Q has been busy.

It started after the the take-down of Sean Hannity’s twitter account by the [C]lowns [I]n [A]merica. What could Hannity have done that scared them so bad that they would take such drastic, noticeable public action?  He posted a short tweet, stating, “Form Submission 1649.”

hannity twitter down

I was up writing and posting to Twitter when this all started to break. I happened to see these events unfold, so just as his account was coming back online I got a screen-shot picture of his account for proof. Hannity’s Twitter feed had been taken offline and his millions of followers, wiped. Everyone had to re-follow and he’s back to more than 3 million followers, potentially back-firing on the hacking attempt’s purpose. However, the original post that got them so steamed (Form Submission 1649), was no longer on his new account. He or someone has since removed it.

What on earth can Form Submission 1649 mean?

Many theories floating around, while Hannity as of this posting wouldn’t confirm. One possibility, the Fox network star was being held against his will, with 1649 referring to criminal code 1649 (as in, kidnapping). Others, as I firmly am in this camp, believe it’s referring to TREASON…as in they got the goods to try people in a court of law for high treason. Now why would I think that? Lets go down the first rabbit hole shall we?

Screenshot 2018-01-27 22.20.59

The part you see circled was an anon user questioning on the chan boards if that was what Hannity meant by his post. Q has been more direct as of late, with an increased frequency. Some are calling ‘the new Q’ for that reason. In the first few months, Q’s messages (or drops) would only originate from him, with no replies to the anon. Now, the rules have seemingly changed, with Q interjecting, correcting or verifying anons replies or questions, besides the continuing drops of new clues.  Here’s the most recent example, with Q replying to post 175139:

Select news members / journalists are vital to delivering the message (as are YOU).
Imagine if these people were removed.
Total control re: MSM.
They represent a clear and present danger to the enemy.
Re-read past crumbs re: security.
Where is JS?
How do we truly protect those important to us?
[19] immediates [no longer with us].
Self-suicide if actioned.
Real life.


To me, Q is saying that certain members of the media, the Non – FAKENEWS, or what is known as Mockingbirds, are vital to spreading the TRUTH movement that is Q, and what we call the Great Awakening. (Please note: Operation Mockingbird is an infamous CIA operation placing fake messaging or messengers within mainstream media to displace truth or muddy the waters of truth). If your reading this, (where Q says: as are YOU), know that YOU are as important as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, or anyone. We are all in this together. We are one. Everyone that is awake presents a clear and present danger to the Deep State, the globalists, the One World Government, and most importantly, the Beast system that we are fighting for our very souls. Security of POTUS has been a problem, as I wrote about last night, in the piece about the assassination attempt on Trump.

Where is JS? Who is JS?

I believe the same as Dr. Jerome Corsi, one of the conservative movement’s brilliant minds, that JS is John Solomon, a reporter for TheHill.com. Until recently, Solomon was a regular on Hannity. He and Sara Carter (of Circa.com) were the journalists that have been responsible for almost all the breaking news information on Hannity. They are some of the only, real investigative journalists left on the planet in the mainstream media. When I noticed JS was gone from Hannity I checked his twitter account, and sure enough he hasn’t posted since Jan 4th. Incidentally, you can also tell his account was hacked, too. So I did more digging. The rumor is that when he broke the uranium story wide open, the Washington Post and The Hill shut him down. Truthseeker post

Why did I think JS was John Solomon to begin with? Since most Q post are initials, and because it was talking about important reporters led me to my deduction.  Who was important, broke big stories but were not being vocal lately? My suspicion was confirmed watching a CBTS show Guest Dr. Jerome Corsi. Stream his YouTube videos — see where they where talking to Dr. Jerome Corsi and he thought the same thing.

As Q says, this is real life. We are in war! You are in it, even you don’t know it or want to be. It’s happening, and it’s all been written in the most truthful book ever published, The Bible. This is a spiritual battle and time is short.

We must awaken.

We must fight.

We will be counted one way or the other.