A request to please expose the true story of how the Fast and Furious gun runner scandal operations were performed.

By: Wesley Felix @wesleyfelixpsi

I have full document’s from bank statements, emails from agents, original Federal Firearms Licensing (FFL), RSR gun purchases, etc.

1890 MILITARY assault weapons stolen with forged FFL here with ATF fax# in corner. Illegally forged FF and illegally transferred to Julie Shields. They don’t fax to shops, they hand over with log book inspected and cleared.

Julie Shields does not own my shop.


We have a lot of invoices illegally purchased and the stolen ones.

Five Facts You Need to Know About ‘Project Cassandra’

The Obama administration allowed Hezbollah terrorists to freely traffic drugs and launder money in order to broker the Iranian Nuclear Deal. [1]

A new shadow looms over the legacy of the Obama presidency.  Echoing the scandal of Operation Fast and Furious, new investigative reporting has revealed that President Obama’s White House dismantled an operation targeting Hezbollah in order to get Tehran to agree to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the deal designed to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

What was Project Cassandra?

Launched in 2008, Project Cassandra was an operation led by the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) dedicated to reducing the amount of money the terror organization Hezbollah could raise via drug trafficking and money laundering.  Hezbollah has been designated by the US State Department as a Foreign Terrorist Organization since October 8th, 1997.  Over the last decade, Hezbollah has become increasingly involved with the trafficking of cocaine and other illegal drugs.

“These drug trafficking and money laundering schemes… provide a revenue and weapons stream for an international terrorist organization responsible for devastating terror attacks around the word.” – DEA Acting Deputy Administrator Jack Riley

How is Hezbollah connected to Iran?

Hezbollah is a Shi’a Islamic political party and terror organization based in Lebanon. Hezbollah was formed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in 1982 to fight Israel’s invasion of Beirut. They are recognized as a foreign terror organization by the United States, Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom, Australia, the European Union, the Arab League, and the Gulf Cooperation Council.  Hezbollah has been funded by and acted as a proxy for the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Hezbollah has launched proxy offensive operations on behalf of Iran in Iraq and Syria, as well as against Israel and Saudi Arabia.

What role did President Obama play in ending Project Cassandra?

According to DEA agents involved with Project Cassandra, officials inside the Obama administration routinely blocked their investigations in the period leading up to the final nuclear agreement with Iran.  The Obama administration began to delay or reject task force requests to arrest, prosecute, or impose financial sanctions as part of the operation.

“This was a policy decision, it was a systematic decision.” – Dr. David Asher, illicit finance expert who helped start Project Cassandra

In order to protect the nuclear deal, the Obama administration went so far as to allow a senior member of Hezbollah to return back to Lebanon, rather than pressuring the Czech government to have him extradited to the US after he was indicted for planning the murders of US government employees.  Ali Fayed is reportedly back in the arms dealing business, supplying fighters in Syria with heavy weapons.

After the deal was announced to the public, leaders inside Project Cassandra were immediately transferred to other unrelated assignments.  The bureaucratic dismantling came at a time when it was estimated that Hezbollah was collecting $1 billion a year from drugs and weapons trafficking.

Was Project Cassandra successful in the first place?

According to testimony before Congress last year, the Iranian-backed Lebanese terror group’s financial operations were thriving across South America, having made connections with drug cartels throughout the continent.  According to former DEA operations chief Michael Braun, Hezbollah had been moving multiple tons of cocaine from South America to Europe.  Braun called their money laundering operations “the most sophisticated money laundering scheme or schemes that we have ever witnessed.”

For almost a decade, the DEA led Project Cassandra, a multi-agency coordination center called the Special Operations Division.  The agency empowered law enforcement and intelligence communities to share information and cooperate much more efficiently than in the past.  Project Cassandra’s extensive successes include the shutting down of the Lebanese-Canadian Bank and indictment of a Hezbollah money launderer that was handling over $200 million in funds from Mexican and Colombian drug cartels.  Right before being administratively dismantled, Project Cassandra conducted a joint operation with European counterparts that shut down Hezbollah operations that were using cocaine sales to fund Syrian fighters.

Why did the Obama administration prevent Project Cassandra from conducting operations?

