Who Is Huma Abedin And Why You Should Care?

by Garrett O’Brien – Decisive Liberty – Jan 3, 2018

We can tell a lot about a person from the relationships they keep, the voices they listen to, the people from whom they seek counsel, even the heroes they admire…

This is a Huma Abedin Documentary by Webcide.com, an Online Reputation Management company – there are still a lot of questions NOT answered about her that are answered in this video (48m22s).


The more you get to know about Huma – who has been Hillary’s sidekick for many years (20+?) – the more you know about Hillary as well.

We already know that Hillary sought and gained MILLIONS of Middle East donations to her Foundation which was supposed to secure her victory — too bad she didn’t stay focused on the relationships we kept, the voices we listened to, the people from whom we sought counsel, and the people we admired as heroes…

After viewing this, you will see that where we are focused right now when it comes to Hillary is way too narrow — and it may be why she has not been taken into custody just yet.

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Big thanks to Garrett for sharing this enlightening piece with our ADN readers.