Hezbollah & the Iran Deal : is Trump Lining Obama Up for Charges of Treason?

Hezbollah & the Iran Deal : is Trump Lining Obama Up for Charges of Treason?

Dont rule it out. Some thoughts.



It’s Time for the Justice Department to Hold Hezbollah Accountable

The U.S. government must answer tough questions about its efforts to stop the group’s drug trafficking activities.Last month, a Politico investigation ignited a firestorm by charging that the Obama administration deliberately undermined Project Cassandra, an ambitious effort by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to stop Hezbollah from trafficking drugs into the United States and Europe. Veterans of the Obama administration fired back, saying the charges were categorically false and politically motivated. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has now seized on the Politico report to order a review of decisions made by the Obama Department of Justice. On Jan. 11, he announced the establishment of an interagency task force entrusted with combating Hezbollah’s terrorism finance. Likewise, multiple Republican congressmen have demanded a probe of how the department handled Project Cassandra. [1]


Sessions Department of Justice has just opened a major investigation into the way the Obama administration protected Hezbollah within the USA. This is a massive development. Reminder : Hizballah (Hezbollah) was listed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the State Department on 10/8/1997. It has been a fanatically anti-American organization from the start. Apart from Al Qaeda , it has murdered more Americans than any other terrorist organization. These include civilians, but also the military. Older readers will recall Hizballah’s 1983 attacks on the U.S. embassy in Beirut (63 dead, 120 wounded), followed by their attack on the US Marine barracks (241 dead, 128 wounded). Since then, Hizballah’s bloody trail has crossed the globe. Bombings, assassinations, wars, kidnapping, torture, you name it, they love it. Here’s some background information:


Hezbollah, literally “Party of Allah” or “Party of God—also transliterated Hizbullah, Hizballah, is a Shi’a Islamist political party and militant group based in Lebanon. Hezbollah’s paramilitary wing is the Jihad Council, and its political wing is Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc party in the Lebanese parliament. After the death of Abbas al-Musawi in 1992, the group has been headed by Hassan Nasrallah, its Secretary-General. The group is considered a terrorist organization by the governments of the United States, Israel, Canada, the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council, along with its military/security wing by the United Kingdom, Australia and the European Union.

After the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 in support of the Free Lebanon State, Israel occupied a strip of south Lebanon, which was controlled by the South Lebanon Army (SLA), a Lebanese Christian militia supported by Israel. Hezbollah was founded in the early 1980s as part of an Iranian effort to aggregate a variety of militant Lebanese Shi’a groups under one roof. Hezbollah acts as a proxy for Iran in the ongoing Iran–Israel proxy conflict. Hezbollah was conceived by Muslim clerics and funded by Iran primarily to harass the Israeli occupation. Its leaders were followers of Ayatollah Khomeini, and its forces were trained and organized by a contingent of 1,500 Revolutionary Guards that arrived from Iran with permission from the Syrian government, which was in occupation of Lebanon at the time. Hezbollah’s 1985 manifesto listed its objectives as the expulsion of “the Americans, the French and their allies definitely from Lebanon, putting an end to any colonialist entity on our land”, submission of the Phalangists to “just power” and bringing them to justice “for the crimes they have perpetrated against Muslims and Christians”, and permitting “all the sons of our people” to choose the form of government they want, while calling on them to “pick the option of Islamic government”. [2]


Their reach & power has grown due to alliances with a rogue’s list of American enemies: in particular Iran, but also Syria, Russia, Cuba, North Korea & Venezuela. All sworn enemies of the USA. Their most enduring alliance is with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many don’t really understand that Hezbollah (HB) regards the Iranian mullahs as their leaders. This comes from the Islamic doctrine of ‘velayat-e faqih’ which holds that a Shiite Islamic cleric should also serve as supreme head of government. See:

The Hezbollah Connection in Syria and Iran

In recent years, the strategic alliance between Iran and Hezbollah has grown to the point where the Lebanese militant group’s fealty to Tehran is paramount, a dynamic currently on display in Syria, says counterterrorism expert Matthew Levitt. In recent days, U.S. and Mideast officials have reported that Iran and Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite group, are making military preparations for the sectarian chaos likely to engulf a post-Assad Syria. Counterterrorism expert Matthew Levitt says that Hezbollah has closely aligned itself with Iran’s Quds Force, an elite paramilitary group linked directly to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, while fighting alongside the Assad regime. In recent years, the partnership between Hezbollah and Iran has tightened to the point that the group’s allegiance to Khamenei is paramount, he says. “What we see now is that Hezbollah is going to do things today that are in Iran’s interest even if they expressly run counter to the interests of Lebanon and Hezbollah’s own interest there.” Israeli warplanes recently bombed a truck convoy in Syria, reportedly carrying antiaircraft missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Why would Syria be shipping weapons to Lebanon instead of the other way around? [3]


This means that Hezbollah are at the very least in ‘strategic partnership’ with Iran. Reality? In my opinion, they are an extension of the Islamic state and obey the mullahs orders to the letter. Hezbollah IS Iran, Iran IS Hezbollah. As DNI Director James Clapper said on February 26, 2015: ‘Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF) and Hizballah are instruments of Iran’s foreign policy and its ability to project power in Iraq, Syria, and beyond Hizballah continues to support the Syrian regime, pro-regime militants and Iraqi Shia militants in Syria.’ See more at:

Statement for the Record: Worldwide Threat Assessment

Chairman McCain, Ranking Member Reed, and Members of the Committee, thank you for the invitation to provide the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) assessment of the global security environment and to address the threats facing the nation. A confluence of global political, military, social, and technological developments, taken in aggregate, have created security challenges more diverse and complex than those we have experienced in our lifetimes. [4]


The US has long regarded Iran as an enemy. Iran has been on the State Department’s list of state terror sponsors since Jan. 19, 1984. In June 2016, Iran was designated by State as ‘the top global state sponsor of terrorism’. Their #1 target is Israel, #2 the USA. Iran’s terrorism includes killings via HB and other jihadi groups, but also cyberwarfare, especially against American banks, see:

Cyberwarfare in Iran

The Iranian government has been accused by western analysts of its own cyber-attacks against the United States, Israel and Persian Gulf Arab countries, but deny this, including specific allegations of 2012 involvement in hacking into American banks. The conflict between Iran and the United States as been called “history’s first known cyber-war” by Michael Joseph Gross mid-2013. [5]


  • Israel August 2014: An IDF official told press in that Iran has launched numerous significant attacks against Israel’s Internet infrastructure.
  • Turkey 31 March 2015: Iranian hackers, possibly Iranian Cyber Army pushed a massive power outage for 12 hours in 44 of 81 provinces of Turkey, holding 40 million people. Istanbul and Ankara were among the places suffering blackout.
  • United Kingdom June 2017: The Daily Telegraph reported that intelligence officials concluded that Iran was responsible for a cyberattack on the British Parliament lasting 12 hours that compromised around 90 email accounts of MPs. The motive for the attack is unknown but experts suggested that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps could be using cyberwarfare to undermine the Iran nuclear deal.


The threat posed by Iran and Hezbollah remained unchanged as late as October 2017, see:

Briefing On U.S. Efforts to Counter Hizballah [6]

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