Jan 26 2018 23:26:27
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[19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals.
Think nuclear stand-off.

Continuing from Part 1, Q goes on to say a few minutes later, clarifying that if certain individuals are harmed then {19} would cease to exist. This was in response to an ANON asking if 19 was marker for the FBI. It’s my opinion here that Q says ‘no.’ I still believe here we are talking about 19 real-world media, journalists, getting the message out, spreading the truth. I would put Hannity, Alex Jones, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Sara Carter, among others on that list.

When Q says think nuclear stand-off it means when you fire, we fire back. Dr.Corsi brings up a journalist from the Washington Post that was outed as being a secret Hillary supporter, caught for pushing a fake narrative, under the guise of being a conservative journalist. They were outed right after the hit on Hannity. I agree with Dr. Corsi’s assessment, which is why it’s not a coincidence that one the last articles I found from John Solomon was about the FBI’s involvement with the Uranium One scandal.

The Next Q posts are coming more quickly in the last 24 hours, and to me that means the news next week is going to be life altering! Be prepared my fellow patriots, these evil bastards fight back.

Remember the biggest mass shooting the United States has ever experienced? It was last fall in Las Vegas when 58 people were gunned down (57 plus one expectant mother). The tragedy in Las Vegas unfortunately supports the Cabal’s willingness to inflict pain whether to further their agenda or in retaliation. Does anyone remember the  29 Christians killed in a Texas church right as the Uraninum One story was about to break wide open? Anyone remember the Pentagon audit in 2001? On September 10, 2001 then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld testified to Congress that the DoD had lost 2.3 trillion dollars. The next day 9/11, and the audit was lost in a sea of 3,000 American deaths and melted steel beams.

Distraction. Retaliation. Agenda. It doesn’t matter. Human life doesn’t matter. The Cabal’s need to retain power and stay in control is their objective, and they’ll hit hard to accomplish it.

Oh, and do I need to mention…the part of pentagon hit with a non-existent plane? Yes, you guessed it, an area where auditing records are kept. Until Trumps’ current audit of Pentagon being conducted now, not one word was spoke of gigantic loss pre-9/11. Think they ever found it? Y HaHa. Sept 10th, 2001 biggest news going. Sept. 11th, never another word.

Trauma has a way of blocking days, weeks, years, of memories. While you are in a traumatic state, actively experiencing or witnessing a trauma, your brain is focused on survival, so short term memories are not formed. It’s a built-in mind wipe. Your whole brain needs to focus on survival, so short term memories are either fuzzy or gone. I am all too acquainted with this. I suffer from and live with severe PTSD, as well as TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), from being married to one of these evil spooks. One day I will relay my entire story. In the meantime, pieces of my experience will be used to give insight or other reasons as God sees fit for them to be shared. I am an open book, including writing under my real name. This confession hopefully paints an accurate picture into my passion for the truth and my knowledge of what a dark and evil world we live in, long before Q.

I was awaken, and not as easy as I am trying to take you through it. I lived it, faced it, fought it, almost was killed several times, by it. I still struggle daily. God needed me to go there, so I could be here now. Hopefully, I will be able to explain some of this in a way that is understandable and helpful, relieving some of the trauma for you, the reader.

I am sorry the truth is a brutal, hard pill to swallow…but I will not sugar coat it.

I will tell you to stay with me, and consult your Bible. Please, check out everything I say, verify it. Search for the truth on your own. Don’t believe anything anyone says, pray about it. Pray for discernment. The TRUTH will come, and if you find you need someone to pray with, please feel free to direct message me on Twitter. My Twitter account is here, I’ll pray with and for anyone, anytime.

That is how our group, The Red Pill Chronicles, operates. So please, PRAY and get right with the man upstairs because this country, our world, has never been this close to total ruination, since God’s Flood. I am not just saying that for dramatic flare either. This is the very bloodline of the surviving evil that God sent the flood to wipe out. They don’t play. I said it once I’ll say it again. You and I are cattle and sheep to these creatures. They are not like you, in any way, spiritually nor biologically. This is the real biblical, serpent bloodline. The elites brag among themselves as carrying the mark of Cain. Cain has a genetic marker and its passed down from ancient times through these blood lines. It comes from only 330 individuals that survived the flood. (More on that rabbit hole in a later post). I’m only bringing it up now because my intuition says we are in for a major False Flag, a major tragedy event meant to distract from its real purpose. That is the release of these FBI texts, and emails (#ReleaseTheMemo / #ReleaseTheTexts). Starting this week, right before the State of Union is a dangerous time. The Super Bowl is also the following week.

Please Patriots, pass these truths on to others. Read this, comment / discuss and share if you think valid, but I always welcome your input. Most importantly, go out and discover the truth for yourselves, and then pass your own findings out to your family, friends and followers.

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing and adding. God Bless you and Yours.