Who’s Michael Sussman? and Why is it Important?


Hello Michael Sussman Join the party!

Yet Another former #DOJ working for @PerkinsCoieLLP
Perkins Coie

Something tells me you have something to do with the memo. Because you do have something to do with the Muh Russia.

Don’t you?



Michael Sussman – Perkins Coie Partner

Ah HA! You called Henry at #CROWDSTRIKE.

Catch up on my crowdstrike thread here.


By May Crowdstrike had the Muh Russia up and running. From Sussmann phone call that was quick.

Michael Sussman called Crowdstrike

On April 5 2016 BEFORE DNC was suspected of being hacked.

Sussmann Interviewed…..@FBI‘s own James Baker!


Michael Sussman interviewed FBI James Baker

OK April 5 you “interview” James Baker. Then Weeks later you contact Crowdstrike to set up Muh Russia.

I got it! WikiLeaks was released in March 2016. Everyone at Perkins Coie email are exposed. Michael works at Coie who represents Podesta.


In a panic of being found out this is when Insurance Plan kicks in. Why?

BECAUSE OF AND ONLY BECAUSE OF WIKILEAKS. You needed plan B. Muh Russia. You knew James Baker. This interview is perfect. But why do you care Michael?

Almost every thread ends with a Clinton. This was a small one about Sussmann

And he is dirty for sure. Because he was a DOJ attorney for Bill Clinton

That now represents internet companies.

Break time.

On April 22 2016. April is a BIG MONTH. James Baker is appointed by Obama to the

Public Interest Declassification Board (PIDB)

James Baker appointed by then President Obama

What is that?

Yes James you will have to advise Obama.

James Baker Functions

So James Baker. You too split.

James Baker
Rudolph Contreras
Chris Carlin

You all left.


I think we will see these names again Next week.

You are no longer employed by the Cabal.

See you then!


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