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The 99 pages. To paraphrase Alex Jones the 99 pages are blueprint.

  • They are a blueprint of treason.
  • They are a blueprint of treachery
  • They are a blueprint of RICO crimes on scale never before seen
  • They are a blueprint of how they almost stole an election
  • They are a blueprint of blackmail, judicial fraud, cover up, and possible hijacking of every government entity in the US down to your City Hall.
  • They are a blueprint of how they are trying to overthrow a sitting duly elected President of the United States of America
  • They are a blueprint of how they almost killed America.

But if not for the grace of God, I do not believe we would still live in a United States of America,  I could write this and if the globalist have their way, we still won’t. This fight is not over we haven’t even started. Fighting for your rights back is going to be harder than it was to keep them.  These 99 pages chronicle the systematic deliberate destruction of the United States, our Constitution, our way of life, and the reason so many have fought and died. These 99 pages are the death of freedom. These 99 pages and those that commit these crimes spit in the face of every American Man, Woman, and Child.

Life as you thought you have lived has been a lie. Lets just get that out there. I know it’s harsh but take a minute and swallow that RED PILL right now, you are about to leave the matrix. Welcome to 1984 in 2018.

Our main focus should be when did our President, at the time these crimes were, and I believe are still being committed, Mr. Obama, know they where going on? When did Mr.Obama sign off on these crimes? How far back does it go? We know the Clinton’s had no problem or Bushes for that matter, with the finer points of law. The big loss of our rights was The Patriot Act, is my guess. I also believe the reason Trump released the JFK files when he did was two-fold: one, to show that your government isn’t above lying to you for 54 years about the assassination of President, and second, that your government is capable of such an act as to facilitate if not out right cover up the said crime. I think is was to prepare you for the fact the government you thought you lived under and could trust, at the deepest levels and I am talking deep state, very high very dark places, is nothing you should trust at all.

This government over the past 30 years or so has not been by the people, for the people. It has been for the elite by the elite, by whatever means justifies the outcome they desire. They desire, power and privileged at your expense. Not only your tax dollars, your children in prison to feed a system, your loved ones or even yourself  to drugs, to fund whatever clandestine operation they where running. Look no further than Fast and Furious to see that one. The most recent is Obama and Hezbollah running drugs in and out of America. We have an opium addiction because we grow and protect opium fields in Afghanistan, Ask Russia how bad the problem is there when they had the poppy fields, and still is.

Where and how does this fit into the 99 pages? I will show over a series of reports how the illegal collection and use of Americans private information has cost us more than is measurable. There was a reason our founding fathers put in place the Constitution and said their should be no law passed that infringed upon it. Well there has been nothing but laws that infringe upon our rights to privacy, surveillance without a warrant, search and seizure of assets, this list goes on and on, passed by congress and upheld in activist courts for far to long.

We have not been under a constitutional ran government since we gave up certain rights out of fear after 9/11. Even more than that we have not been under a constitutional government ran in our best interest in generations. Crimes this egregious and this in your face don’t just start with the rank and file, and out of the blue. No, respect for the laws that govern this nation flow the other way, from the top down. If the President, the Secretary of State, the Directors of the FBI, CIA, NSA,IRS don’t respect our basic rights and uphold our constitution and will knowingly commit perjury on national television to congress and the American people, the rank and file have no example to follow.

The 99 pages starts out shocking me by page 15.

Just this page alone sets the whole tone. This one page one proves everything Snowden and Binney ever said about the NSA and every lie you ever heard in a  FISA hearing CSPAN ever broadcast. Let’s do this together is simple speak. It also proves Trump was correct about being wiretapped, and as I will later prove Russia didn’t hack the DNC. His name was (SR) and it was no hack. Mr. Binney in later reports, I will show told Pompeo at the time it was impossible to be an outside hack and Gucifer 2.0 was an attempt to cover up an inside job. When we go through this report and you see how intel is gathered you will know they knew who, when, where, immediately.

Under number 1 it States Upstream Collection and the Acquisition of MCT

Sounds incautious enough right? WRONG. MCT is Multi Communications Transaction’s.

For those that want deeper into it here is article by an attorney on this very subject.

The Lawyer Speaks

Ok well that’s a nice read.

Back to page 15: Upstream Collections of Internet Communications refers to the NSA inception of such communications as they transit the facilities of an internet backbone carrier (_______) blanked out, lets just say its AT&T cause I bet the unblocked out will say that, as distinguished from acquiring communications from systems operated by Internet service Providers. (_____) blacked out, I’m guessing AT&T again just a hunch.

