A Black Money Revenue Machine?

by: Annie!Webber @awebberaz

It’s not simply Haiti, it’s the entire Caribbean area, including Panama, Venezuela, etc. Haiti was the catalyst to public awareness, but it’s not where the problem begins nor ends. This was one resource in the black money revenue generator for Clinton Foundation and company. Company – emphasis added.
What is black money revenue? Income generated from human, drug, arms, organ, Intel trafficking. Also includes private Think Tank, Charitable, Religious and other non-profit foundations. They wash money by exchanging it amongst like-minded foundations. Most receive tax payer grants as well. Non-profit, non-tax paying money launderers EQUAL Foundations.


The Clinton Foundation – The Sickening Timeline and Truth

by: α Leonis @Cynecin [1]

*Disclaimer – I am not the author of this content. I found it while searching the internet. The hosting account for the original page was suspended. Luckily, I was able to retrieve the text from the search engine’s web cache.


Money laundering scheme by Clinton Foundation and Australian government surfaces

by: SGTreport @SGTreport [1.5]

Retired Australian police detective Michael Smith has evidence of millions of dollars mishandled funds contributed to the Clinton Foundation by the Aussie government.
According to LifeZette an Australian investigative journalist who is a retired police detective said Tuesday he has been asked to provide the FBI with details about multiple allegations of mishandling millions of dollars contributed to the Clinton Foundation by the Aussie government.


Magnitsky Sanctions and Clinton Foundation Ties

by: Kyle @HNIJohnMiller [2]

Congo, South Sudan… a lot of those countries are close to the Magnitsky sanctions that I did a thread on.

Conservative Twitter Intelligentsia, ASSEMBLE! I’ve been digging through the new Magintsky sanctions, doing google searches based on this bit from the US Treasury (link: [3] … and I’ve found something HUGE.  I’ve only dug through 2 names so far, and what I’ve found, well, lets see who else connects the dots.

First, Yahya Jammeh, Gambian dictator who was buddy buddy with the Obama and Clinton administration.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text and closeup[4]

Why the Clinton administration? Apparently because the CIA under Clinton was the one who initially installed him in Gambia via a coup!

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Secondly, Roberto Jose Rivas Reyes, President of Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Counsel besides blatant corruption and accusation of rigging elections [claims].

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So, on a whim, I dug further into any Nicaragua/Clinton connections, and I stumbled upon Jammeh’s debt to Bill Clinton by trying to find connections between him and the Clinton Foundation.

Boom. 1996, Ortega’s FIRST victory, where his conservative opponent claims election fraud, overseen by… a Clinton envoy.

Image may contain: one or more people and text [7]

“Guys, I think the election council was given bad information!” Clinton envoy: “Nope. Nothing to see here. Perfectly legitimate.” 20 years later and Ortega is now on his 3rd term after blatant electoral fraud.

I’m going to keep digging, but I’m betting a lot of these names are people the Clintons put into power or were instrumental in doing so. I’ll add on more later.

Its like six degrees of Bill Clinton corruption up in here. Holy crap. Dan Freaking Gertler, who has a monopoly on Congolese diamond mining. His main customer and business partner? The company Glencore, one of the world’s largest mining commodity trading firms. Founded by Marc Rich, who was on the FBI’s most wanted list for 10 years for violating sanctions and other such corruption, for which he fled the US. Uuuuuuntil he was pardoned in 2001 by YOU GUESSED IT Bill Clinton!!!!

No automatic alt text available. [8]

Slobodan Tesic, the arms dealer from the Balkans, who in 2014 was caught airlifting weapons to Libya to ‘various militant groups’

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Did you know that Libya’s been in a SECOND civil war since 2014? Media didn’t really cover it, not since the Clinton state department led the charge to completely destabilize the country. Aaaaaand wanna know who some of the militant groups in Libya are? ISIS.

Its like peeling a g*#damn onion here.

Muang Muang Soe, of Burma (Burma’s the important bit here) accused of an ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya. Aaaaaaand guess how close the Clintons are to this one? Hillary Clinton was the first Secretary of State to go to Burma in 50 years, to assess their reforms.


She pushed to lift sanctions on Burma, and used her efforts there as proof of her diplomatic credentials. Aaaaand Burma then engaged in an ethnic cleansing. You cannot make this sh!t up.

Image may contain: 2 people, text[11]

Benjamin Bol Mel, principal advisor to the president of South Sudan, one of the most corrupt countries in the world, ranked 5th actually (link:…) [12] was sanctioned for corruption, of course. Wanna guess the connection to the Clintons? Well, do ya? How close are they?!?

The Obama administration, with Clinton as secretary of state, was waiving the prohibition on military aid due to use of child soldiers for South Sudan.

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Oh look, Libya, Yemen, and the Congo made the list too!

Image may contain: text[14]

These sanctions look very much like they’re trying to clean up the corrupt mess left by the Clintons and Obama.

Dr. Mukhtar Hamid Shah. Black market kidney transplants. In Pakistan. 0.0 I’m gonna skip over this one, that’s a rabbit hole I kinda do not want to go down, but at this moment its the first where I can’t find a direct connection to the Clintons.

If the pattern holds and there is a close connection that I just didn’t find… um… wow.

Gulnara Karimova, daughter of a former Uzbekistan president, corruption spree a mile wide, picture for reference to my NEXT picture

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Its like six degrees of Bill Clinton up in here.

