K-141 Kursk, the Russian Navy’s Oscar-II class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine, was regarded to be one of the nation’s highest achievement in submarine technology.



Kursk Russian Sub Photo, Oscar-II

The submarine was powered by 2 OK-650b pressurized water nuclear reactors with uranium fuel rods enriched to 20%-45% (HEU).

Russian Sub’s reactor

Oscar carried two dozen huge P-700 Granit missiles and were the largest attack submarines ever built with the capability to defeat an entire United States aircraft carrier group.


Granit missiles on Russian sub

The ramjet-powered engine could propel the missile at speeds of Mach 1.6 to a range of 388 miles. It packed either a 1,653-lb high explosive warhead or a five-hundred-kiloton nuclear warhead, enough to vaporize a US Aircraft carrier.

Russian nuclear warhead

The unexpected sinking on 12 August 2000 in the Barents Sea killing all 118 sailors, officers and civilian contractors on board brought about massive shock and hardship to the families as well as the Russian nation. President Putin remained on a holiday.

Barents Sea Sub accident

Russian deputy prime minister Ilya Klebanov claims (without evidence) on Russian television that the Kursk was sunk by a torpedo from an American submarine. The official cause of the accident (determined in 2001) was leaking Hydrogen Peroxide from a bad torpedo weld.

Russian Sub accident

Russian officials were secretive about the Kursk’s weapons cargo and repeatedly denied it was carrying nuclear weapons. Multiple sources, including a Russian investigator on television and a salvage company confirm there were at least 2 nuclear warheads. [1]

Mammoet was awarded the salvaging contract in May, 2001. Within a 3-month period, over 3,000 tons of tailor-made equipment was designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned onto a barge which was mobilized to the Barents Sea in August. [2]

Sub salvage

The fuel will be put on a train at Atomflot and will be sent to the Mayak reprocessing plant — considered to be the most radioactively contaminated place on earth.

October 8, 2001, the Kursk was pulled free from the seabed and towed to a dry dock in Roslyakovo for disassembly.

Views of damaged sub



In early 2003, the submarine was shipped in floating dock Pallada to Nerpa shipyard, north of Murmansk at the Kola Peninsula to empty submarine`s reactors of nuclear fuel. [5]

Kola Peninsula

2003, August 28 – The deputy director of Atomflot was arrested when he tried to sell HEU to FSB agents posing as potential buyers. Additional HEU was found during a search of his garage. There are varying reports about how much material was recovered. [6]


Peter Strzok‘s uncle Mark Strzok works for Mammoet. Please see this thread for additional information on the Strzok family’s ties to nuclear material transport and recovery operations: [7]

Peter Strzok Bio

It is almost undeniable that nuclear material was being diverted from the salvage operation conducted by Mammoet and Atomflot. There were a number of high-profile nuclear smuggling incidents both during and after recovery. [8]

High-profile nuclear smuggling incidents

Diverted materials may include:

– Near weapons-grade HEU fuel from the two OK-650b reactors

– Caesium-137 and Strontium-90, nuclear fission bi-products that can be used in Radiological dispersal devices (RDD) “dirty bombs”

– Plutonium from at least two 500 kiloton nuclear warheads

The region is a hotbed for illicit diversion of radiological materials. UraniumOne‘s Kazakhstan mines are smack dab in the middle of it. A number of smuggling incidents were reported near their mines before and during the Obama administration. [9]

Obama ADM smuggling incidents

One gram of HEU can sell on the black market for up to $3500 a gram. For comparison, one gram of cocaine sells for between $60 and $100. These materials are a hot commodity for organized crime. US Diplomatic Cables published by confirm. [10]

WikiLeaks and the atomic genie


Mueller, McCabe, and Rosenstein – Uranium One Coverup [11]

WikiLeaks cable Robert Mueller delivering stolen HEU to Russia in 2009 for forensic analysis. Uranium One Nuclear Smuggling. [11]

That material was confiscated from smugglers during a nuclear trafficking sting operation in 2006.


Location where the HEU was seized that was later handled by Mueller

This proves that Mueller had knowledge of the nuclear smuggling operations in the region.


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