Hey were they not the first to bring back cash to the US? Didn’t the President announced before tax bill, on national TV, hey just got it handed to me, AT&T they where bringing back a BILLION dollars to US and GIVING all those EMPLOYEE 1000.00 bonuses how generous.  Think now of all the other communications providers that did the same.

What does that mean in real people talk. The NSA COLLECTS EVERY THING GOING OVER A TRUNK LINE, FIBER OPTIC, CELL TOWER everything and KEEPS IT ALL. Not on terrorist on you, on me, on your mom, your kid, your Mayor, your cops, your local judges, your grandma, EVERYTHING THAT IS DATA it’s all data. It only constitutes a small part under 702 cause 702 is spying on outside the US calls, emails, ect. Generated from inside the US outgoing, or outside incoming, that requires a warrant if it involves a US citizen; but there are ways around that too, ask FLYNN.

THEY are getting EVERY THING ON EVERY AMERICAN WITHOUT A WARRANT every second of everyday. Do you have cameras in your home you check your kids on? They got it. They got it all. Ever let your neighbor borrow your wi-fi well, he watched porn your house says you did they got it. Everything you have ever written to your kids, husband, lover, boss, coworker, anything you have ever said on the phone, they collected it, kept it, and oh yeah they used it.

Just an Example of where this goes

This program is Called Fairview.

Screenshot 2018-01-23 16.50.14

If Operation Fairview was used to collect, as testified on incoming or outgoing out of the US, they would only need 11 of those lines going into NSA; but they have all 80 – every line in the whole communication system goes to the NSA for collection. Then is shared without oversight to all the other agencies listed in the little blue box. Oh it don’t stop there, it is mined, farmed, sold, shared with private intelligence companies, and yes all of our allies, like Canada, Netherlands, Israel, and others. Yes all these entities have access to every phone call, text, email, tweet, snap chat, video conference, website visited, you name it. Now this report is just NSA telling on itself. We don’t know what the FBI, CIA and others do with this info, yet. I bet Assange, Snowden, and Q have more on that to come in the next few days. If you haven’t told your family about the real world please do. Maybe use this. It might help.

I can tell you this is how they got to the entire Trump organization. His Campaign team, his family, his friends, every resident in Trump tower. ALL of it. They heard every word, seen every text and used it. They still lost. It must have been the Russians cause they had it so rigged, they never thought she’d lose. They are so stupid. Now what’s funny is a year into Russian collusion, if it was there they would have found it. There isn’t any. Not by him. But what a lovely day that’s coming when all the 33k emails surface, because they got them , 50k lost text messages will surface, they got them. The ridiculous part is they know they have them all they just think you are to stupid to read, and that Classified lies would stay Classified.

Have you ever had a loved one accused of crime they didn’t commit but they said they had evidence of some form of electronic communication, as proof.  Did they just plea it out because you couldn’t afford to fight it? Did they have a warrant when they got it? Possibly not. It is technique known as paralleling. You go through the data collected on a targeted individual, find what you need, then either use it for plea bargain or then go to judge ask for warrant to cover the time the information was collected.

Ever had a city councilman vote way off  his normal on an important issue and not understood why? Ever seen Republicans all their life vote no an issue and all of sudden they are voting yes. Well this is what happens when you can get anything, at anytime, on anybody, true or not. WikiLeaks proved that in vault 7. Make anything look like it originated anywhere. Are you starting to see the implications of weaponized spying on the Entire American population? I don’t even think it stops with Americans, it where we should be collecting intel. And I am only at part 2., page 15. One paragraph on page 15.

Trump was paranoid wasn’t he. Wiretapping his whole team? He’s crazy?

Comey Lying just once no wiretapping of Trump tower or Trump. Clapper said to congress the NSA does not and has never collected information on US Citizens without a warrant. Obama knew they all knew it was their own private peepshow into all our lives. End of Part 2. This goes into murder, child pornography and much much more. They are as we speak attempting to take out, by a bogus illegal investigation the President of the United States of America. Why, to keep from going to prison or the death penalty. Who is they? The Secret Society known as the shadow government. It’s not your land, it’s not my land, its been their land, and its time we take it back.



Conspiracy Theorist are about to save America, we been awake along time. We are called Patriots, and we will not just let our country go to these globalist, pedophiles, Luciferians, and yes WE can prove that too, before WE are done. We are group regular people who have been fighting this fight behind the scenes for years. This is THE RED PILL CHRONICLES.