Part 1 JALFT 12/23/2018

#ReleaseTheMemo has created a firestorm on social media. Today however for this ‘Just a lady from Texas’ it changed my life. It started with the breaking news that @RealAlexJones had the entire previously classified MEMO. I had no idea how deep this was going to go, or how horrible the treason I would find. I guess the worst part for me was that it doesn’t just involve, President Donald Trump, it is you, me, my kids, my mom, and every person in the United States of American and beyond. Yes folks, this turns outs to be crimes against humanity on scale I still can’t grasp.




I will be doing this smaller sections to allow this to sink in pieces I think it has to. First here is the link to the entire 99 pages so you can read them for yourself. The 99 pages

Explosive! Dry government lingo, but I read and wrote dry government lingo for living for awhile so it’s kinda my thing. Sometimes it what they don’t say that says it all.
There has been a lot of confusion today on is this or is it not the memo. Well it is the MEMO, it’s the full MEMO; however congress does have four or so pages that is mainly the redacted info you see here and also names of Company’s involved and  the names of the people involved. The memo congress has is  based on this full report and the investigation of the OIG and other entities. It should contain the pure perjury and crimes of treason that is involved here, possibly even murder. That part is redacted, but it does not take much to fill in the blanks. If you have followed the news at all or the Snowden files. Assange’s vault information also give insight to information here. Like how to make the data look like it comes from somewhere it don’t, if they conveniently need it to set up someone. Yes you heard me right.

Lets start off about this started today. Alex Jones on Infowars broke the news he had the recently declassified 99 page memo. After being a watcher for 15 years and radio before that, I will attest to his out there kind of ways of getting his point across, but with the scrutiny he is under, by the MSM, he wouldn’t come out with that if he didn’t have it. SO I tuned in.

His guest was the person who actually broke the story and his name is William Binney. Binney is a whistle blower on the NSA way back in the 90’s. He left the NSA after 30 years of service. Bio on Binney

Who he was had not impressed me, he had been out of the spotlight except for some movie consultant work on the film Snowden. Since he was breaking the news I went to see what I could find that was more recently relevant.  Well he’s pretty impressive and when I tell the why you’ll agree. Binney is trusted by Trump on all matters of intel, especially the DNC Russia gate. In November of 2017,  a news article by the Intercept, appeared with his name and that of Pompeo. They had published an article about Trump, Binney, and Pompeo. The Intercept

Trump summoned then CIA director Pompeo to meeting. Trump asked him to and other intelligence Directors to meet with Binney on the Russia DNC hack. Pompeo agreed and met with Binney. It is said that Trump told Pompeo if you want to get to the bottom of this Russian hacking you better talk to Binney. I doubt that went over well, seeing Pompoe is sticking with the old guard and going down with the Russian Hacking proverbial ship. I promise by the end of this you’ll see just how far it has sunk.

When I had read about Trump wanting Binney to give instruction to the Director of CIA and FBI on Russia I thought this man knows of what of he speaks. My ears perked up and I took notes, actual notes.

The fact he was breaking the previously, until this very morning classified TOP SECRET MEMO was a big deal. The circle that can declassify a TOP SECRET document from the most secret court in the United States is few, like one. So the fact this man knew it, had been by phone notified, it was up on the DNI website and instructed to call Alex Jones and break it, I TRUSTED TRUMP.

What I uncovered isn’t just stealing an election. It isn’t just spying on Trump, his family, his friends, his team, his business partners his mailman. It’s killed our way of life, our imagined freedom, our rights, our privacy of EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN. This is isn’t just 99 pages, and 4 more in memo, this is a systematic criminal enterprise that has reached into, our homes, our schools, our courts, our city halls, the very fabric of American life. We have been all been sold and told a lie. China has more freedom and privacy than the USA. Russia isn’t the enemy its our own government. There won’t be a court house big enough to try them all or enough rope.