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Hillary as Secretary of State ok’d these meetings at the request of the Clinton Foundation. THIS is the first direct connection to the Clinton Foundation I’ve found, but the rest fit the profile of those who’d donate to it. Besides the kidney guy.

Image may contain: 1 person, text[15]

Still creeped out by the kidney guy. Run of the mill corruption, election rigging, civil war, genocide, child soldiers, s’all good. Black market organs and kidnapping? Nope nope nope

Angel Rondon Rijo, sanctioned for funneling money from Odebrecht, a construction company, to Dominican Republic officials as kickbacks for being awarded construction projects. Odebrecht gave at least $100k to the Clinton Foundation, most likely more through intermediaries, and were apparently working with the Clinton State Department to get contracts to rebuild Libya  (link:…) [16]

Artem Chayka, spelled Chaika literally everywhere else, why I don’t know. Stupid Russian letters or something.

Son of Yuri Chaika, the top prosecutor for Russia. Think their Attorney General. Artem uses daddy’s influence to cheat in all kinds of business deals, getting competitors raided by the cops, etc. Daddy Chaika is apparently the master of compromising material, and used a video of his predecessor having a 3 way with a pair of women to get him to resign so he could take the spot. Also, Daddy Chaika, according to the pissgate dossier, is the one who has the namesake video. Also, funny story, he’s was supposed to be the guy Natalya VeselMcwhatsherface of the Trump Tower meeting worked for. So, Daddy and Junior Chaika are several vodka bottles deep in corruption.


So deep in the corruption that Daddy Chaika has been trying desperately to get Magnitsky Act sanctions lifted.


The Magnitsky Act was about a massive $230 million corruption scheme that reached all throughout the Russian government. @Billbrowder hired an auditor, [Sergei] Magnitsky, over his company Hermitage getting used as a scapegoat. Magnitsky gets killed, Browder gets the act passed, sanctions applied, and then Prevezon Holdings Ltd which was part of said $230 mil corruption scheme gets dragged into a court fight here in the US over a shady real estate deal.

Who’s working for Prevezon in this case? Veselniksomething [Natalia Veselnitskaya] and Fusion GPS, both of whom are ALSO lobbying against the Magnitsky Act. Prevezon is owned by ‘the son of a top Russian official’

Overall, its a shitshow.

Image may contain: 1 person, text[19]

But, now, Artem “Daddy’s Little Thug” Chayka (Chaika?) just got sanctioned. Under Maginsky. Because f*#k your couch, Russia. Sooooooo Yuri, do you have that Trump Peeing Hooker tape? Do you? Your son just got sanctioned!

That’s what I thought. Punk a$$ bitch.

Speaking of Veselnikkiminaj [Natalia Veselnitskaya], a nonprofit she works for thats trying to get Magnitsky repealed is under investigation by Mueller now. So that’s a thing that’s happening  (link:…) [20]

Another weird one. Gao Yan. He (maybe she?) is Chinese, so I’m having trouble finding f*#k all on him/her, but the Chinese government tends to be pretty corrupt. So I tried looking up Cao Shunli, the victim…

Image may contain: 1 person, text[21]

Because I’m trying the Clinton connections, I was tunnel visioned a little bit, maybe there’s something in the released Clinton emails or the Podesta emails on her, but the best I could find for Clinton connections is that she gave a womens rights speech in China in 1995 (link:…) [22] She apparently took a bit of heat for not speaking up for this woman who was imprisoned and starved to death? This one and Chaika are pattern breakers so far for direct Clinton ties.

Sergey Kusiuk. Commander of an elite Ukrainian Police unit Berkut. Not to be confused with the Pro-Russia hacking group Cyber Berkut. So, its Ukraine, so the direct link between the Clintons and Ukrainian oligarchs is already well established.

Image may contain: 2 people[23]

So, I search for Victor Pinchuk, an oligarch I see coming up a lot, and secret police, and I find this word salad post
(link:…) [24] Alleged that Pinchuk’s father in law, former ukrainian president [Leonid] Kuchma, tortured and killed journalists using… secret… police..  (link:…) [25] Here’s the article this post refers to:

Image may contain: text[25]

That former president who is now a big name in Ukraine again as a ‘diplomat’…

Image may contain: text[26]

Who wants to bet Sergey Kusiuk was one of Pinchuk and his father-in-law’s personal secret police hitmen?

Julio Ramirez. Guatemalan politician, sanctioned for the killing of journalists. The Clinton Foundation is very active in Guatemala.




Active  (link:…) [29] There’s more. ANYWAYS…

Image may contain: text[29]

Danilo Efrain Zapan Lopez. One of 12 journalists in Guatemala killed since 2008. Most during the time Clinton was Secretary of State. (link:…) [30]

And a huge child sex trafficking problem

Image may contain: text[31]

Julio Ramirez is sanctioned for the deaths of journalists who were doing stories inconvenient for him. Whoooo wants to bet the stories had something to do with Clinton Foundation activities in Guatemala?

Finally, Yankuba Badjie, a Gambian again, so a lot of the same stuff from the first Gambian dude applies. He gets some fun mentions like leading a paramilitary group and abusing prisoners!

So, lets recap this. A huge assortment of names with only two having been from the same country. A mixture of direct and indirect relationships between the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. All dropped out of the blue, no leaks, no forewarning.

Be indiscernible, and strike like lightning.” Sun Tzu

Upon this, one has to remark that men ought either to be well treated or crushed, because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries, of more serious ones they cannot therefore the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge.” Machiavelli, The Prince.


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