Taxation Without Representation -Part 1

SILENCE GIVES CONSENTQui tacet, consentire videtur. – Pope Boniface VIII

  • Have you ever thought about HOW much money was being taxes on the citizens of this country?
  • Have you ever asked WHAT was being done with all the taxes that were being paid?
  • Have you ever wondered WHERE the taxes go once you pay them?
  • Have you ever wanted to know WHO was benefiting from the taxes that were collected?
  • Have you ever wanted to ask WHY you had so many types of taxes to pay?
  • Have you ever felt that you weren’t being represented WHEN it came to taxation?

These are some very difficult questions to answer considering we’ve been told all our lives that there are TWO THINGS you are required to do… Die and Pay Taxes!!! Nowadays there are even taxes on dying but we will get back to that shortly.  With this lifelong mantra being programmed into our subconscious, most don’t even question the pennies and dollars we are asked to pay for above the cost of the product or service we are buying.  But these pennies and dollars add up quickly.  There is some good that our taxes are used for that we need to remember.  Enough of those pennies and dollars taxed to run the government of our great country.  Enough to fund our local governments and community centers for youths.  Enough to pay for the new swings at your neighborhood park and shelters for our homeless citizens.  Enough to maintain our roadways and byways, our buildings and our bridges.

We are citizens of the greatest country on this planet. We fight for the underdog, for the less fortunate, for the liberty and rights our Founding Fathers also fought for.  Our arms salute our flag and our heads bow over our Bibles.  And in between we stand for what is RIGHT and TRUE and JUST.

Money is the root of all evil or is it the LOVE OF MONEY THAT IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL?  Money is an inanimate object that we have placed such value on, it has become reasons for lying, stealing, cheating and even murder.  This is the point where things change, when we use the taxation in ways not approved by the people.  In slush-funds to pay for congressmembers indiscretions is a great example.  To funds wars that take countries resources by force.  To line the pockets of corrupt politicians.  To bribe officials to vote one way, look the other way or rule a certain way.  These are where the term TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION comes into play.


Our Founding Fathers WARNED us about the very government we now have.  Silence is consent and ignoring this fact allows permanent damage to our country.  This is NOT about ONE PARTY or THE OTHER.  This is about FREEDOM and LIBERTY.  It is time to reclaim our Constitutional Republic.


There are many different types of taxation: Income tax, state and local taxes, payroll tax, unemployment tax, foreign tax, value-added tax, property tax (and eminent domain), real estate tax, sales tax, gas tax, excise taxes, user fees, sin taxes, capital gains tax, corporate tax, luxury taxes…… Remember each tax has laws and regulations with lots of exceptions and loopholes.  If a law has a loophole then it is not efficient nor effective, so the law must be removed or fixed.

When saying these magical words “taxation is theft” to those on the left or right it is like you are speaking in tongues claiming to be the voice of a god. The cognitive dissonance is strong in many who are not ready to let go of their statism. Many points that have been brought up supporting taxation are logical fallacies, like red herrings, conditional fallacies, questionable fallacies, or generalizations.

No automatic alt text available.Tax, is a compulsory contribution to state and federal revenues. Compulsory is force. Contribution is a payment. So a tax is a forced payment for services you may or may not use. Rarely is something that is forced given willingly (Stockholm syndrome). Theft, is the taking of another person’s property without that person’s permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it. Taxation is theft.

Example: (how services and taxation are being misrepresented)

Image may contain: text“You use the services that are paid for by taxes so being required to pay for something isn’t the same as being stolen from.”
That is a logical fallacy. Being required to pay for something, a service, which was provided isn’t the same as being taxed.

Now, how is taxing someone providing a service to that person? Do you use all of the services that are paid for by taxes? How is funding NATO, other countries, or unconstitutional wars providing a service to everyone? You can’t pick and choose what is acceptable to be taxed based on your standards of living or moral opinions. You are either for taxation or against it, or you are hypocritical in your line of thinking.

Who deems what services you must pay for or use as a necessity, Republican or Democrat supporters? People are so blinded by the word Democrat or Republican that they stop thinking. Just imagine Trump or Sanders supporters controlling your life… that is exactly who I want to make decisions over my life (sarcasm)…… They all want more democracy and greater federal government power which means less freedom.

Legislative Branch Articles 2017 | Complete PDF LibraryDemocracy is where the majority makes slaves out of the minority. Do you think we need more of that?
Let’s look at the differences between a service and a tax.

Situation: (I was given this as an example as to why we need taxes)

“You are driving down the road and you have a motor vehicle accident. You wake up in the hospital days later, injured but alive. The hospital then bills you for the services rendered.”

This service, a potential lifesaving service, was provided to you therefore you would then be required to pay for that service. That is not a tax but a debt incurred which if not paid goes to collection agencies and negatively affects your credit scores. [1]

This portion to be continued on part 2.


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The public needs to know the kinds of things a government does in its name, or the ‘consent of the governed‘ is meaningless…  The consent of the governed is not consent if it is not informed.  – Edward Snowden

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Below is a simple statement to withdraw our consent to the illegal, immoral and unconstitutional acts.  These acts are fueled by the monies our taxes are paying.  But the misuse of those tax dollars and the corruption of our politicians in allocating those trillions of tax dollars.

I, {Your Name}, as a citizen of the United States of America, in as good standing as any, declare my intention to withdraw my consent from the illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral acts of commission and omission of that government from this day henceforth until such time as the government of the people, by the people, and for the people has been reclaimed for the common good of all Americans. The American government is corrupt, unresponsive to the will of the people, controlled by an elite alliance of corporations and individuals who’s effective goal is to undermine our constitutional freedoms and basic human rights while enriching themselves not by effort, ingenuity, and sound civic principles but through access, privilege, and money. This Declaration of Personal Independence proudly refuses to recognize the legitimacy of an institution whose authority is only derived by compulsion and not the consent of the governed. [2]


{Your Name}

[Date, 2018]


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