In the initial Politico expose, Josh Meyer quotes Obama treasury official Katherine Bauer as saying “under the Obama administration … these [Hezbollah-related] investigations were tamped down for fear of rocking the boat with Iran and jeopardizing the nuclear deal.” The success of Project Cassandra in targeting and eliminating Hezbollah operations became “problematic” for the negotiations leading up to the nuclear deal;  out of fear of the deal being sabotaged by DEA operations, the Obama White House took on a policy that would result in a deal, regardless of cost.

Obama had campaigned on promises of improving relations with Iran, as well as the rest of the Middle East.  He called previous administrations’ attempts to stop Iran’s nuclear program unsuccessful and promised a different, more direct approach.

Congressman Robert Pittenger has called on the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to conduct an investigation into the Obama administration’s interference with Project Cassandra.


ATF agent Tommy Ho cc’d at bottom is a ghost agent working from licensing dept in West Virginia, letter sent because we were investigating the corruption. Still happening to this day.


Eric Holder and the ATF for committing/allowing federal agents to steal ASSAULT WEAPONS and sell to cartels/terrorist etc. Illegally. To “liquidate asap” in bulk.
This is Julie Shields yahoo email telling her friend, “The ATF gave me everything and told me to liquidate asap” referring guns as children and they need good homes, to strangers. WTH??

Forged check ATF agent Tommy Ho wrote for some personal weapons.

ATF agent Tommy Ho forged this check with help from Wells Fargo in clearing it for what… “guns” in memo and used expired Nov 2010 FFL. This was purchased in March 2011!! Who is “RSR” on the check? Supply house – RSR is the dealer who sells us FN guns. Ones the cartels and terrorist love. MILITARY Assault weapons.
Reports have it, Project Cassandra under the Obama administration has ties to FAST and Furious Gun Runner scandal operations. Many operations ran parallel with fast and furious.
 My original FFL which was expired on Nov 2010. How did ATF transfer to Julie Shields without owning my company? You cant transfer FFL. You must apply for your own and transfer guns from there.
Two other ATF agents in Fast and Furious gun runner scandal, (pirate patch) is Matt Wren and the other is Matt Wear. Both in photo at time returning some stolen machine guns and some silencers that were reported stolen. They did not return all they mentioned on stolen list.
Even Congress wrote letter to investigate, FBI Ericsson refused order
Congress has confirmed WELLS FARGO BANK colluded with corrupt ATF agents to purchase assault weapons with expired FFL#
Congress confirmed at bottom of letter, WELLS FARGO BANK colluded with corrupt ATF agent Tommy Ho and Matt Wear to steal and sell MILITARY Assault weapons
Here is the agent Responsible not only for the fast and furious scandal at our store but others operations in Texas and Oregon. He is known as a shadow agent, working out of Licensing division in West Virginia
Even WikiLeaks is concerned about where 1000’s of our ASSAULT WEAPONS went. Possible EU also. Arms possibly supplied by some FAST and Furious Gun Runner scandals such as WikiLeaks has found in Paris attack. Obama administrations supported this action. They confirmed terrorist in Paris had FAST and Furious Gun
This is Julie Ann Shields ATF CI working with ATF agent Tommy Ho.
Here is ATF agents Matt Wren, Jason Dunn, Julie Shields and Shields father, again while returning a few machine guns/silencers because we reported stolen after Tommy Ho stole.
Stolen gun report for 50 cal and other guns. ATF took Acquisitions deposition book to log in and out with serial #’s. We made many reports once we obtained serial #’s. Needed this to report stolen. LvPD/ATF not looking to investigate stolen guns.
RSR invoice to back up real purchase. ATF told RSR FFL that was mine is good, so they shipped the weapons. But my FFL was never renewed, or I would have the FFL on me. Corruption of government people should NOT RECEIVE their pension and retirement packages. It should go to the victims. invoice for the forged check and date shows purchase after FFL EXPIRED!!! ATF told us they were not wanting to renew yet,but FFL# is in Julie’s name!!!
Never President of our company, ATF helped Julie Ann Shields forge document’s
Fake share transfer. Check never registered with NV State Department. Besides my brother has shares, never would sign to anyone else, was a security protection for us.
She admits she is not a gun dealer and she’s selling guns. Asking ATF Jason Dunn, Matt Wren and Matt Wear how to sell without looking like a dealer. ATF corruption. This email is where Julie Shields and her ATF superiors discussed how and where to sell the guns. Really..Toys for Tots to sell Machine guns? Picking up at police sub-station. Didn’t know police stations are flyby gun shop expresses now.
Actual wells Fargo letter to ATF agent Tommy Ho to access our acct, stop production of statements so we could not see 66 forged checks.
ATF agent Tommy Ho was sent a letter from Wells Fargo who colluded with them and requested a stop on making bank records/statements so they could hide forged, fraud checks to purchase weapons and create GHOST guns. WELLS FARGO BANK colluded with ATF agent Tommy Ho. They are a big part in helping to finance it by giving my account to another company so we could not see our account or the forged checks they let clear. Proof WELLS FARGO BANK colluded with ATF agent Tommy Ho to forge my checks and I would not see in bank statements, because the phone conversation said to stop making bank records. ATF has no jurisdiction to contact bank and tell them to stop recording statements. Illegal action. Yes. This letter, if you know about evidence was ran thorough a federal Bates system and is numbered in right lower corner so altered documents can’t be done and if so it shows tampering of evidence. So this came off agents ATF desk. Yes it’s true.
My stolen assault weapons stolen by ATF agent Tommy Ho and Matt Wear with Julie Ann Shields who are selling on internet. In BULK TO.
Julie Shields selling my guns she stole with ATF agent Tommy Ho and Matt Wear on the web “IN BULK” guns stolen from national survival store in Las Vegas NV
EXPIRED Nov 2010 FFL was used to purchase many ASSAULT WEAPONS like this real one here purchased after in January 2011. How?? ATF forging of doc’s, that’s how..
ATF shut Wesley Felix psi gun shop down, stole his license number, bought guns under it, and Wells Fargo looks like they were complicit in helping them jack his banking info. Check out Wesley Felix ALL UNDER ERIC HOLDER AND OBAMA ERA YEARS

