-Annie Webber (January 15, 2018)

James Dolan volunteered for Wikileaks, then went on to coding of and training on SecureDrop, once StrongBox.  Most notable, he obviously had a dedication to providing secure, safe apparatus for Whistleblowers.  Was this last, James’ dedication to Whistleblowers’ rights to speak without fear of reprisal, his undoing?

There are those motivated by survival of the fittest, but occasionally we come across those with a higher calling, that being truth, honor, code.  Those traits were obviously instilled in James early on.  He enlisted in the USMC, volunteered for Wikileaks, then went on to work, at significant discount, on SecureDrop.

What were James’ thoughts on the death of a now lauded, murdered, publicly perceived Whistleblower? What story was James working on at the time of his death? Whom else did he speak to about a now high-profile victim of an unsolved murder?  Why are those he spoke to not talking?  Did James believe he was in the same position in which Aaron Swartz once perceived himself to be?  Did he believe that he needed to go it alone, go rogue?  Considering James’ life work, would it be inconceivable that he would not take very personally the unsolved murder of a Whistleblower?  Was James close enough to the truth to warrant attention to a story he was working on?

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