Before you read a word watch the video. Q posted saying – watch and if you’re a Patriot you will be so proud, if an enemy of this, the Greatest Nation ever to have existed in history of mankind, tremble. We are here and ready to fight tonight. You are about to hear some things that won’t set well. I suggest you pray first. Not all things you have been taught, not even in church about the bible are correct. Here we go.

Jan 27 2018 08:23:54
Time to play, Dopey.
Black Forest.

This Q post is a direct reference to Prince Alwaleed. He is a Saudi Prince billionaire that owns a huge stake in Twitter and the top 3 floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas along with co-owner Bill Gates. The reason I know this is Dopey is: President Trump gives nicknames to people and Q seems to use them. Now in past blogs I have told you future proves past. Note the time stamp on this post. Its 8:23 p.m. January 27, 2018. The news that he was released from being held in “detention”, broke about 7 minutes ago at the alweed and trump

at the time of this writing this at 4:30am on 1/28/2018. News Article Prince Release

Alwaleed had been held since a Saudi round-up ordered by King Solomon along with many others on corruption charges. This happened on the heels of the Las Vegas Massacre. Within days. The back story you haven’t heard here is what’s not only behind that tweet but the Massacre itself.  “Dopey” it is alleged in several alternative news and investigative sites (Was Las Vegas a Saudi Crown Prince Salman Assassination Attempt?), was part of, if not the cause of the Vegas shooting. Alwaleed, is also behind the funding of the deep state actors such as Hillary Clinton and Hussein, as Q calls Obama. He and George Soros were said to have a been large part of the funding of the deep state plot to take over of our country and of the 16 year plan to turn America over to the One World Government, lead on the face of it by this treasonous duo. All of this of course is speculation and conspiracy theory until proven fact and it soon will be. By the first of next week enough information will come out to show treason by many but specifically Hussein and HRC. I am going to insert a video here for you to watch on the real truth behind the Vegas Massacre.

There are tons more evidence on this theory but the timing, the fact he was there, owns the hotel it occurred at and that the official story we know is lies all adds up to his involvement. It was an ISIS hit. Some say possible assassination attempt on him. For now though I want to stick to why Q is referencing him in the post and why he also brings up the black forest.

The Black Forest is a reference to Snow White. She lived in the black forest. The black forest Q speak is, from what I have gathered, is in reference to a collection of the 7 intelligence hubs of the “Clowns”. They refer to each of these computers as the 7 dwarfs. The Clowns with funding, possibly from Dopey, and other ill gotten means, set out to overtake the NSA, with their intelligence capability. They not only had d-wave super AI computers, they where also feeding them with the information from social media sites, like Twitter and FB, Google and Amazon to gather intelligence on every citizen in the United States and most of the world’s population. To create a super version of the NSA system feed by AT&T and take it down, by exposure.  They created this beast of a system with the help of a platform called PRISM, a 24 real time world wide surveillance system, to rival that of the NSA. Read about PRISM for yourself

Interesting picture I came across, you decide. It is all about the bloodlines. It does run in the family, and they keep it in the family.

the cousins

There is also rumors of the seven dwarfs being taken down. It is said 4 of the 7 are in the hands of officials of the Trump team USA.

The NSA you need to know is and always has been military. As in my first article about the 99 pages of the content in the memo, and what will be released, my guess before the state of the union next week, isn’t a great thing either. But the Clowns having this power and more, is even more dangerous.

Right before the prince was rounded up you might remember Trumps twitter account was taken down. Well that was a crime because the WH in masterful move, made it by EO an official record of the President of the United States and an official communication device of the WH. So that was real stupid to do. The Prince that was being held holds about a 1/3 ownership in Twitter. His billions where also deemed to be ill-gotten, partially through corruption. Saudi Arabia took care of proving that for us.

Remember the EO on freezing assets of anyone suspected of corruption? Here, let’s review together. EO Trump Corruptions and serious human rights abuse.  The Prince among others is neck-deep in trouble, with that EO. All his assets, can be seized. Well I think very soon, the good people of USA, just might own his share of twitter.

The infringement on the 1st amendment rights that just occurred to Sean Hannity; the Project Veritas Story, that just broke showing Twitter executives bragging about shadow-banning conservatives (or what “the Elites” like to refer to us as, “Red Necks”; which make no mistake is the same name given to concert goers to the Jason Aldeen Route 91 country music festival, aka the Vegas Massacre attendees), will be deemed a crime.

In the video I am inserting here, Twitter executives testify before Congress, about taking Alex Jones down during lunch, because his story was trending, and the democrat senator didn’t like it.

Yes we are living in the twilight zone. Or you were living in the twilight zone. Now you coming to realize that free speech is just a figment of your imagination. Not an actual GOD-given, constitutionally protected RIGHT! Oh yeah and every word you speak is probably being recorded. Q post from

qpic phone

Jan 27 2018 11:29:44
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Note the pictures. One is Snowden. Snowden first worked for the CIA and was probably sent into the NSA to do exactly what he did. Expose the NSA and take it out. I do believe that Snowden will turn out to be a white hat, in the end. I think that he got to the NSA do take it out for the Clowns and he seen none of it was good, I think between him and Assange they exposed how all the surveillance grid, in the wrong hands is evil.

We do have a beast system here we are going to have to deal with at some point. Major changes to all the alphabet agencies, and the beast the old guard built must be addressed. Those will be some hard choices. You can never put the genie back in bottle so what will we be willing to live without for our privacy back? is there anyone on earth that should be trusted with this much power?

What should at this point really be shocking you is that, yes you never heard about most or any of this; but look, all the links, all the info, is for the looking.  It is rule. Evil must announce its intentions and you must consent. Legally silence is consent.  Everything I have said, it’s all on the WWW. In Hebrew as in most languages, all the letters are assigned a value. The letter W, or hav, in Hebrew numerical value is 6.  WWW= 666 in the language of GOD.