How the MEDIA has been the Silent Accomplice in the Russian Collusion Investigation.

The Strzok/Page emails confirm yet again the DOJ/FBI clique’s tactic of strategic leaking to media allies to gin up calls for investigations. They did this with Michael Flynn. They did it with Carter Page. Strategically placed media leaks that gin up public cries of “Gee somebody really oughta investigate that/him/her!” Having artificially created the demand, the FBI then moves to ‘investigate’. See how it works?

They want to place under suspicion so they could begin ‘investigating’ him. How’d they do that? Well they call up willing media people and shop a story to them. “Listen you didn’t get this from me, don’t use my name, but here’s a leak from a classified intelligence report on Flynn calling the Russian ambassador to discus OBAMA’S NEW RUSSIAN SANCTIONS!”

They took Flynn’s perfectly legal phone calls to then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak & turned them into a POSSIBLE CRIME that simply DEMANDED FBI investigation. And it ‘worked’. Imagine that.

There is Collusion — Between the Media and Democrats – GOPUSA

An immediate hue and cry was raised all over the media. “What’s Flynn doing calling this Russian guy up? What’d they talk about? DID HE TRY TO DO A SECRET DEAL TO UNDERMINE OBAMA’S NEW SANCTIONS?! Did Flynn violate the Logan Act?! SOMEBODY INVESTIGATE THIS GUY!”

That was on January 12th, 2017 that David Ignatius wrote a column in the Washington Post making allegations against Flynn. All the DNC Media picked it up and by the time Trump was inaugurated on Jan. 20th, a loud hue & cry for Flynn to be investigated was nonstop. So – SURPRISE! – the FBI clique then ACTED upon the demand it had artificially created by it’s own strategic leak to a media ally and Peter Strzok showed up to ‘interview’ Flynn on January 24th.

Now we discover that with the intrepid secret help of Glenn Simpson & Christopher Steele of , this very same strategy was used to HOODWINK the FISA Court to get a surveillance warrant on minor Trump campaign figure Carter Page. After Glenn Simpson & Christopher Steele are paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign to produce this dossier & then go around to all the media shopping it’s allegations, the FBI makes USE of this.

This DOJ/FBI clique, knowing the dossier’s origins & who funded it, and EXACTLY WHO has been visiting various media sites planting stories about Carter Page & pee tapes and so on, makes the decision to out Page itself. This story and several others appeared at almost the same time from September 22-23rd, all naming page and engaging in a bunch of chin-stroking about his ties to Russia and the Trump campaign.


“Gee somebody really should investigate that Carter Page guy!” was the immediate loud response of all these planted stories in the media. AND THE FBI THEN MOVED TO DO EXACTLY THAT. Remember these FBI folks had just spent 8 years covering up extensively for all manner of Obama/Holder/Hillary corruption. Imagine what their view of TRUMP was at that time. [And still is!]

Hillary and Obama and Holder were in charge of a massive criminal enterprise. It was called ‘The United States Federal Government’. They weaponized federal agencies against political opponents & created massive slush funds siphoning off big $ to Dem groups & donors. You don’t pull that off without extensive help from INSIDE the one agency that’s supposed to be the watch dog against that kind of thing. There was a huge amount of complicity within the DOJ/FBI to cover this stuff up.
So the incoming Trump administration? How did this small DOJ/FBI clique view it? Of *course* Trump would be EVEN MORE CORRUPT than Obama/Holder/Hillary, right? So once they get the surveillance they need they’ll find Trump doing all kinds of illegal secret deals, right?  This was the ‘insurance policy’. They would have wiretaps and electronic surveillance in place in case Trump won. If he won, Trump would then start acting just like Hillary/Obama/Holder did.
 Jared Kushner and the collusion between the media and ...
After Trump won, these FBI plotters fully expected to catch Trump & his team: 1) setting up secret pay for play deals 2) discussing who gets all the slush fund $$$ 3) using fed agencies to go after political enemies.  So it was VERY IMPORTANT to these DOJ/FBI plotters to get that surveillance set up fast. Only one problem. They needed an EXCUSE to be surveilling Trump & his transition team. They had to convince the FISA Court to give them the necessary warrant.
And thanks to the Hillary Clinton campaign & the DNC funding the work of Fusion GPS, these FBI plotters had the Steele Dossier and news stories planted in the media by Glenn Simpson & Christopher Steele.  One problem with the earlier news stories planted by Simpson & Steele was that they never got the media outlets to publicly give Carter Page’s name. Remember, before the election, even though that dossier was shopped everywhere, NOBODY in the media would touch it.  So I think eager to get things speeded up, the plotters leaked Carter Page’s name to media allies THEMSELVES. Starting on September 22, 2016.
A series of strategic leaks outing Carter Page’s name & tying him to allegations appearing in other media stories about ‘pee tapes’ & Trump/Russia collusion occurred. Then after letting the suspicion about Page build for a month they went to the FISA Court for a warrant.  By the time the FBI plotters are at the FISA Court, presenting the Steele dossier & news articles based on it as ‘evidence’ against Carter Page, Page was 30 days gone from the Trump campaign, having left it on Sept. 24th. But that didn’t matter.  But that doesn’t matter. CARTER PAGE IS JUST A COVER STORY. They had no REAL evidence of Trump/Russia collusion, or of Page/Russia collusion. They knew they were MANUFACTURING IT to get this warrant. And the whole time, they knew who paid big $$$ to manufacture this narrative.
So *this* is how the FBI ended up proffering to the FISA Court a document it knew came straight from the Hillary Clinton campaign via Fusion GPS, with ‘corroborating evidence’ being a news article where Steele was the source. And lying to the Court about it. The use of media allies by this FBI clique is a hugely under-reported issue in this scandal. Those media people who helped the FBI use strategic leaks to launch narratives calling for investigations into certain people need to be exposed also.

ADDENDUM: reminds me of a point I should have made:


After spying on Trump’s campaign team starting in late October up to the election itself, they found nothing they could use. Then they spied on Trump’s transition team from early Nov. to January 20th. Still they found nothing. So they CONTINUED surveillance of Trump’s team AFTER he assumed office, until the warrant ran out in Oct. 2017. And still they found….NOTHING.

Can you imagine how DUMBFOUNDED these people were after a year of spying on Trump’s team that they NEVER found anything they could use? They ended up having to launch a fake narrative in the press in January to get an investigation of Flynn started.

If these plotters had found ANYTHING they could use to take Trump down with, it’d have LEAKED long ago. STOP WORRYING. They have NOTHING.


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