to a Special Counsel investigation into the DoJ/FBI. Our main enemy will be the media. They will used by the democrats and black hats to distract and distort. We will have to counter them and educate as many people as possible along the way. Thanks to President Trump their credibility is shattered. This will help our cause.

The battle will be fierce. I pledge to fight hard and fight well.

House and Senate Intel Committees were not included because they are technically outside the flow chart, but they’ll also want information from the IG report. They’ll be after details of a classified nature. Whether they get it from Judiciary Committees, OIG, or DoJ is unclear.