Spycraft 101 “Deflection”, “Distraction” and “Disruption” part 1

by Rob Gray‏ @RealR0bGray  &  Larry Schweikart @LarrySchweikart

So this is how it went down, step by step. This is the post that got me banned off of Facebook, and it has to do with the Russia investigation, Seth Rich, and Fusion. The dots are connected now who will do anything about it?

Rewind to 2011. Obama’s admin is spying illegally on journalists and opponents. Anytime someone speaks out about Obama’s crimes, they’re surveilled and put into court to defend themselves, ala @DineshDSouza – ask him about this.

Enter @HillaryClinton – she knew all about the illegal spying and probably far worse stuff that the Obama admin was doing, like funneling DOJ funds to radical groups like BLM and SPLC. You think she didn’t use this against Barack? Of course she did. It’s called blackmail.

Hillary knew all of this, and also used this to silence opposition. When Obama found out about Hillary’s homebrew server and the straw weapons sales to Libya, he was stuck – Hillary knew about his dirt, he knew about Hillary’s. They come up with an agreement:

“You stay quiet about my illegal taps and money funneling, and I will look away with your homebrew server and Libya shit”. The agreement went well, since the administration would give the media perks to ride along with the president in return for good stories.

Fast forward to 2015, and @realDonaldTrump decides to run. At first, Hillary and her minions were happy and wanted to push him as the candidate(as seen in the wikileaks emails). But they forgot something: Trump doesn’t get into things to lose. (continued later)

Hillary was also playing a scam of her own with only a few people in the know: Use @SenSanders as a prop to steal donation money, redirect his voters to HER voting spots (Seth Rich), then use DWS and the dated system to steal Bernie’s nomination and all of his donor money.

Seth Rich found out about this, and decided to do something about it. He first took his concern to his direct boss, @donnabrazile, who and got angry and into an argument with Seth. He and his brother contact @JulianAssange’s people and using high speed data transfers, leak.

Once the DNC finds out about Seth, Hillary or DWS sends her people, Brazile puts Brad Bauman in charge of Seth’s family to intercept any actual GOOD LEADS that come in, DC police are complicit, and the murder coverup is complete. It’s not rocket science, these people are dumb.

Meanwhile, Hillary is juggling the Seth shit, Wikileaks, and Obama’s bullshit + an election. She’s also in shitty health. And both Hillary and Obama know that if she loses the election, the spying, the funneling of money, the murders, everything gets FOUND OUT.

If you look at their behaviour as the election dwindles down, you can see the desperation in their bodies. The “Choose Hope” Obama sweating bullets speech comes to mind. They needed something, a scandal, that would catapult Hillary to the White House.

Hillary calls Obama and says “Yo dawg, you know that spying apparatus you’ve been using on US citizens? – Obama: “Yeah what about it?” HRC: “Well I need to use it on MY OPPONENT now, or else we are going to lose and we both hang from nooses!” BHO: “I’m on it Hilldawg”

Obama calls his girl Susan Rice and tells her what to do. She then gets all of Trump & his family’s phone calls and emails. They surveil day and night, even using an old CIA server in a closed Russian bank inside Trump tower to justify the surveillance.

Using all of these resources, they get nothing. Trump’s squeaky clean. What’s next? What do you do when your Plan B and Plan C and even D aren’t working? You make shit up. Enter the Russian piss dossier. Friendlies in alphabet agencies and RINOs make it happen.

Hillary’s DNC pays Steele to write the dossier through a shell company. They then use this faked Russian dossier to get the FISA warrant. This goes against every law in our constitution. But it’s the DEMS, they’ve been untouchable for decades. So they do it.

They push “Russian interference” to, I would assume, push Congress to impeach based on these allegations, putting the Deep State back in charge. These people do not understand “No!” like you and I. They think they deserve the presidency. They will not stop resisting.

Media outlets start to push this fake Russian issue. The media outlets are still very much controlled by deep state holdovers from Obama’s time, so of course they push these falsehoods as well. Enter James Comey, the swampiest [mf] this side of the Mississippi.

Comey leaks the notes that trigger the special counsel. He’s admitted it. It’s a deep state ploy to keep this on the minds and ears of the American people to try and sway voters to the Dem side. They will stop at nothing to try and get power back before they are found out.

The entire Russia scandal is a Deep State ploy to unseat a democratically elected president so that they can hide their crimes forever. The Obama administration weaponized our IRS, NSA, CIA, FBI, DOJ and more because their ideas can’t win on their own & they don’t realize it.

If I know this, I can guarantee you that Trump and his people know this. The OIG report comes out soon, and hopefully Sessions will move on some actual indictments. If not, he’s 100% a deep state shill. Enough is enough, no more 6-D chess bullshit. Now or never. Save America. [1]

Where [does] Flynn comes into play here?

