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Mammoet Moving Enriched Uranium

After the fall of the Soviet Union, radiological materials were being smuggled heavily out of Russia and into neighboring nations, including those hostile to the United States. I plotted all of the (reported) incidents on Google Maps. [1]

Uranium smuggling locations

Russia is poor, the average citizen makes the equivalent of $437 USD per month. Organized crime runs rampant and is allowed by the Kremlin as long as they pay patronage (bribes) to Putin. US Diplomats have described Russia as a “mafia state” [2]

Russian Mafia moving Uranium

February 18, 1993 The US enters into nuclear disarmament an agreement with Russia commonly known as the “Megatons to Megawatts” program (M2M). Russia agreed to decommission existing nuclear weapons stockpiles and down-blend the HEU into LEU for use in reactors.

Nuclear disarmament agreement with Russia commonly known as the “Megatons to Megawatts”

This material was transported from Russian nuclear stockpiles in places like Arzamas-16 (Sarov, Russian) and Chelyabinsk-65 (Ozersk, Russia). These are heavily guarded facilities and the entire cities they reside in are CLOSED / Secret Cities. [3]

HEU Stockpile

Everyone from nuclear engineers to soldiers to Russian citizens managed to smuggle radiological materials from these sites (see map). Arzamas-16 / Sarov, Russian Federation (Secret City). [4]

Arzamas-16 / Sarov, Russian Federation (Secret City)

The sole material transporter for the M2M HEU material was the Russian company Tenex also known as Techsnabexport, a subsidiary of Rosatom. This name should sound familiar because the US branch Tenam was involved in bribery, kickbacks and money laundering.

Tenex a subsidiary of Rosatom.

Enriched uranium can be worth hundreds of millions of US Dollars. Naturally, it is a hot commodity for organized crime. According to data compiled by the Terrorism Research Initiative, there were 97 reported smuggling incidents from 1990-1994. [5]

Terrorism Research Initiative map

There were an additional 110 more from 1995-2000 in the same region.

Terrorism Research Initiative map

1998, The US and Russia entered into a partnership to install radiation detectors to reduce nuclear material smuggling. This appears to have had some positive effects. The number of road seizures increased significantly in 1999 and 2000. [6]

The number of road seizures increased significantly

With new radiation detectors in place, the criminal nuclear smuggling organization needed to up their game and transport the material using more “official” methods such as rail and sea. The data from the 65 reported incidents from 2001-2005 reflects this assessment.

The data from the 65 reported incidents

The younger brother of Peter Strzok Sr is MarkStrzok who works for Mammoet – They are world leaders in big cranes, with a speciality in moving nuclear Reactors. [7]

Mammoet – world leaders in big cranes

2003, the companies Atomlof and Mammoet begin decommissioning a sunk Russian nuclear submarine.[8]

Submarine Grave Yard

2003, August 28 The deputy director of Atomflot was arrested in a sting when he tried to sell Uranium-235 to FSB agents posing as potential buyers. [9]

Uranium arrests

2005 – Uranium One is formed as a public company. [10]

Uranium One timeline history

2006 – The (not in production) Cigar Lake uranium mine in Saskatchewan, Canada allegedly experienced a catastrophic water inflow that closed the mine. It is common for energy producers to “cap” wells and mines in order to control price.

Cigar Lake ‘capped’ mine

Despite ample LEU still available from the M2M program, the media begins pushing a false narrative that uranium supply will not meet demand. This creates a sudden, large artificial price bubble.

Uranium pricing trend

Soros made his billions through market speculation and “predicting” the rise and fall of these commodity price bubbles. Soros could have easily helped push the false narrative in the media in order to inflate the price which may not be noticed by the SEC.


Between 2007 – 2010, Uranium One owned by Frank Guistra (who donated to the Clinton Foundation) began acquiring mining rights in Kazakhstan, and later selling them to Rosatom via ARMZ. There were a number of high profile seizures near their mines.

2009 April 20 – Wikileaks Diplomatic Cables Mueller is asked to deliver a 10 gram sample of HEU to Russia for forensic analysis. This material was seized during a nuclear smuggling sting operation in the Republic of Georgia in 2006. [12]

2013 – Mary Jo White was an attorney for the defendants who were accused of Mortgage Fraud. She was appointed to Chief of the SEC by Obama. This appointment may have been an attempt to further conceal securities fraud committed by Soros et al. [13]

Please see this thread for additional information: [14]

Considering the number of seizures and their locations, it is obvious that after 1998, TENEX began smuggling radiological materials via sea and rail. In mid 2000, the Uranium One mines and transport services were also being used for smugglers.[15]

It appears to me that the Obama wiretapping and the Mueller special counsel is an attempt; To cover up this egregious criminal bribery and uranium smuggling enterprise that resulted in Hostile Nations obtaining HEU.

Additional information concerning Mueller: [16]


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