Has Social Media Giants Censorship reached Epic Levels?

It’s long been known that social-media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (owned by Google) delete significant amounts of user-posted content. Some of what gets removed is in clear violation of legitimate standards governing pornography and pirated content. But a lot of what gets pulled down is neither offensive nor illegal. Rather, it’s content whose message these platforms disagree with.

Can Facebook Inc (FB), Twitter Inc (TWTR) Really Fight ...

Public complaint is often enough to force a platform to restore deleted posts or accounts. Recently, however, the social media giants have begun refusing to reverse their censorious decisions, even in the face of significant bad press. [1]


by: GeekRad‏ @RadGeekpartduex [2]

Let’s look at these folks again.. (link:securingdemocracy.gmfus.org/team/advisory-…) [3]

This is their mission statement

They have a Hamilton 68 Dashboard

They like to classify it as a ‘Disinformation Dashboard’


Top hashtags today….from ‘Russian accounts’
Note the disclaimer….they monitor 600 ‘Russian’ accounts

Top hashtags yesterday…from those same 600 accounts

So, pretty easy to see that every Trump supporter, and even some Dems that want transparency, stopped all tweeting of #ReleaseTheMemo ….
What a shame. We had a good run, huh?
Well, wait a minute…
Methodology of the dashboard

Accounts aren’t necessarily controlled by Russia…but you know, they’re Russian bot accounts…we just know it.

Now, about the content…not just anyone can determine it’s Russian propaganda…
It’s ‘complex’…and you have to look at it in a ‘nuanced’ way…
Kinda like the news source the ‘understood how Comey thinks’

‘Content is RELEVANT to Russian messaging themes’…
What a load of bullshit

So, these people use their ‘nuance’ skills to analyze ‘complex’ language used in tweets.

End result – they tell Jack that the hashtag is powered by ‘muh Russia’ and Jack gets rid of some the highest volume hashtags in the history of twitter.
Well, if they really wanted to look at hard data that doesn’t require nuance and isn’t complex, look no further than this guy:

Image may contain: 1 person, text[4]

Skates thru loopholes in campaign finance law to have a PAC coordinate directly with a campaign.
And then go attack supporters of the other candidate.

Image may contain: 1 person, text[5]

And, I bet @selectedwisdom and https://securingdemocracy.gmfus.org/  have never talked about this election interference at all….

Image may contain: 1 person, text and closeup[6]

With the help of dipshidiot Bill Kristol, they will continue to work for and with the Left to push the bullshit muh Russia narrative.

Guaranteeing @realDonaldTrump a 2nd term.


Twitter said it was not involved in the project. It had no other comment.
The name for the website is taken from Federalist Paper 68, which was authored by U.S. founding father Alexander Hamilton in 1788 as part of a series of essays anonymously published to defend the U.S. Constitution to the public.
Hamilton wrote of “protecting America’s electoral process from foreign meddling” in Federalist Paper 68, Alliance for Securing Democracy wrote in a blog post. “Today, we face foreign interference of a type Hamilton could have scarcely imagined.” [7]


Facebook’s News Feed will soon prioritize stories that are trustworthy, informative, or local

Facebook today announced that its News Feed will soon give priority to trustworthy news outlets. The gauge for what Facebook considers high-quality news will come in part from a survey of Facebook users to determine which news outlets they find most trustworthy. Local news and news outlets that Facebook users deem informative will also be given priority.

There’s too much sensationalism, misinformation and polarization in the world today. Social media enables people to spread information faster than ever before, and if we don’t specifically tackle these problems, then we end up amplifying them. That’s why it’s important that News Feed promotes high quality news that helps build a sense of common ground,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post. [8]


Anti-Russian hysteria in the US is at its zenith, Facebook and Twitter are joining the war games and it’s becoming apparent where this is all headed.

If you dig a little deeper, you realize that it’s really all about censorship — Twitter started it, and Facebook may now go down the same path.

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Twitter representative Sean Edgett noted that “We determined that the number of accounts we could link to Russia and that were tweeting election-related content was comparatively small. About one hundredth of a percent of the total Twitter accounts at the time we studied.” One hundredth of a percent? In 2012, the percentage of Barack Obama’s 18.8 million followers that were fake was 30%. No automatic alt text available.But yeah, real live Russians use Twitter too, such a shocker, there are quite a lot of them actually, some even tweet about the US election. What a crime!


If you want your page post to appear on your followers’ main news feed, you have to pay Facebook, which means that only wealthy users can spread news, while the rest are silenced. Now, Facebook claims that this is just an experiment, but if they decide to roll this out globally, and then start banning targeted groups from advertising like Twitter does, we will be looking at complete US deep state control over our social media, all under the umbrella that they’re protecting us from the scary big Russian bear, without a shred of evidence that Russia is a threat to us. [9]



Onlinecensorship.org seeks to encourage social media companies to operate with greater transparency and accountability toward their users as they make decisions that regulate speech. We’re collecting reports from users in an effort to shine a light on what content is taken down, why companies make certain decisions about content, and how content takedowns are affecting communities of users around the world. [10]


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