This is the ATF agent Tommy Ho who is the ringleader in many FAST and Furious Gun Runner scandals, forged bank doc’s and FFL’s.

This is the main leader of ATF ghost team who has performed many FAST and Furious Gun Runner scandals. Ammo Dump gun shop in Texas was another location other then mine; National Survival Store in Las Vegas NV. Plus he pulled another, Halo Mfg in Oregon. Research it gunowners.org/op0647.htm
Julie Shields selling my guns she stole with ATF agent Tommy Ho and Matt Wear on the web “IN BULK” guns stolen from National Survival Store in Las Vegas NV. This is his partner ATF agent Matt Wear who assisted Tommy Ho in FAST and Furious Gun Runner scandal operations.
ATF Jason Dunn in black shirt. All parties involved with ATF agent Tommy Ho’s team.
Angel knows more about this and is helping us, we appreciate the team efforts of him and all of his Twitter peeps in exposing this. Robert Sanders former ATF director, Google him, is helping us. This should show how real this is. ATF agents wanted us to work with them. Do documents as proof. We said no proof no way. They decided to collude with WF, give my account to another company in TX and from there, held renew of FFL Nov 2010 and came to my store stole guns, paperwork, checks and ran there operation with my image. Julie Sheilds illegally signing my checks for more weapons and she does not have an FFL.
Once we reported, DOJ sent us this letter. Let the thieves investigate themselves.
This is the letter SA ATF agent Tommy Ho used to claim Julie was rightful owner of our store “National Survival Store”. Wrong. She worked for ATF and was never an owner/shareholder anything. Corruption under your ATF, LV is a cover up too. No evidence. Yes, it is. My family National Survival Store in Las Vegas NV , Bob Arwady’s family Ammo Dump in Texas and Michael Halo of Halo mfg. in Oregon all hit with same M.O. from ATF agent Tommy Ho.
Fraudulent check written by ATF agent Tommy Ho and the unredacted statement they tried to hide it In. Remember FFL expired and account collusion directly with agent and weapons were purchased is considered Conspiracy against the United States
Stolen report. Reason there are only a few is because we need serial numbers for all guns and we only have a few off-hand. ATF stole the log book and check book. We eventually contacted distributors and got later.