[email protected] will be vindicated as an American hero when all is said and done, and Lord willing he will be pardoned. Remember, he worked for Obama for WAY longer than he worked for the Trump admin. 😉 He’s got a story to tell…

The story is PSD-11
As the head of DIA Flynn opposed Obama’s PSD-11 Agenda & wanted to expose it. For that Obama classified PSD-11 which prevented Flynn from exposing it & then sacked him. Because so many players would be exposed Deep state put a target on Flynns back.




EmbeddedI think you’ll find this a very encouraging thread: It’s easy to get swamped (no pun intended) by all the crap going on in the nation’s shithole, er, capital. But in case you lost track there are FIVE investigations of Ds going on plus the sex fund scandal:

The first, in no particular order: Sessions announced that he was reopening the Cankles [Clinton] e-mail investigation, and that it in fact has been going on “for months.” (Yes, the same Sessions that people say “isn’t doing anything” or is sitting in his rocker.)

Yesterday, the DOJ unsealed the indictment of the U1 guy, but his partner had been CONVICTED some time ago, meaning this investigation has been going on “for months” (by that same Sessions guy).

Sessions announced he was opening an investigation of Hezbollah/Iran.

Then there is Mulehead [Mueller]. I have maintained, as have others, that Mulehead is working for Trump/Sessions, most likely as a sheepherder to keep all the treasonous sheep in one corral, prevent them from leaking, while HE leaks stuff on them right and left.

I’m not going to rehash all the reasons why I think Mulehead–good, bad, honorable, working under threat, whatever—is doing Sessions’ bidding. The fact is, except for two minor “process” indictments, he hasn’t done anything even remotely pointing toward Trump. But . . . note that the two “process” indictments Manafort and Flynn’s plea deal, are both so incredibly tainted by “sloppy” processes themselves that both should easily walk or have plea & charges thrown out. Gee, maybe that was on purpose?

This is the one no one is talking about: the Awans. SINCE it is clear that DOJ/Sessions has in fact been on top of all this stuff all along, and SINCE the Awans are closely tied to the emails, FUSION GPS, and likely even the U1 deal, then it stands to reason Sessions is on it.

So this means that ALL of these are tied together, ALL are being investigated (as I’m betting the IG report shows) and the toboggan of crap is heading downhill without brakes to a very disturbing ending for a number of high-profile people.

But hold on now! There is one more that I think will be tied into this that will bring down a significant portion of Congress as well:

The “sex fund,” according to reports, listed 145 payouts from 2007 to 2017. Allow for some normal turnover in House seats, say, 15 gone . . . that would mean there are about 130 “sex fund” cases who have not been named yet.

So far, about 24 Republican and 7 Democrat members have resigned early (Chaffetz) or announced they won’t run in 2018 (Issa, for example).

They cite ‘family” or it is suggested their reelections will be hard, etc.

I might suggest that in fact many are responding to blackmail from the “keeper” of the sex fund docs, that they are leaving w assurance they won’t be named.

That means there are about 100 (!!) other Congressmen AND WOMEN who are named in the sex fund who are/or can be blackmailed. Given the proportion of Rs to Ds who’ve left, I think our final number is 70Ds and 30 Rs yet to come out.

There will be WOMEN named in this.

But that’s just the House. Docs indicate two sex harassment payouts have taken place in the senate, and these are BESIDES Frankenberry. I think that’s low, based on House numbers. I bet there are 17 more (19 total) in the Senate to be named.

Once again, these Senators (at least 9 more Democrats, 10 Republicans, some WOMEN just based on percentages) are/were subject to blackmail.

Who do you suppose has seen these records? Who has had access to the internal servers?

Ah, you guessed it: the Awans.

Conclusion: DC is now sitting on SIX major scandals, any one of which would be of epic proportion. Taken together, this is the scandal of all time, dwarfing the Soviet penetration of MI5 in the Cold War (Kim Philby). [2]


Spycraft 101 “Honey Pot”, “Brownstone” and “Blackmail” part 2

Daily Caller reports that the Awans also worked for Rahm Emmanuel. [3]

Who did Imran Awan work for?  Why did Rahm (Dead fish) Emmanuel pay the ISI for the release of Imran? Rahms father was the Mossad.  Questions about Emanuel’s links to the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, were allegedly so great that President Bill Clinton was forced to dismiss Emanuel from the White House staff in 1998.. John O’Neill an FBI agent discovered that Emanuel was heavily involved in the decision to place Lewinsky close to Clinton. No automatic alt text available.We know through @lukerosiak reporting that the Awans had access to many house congressional emails. Here are just a few of the names on the list. @tedlieu being the most recognizable member. [4]
Jeff has been a busy boy.  No wonder we haven’t seen much of him.
                   Image may contain: textPlus they are still working on the Las Vegas shooting too.  There’s a reason Sessions nickname is “The Silent Executioner”.  Take note he just filed the first indictments in the #Uranium scandal. Spycraft 101
This needs to be updated, but there are potentially well over 9000 sealed indictments across the nation. They are walling off the swamp and, I suspect, going to pull the plug and drain it soon.

Brilliant!!! Our President said, “A Storm is Coming”. Could this be that storm?


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