Interview conducted on 1/14/2018

Hello and welcome. Thank you for coming on this interview. Do you mind if we call you John?

John – Yes that’s fine.

ADN – Let’s start this interview with some basic information that will tell the readers your story while keeping your identity safe

John– The 2016 Republican National Convention was to be held in Cleveland, Ohio – with Trump. Past RNC’s have been the target of violent conflicts, riots, explosives, lots of people getting hurt or killed. Same with DNC conventions, any political event… I was contracted to gather threat intelligence.

ADN – And you don’t just stand along the edge looking like the ‘Men in Black.’ Taking notes…

John – No, this was a direct infiltration.

ADN – A direct infiltration of an organized group?

John– Direct infiltration of radical leftist groups that are known for a tactic called “black bloc”. They dress in black, cover their faces and join a peaceful protest with the intention of inciting violence.

ADN – So you’ve agreed to take on this assignment, how did you connect with the anarcho terrorist gang?

John – I was provided with some materials. Antifa and related groups publish flyers and booklets, they gave me those. It was ultimately my job to figure out how to get into contact with them, but the flyers and booklets gave me a good starting point, clued me in on what terminology they use, their methods, and I had web URLs. The two best places that I found for contacting these people was on Facebook and a couple darkweb forums. Once I had some places, people, and things in my sights I started an intelligence gathering operation.

ADN  – And this information allowed you to ‘get in character’ before face-to-face contact?

John– That was part of it. The other part of it was figuring out who the big players were, who the organizers were, what they were planning, and how to infiltrate them without seeming out of place.

ADN – So you’ve gathered information and reviewed the case files, and found virtual connections where you can interact…

John – Yeah basically, but also I was trying to get actionable intel on their plans. The OSINT gathering program I wrote basically data mined all of the writing, profiles, dates, anything digital I could derive from the Darkweb forums and Facebook. And then I used algorithms to connect these people together in a “web” and locate links to other people in the web to get an idea of who they were. It was like a search engine for domestic terrorists.

ADN  – We aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto. This takes infiltration to a different level, one much more accurate from what you describe and includes relationships to others. Was this information shared back to the agency as it was gathered?

John – Yes, I used the data to map their entire visible network of accomplices.

ADN – You have a very valuable skill set. And what you accomplished would have taken far more time, if at all possible, without your search engine.

John – So I was able to infiltrate them, but just knowing their plans wasn’t enough. This infiltration went on for about a 5 month period. I had multiple aliases that I used, multiple online profiles.

ADN – Were you able to glean data pointing to outside financial/supply support?

John – Unfortunately I did not, and in hindsight I REALLY wish I had that information now, but my focus was protecting lives and property so I didn’t delve too deep into their finances. One thing I can tell you is that they have been getting military operational training from someone. The people are either domestic insurrectionists or they are foreign intelligence agents, or a combination of both.

ADN – So we are definitely discussing terrorist and not protestors.

John – Yes. We were not interested in stopping peaceful protests or blocking anyone’s first amendment rights. These people were from all over the country, some of them even from outside the United States – all coming to Cleveland for the RNC. All of the hotels raised their prices and booked up months in advance so these people needed a place to stay. There were people camping in parks and open lots all around the city. We rented a house and invited some to stay with us. They were bringing weapons, explosives, etc.

ADN – An undercover terrorists frat house! How many took you up on your offer?

John – 25 from 3 distinct clusters. Wasn’t the 4 seasons but domestic terrorists aren’t picky.

ADN – How many days before the RNC did the arrivals start?

John – Between 1 and 2 weeks before. That was a really intense time, we had a lot of operational planning to do – contingency plans.

ADN – Did you find them well organized or making decisions on the fly.

John – Antifa? or my team?

ADN – HA! Good response, both…

John – The people I worked with were professionals. Very well organized. Antifa were loosely organized. They were bunch of idiots wanting to cause chaos. What made them dangerous were the outside professional insurrectionists.

ADN – Outside, as in outside the US?

John – The people I described earlier, they were either former military or they were foreign intelligence agents. They were advising Antifa on military strategies. One was dressing up as “Neo Nazis” and starting violence from the inside. Barely any real Neo Nazis even showed up, it was almost all Antifa.



John – Now I think that the person who gave them this “intel” on how the “Neo Nazis” were planning to operate was a professional insurrectionist. Because the intel I gathered on the “Neo Nazis” suggested that they were not Neo Nazis at all. They were a non-violent nationalist group. Traditional Nationalist Workers Party. In these conversations you will see that Antifa instigated the violence in all cases and started armed conflict with unarmed people. There are a few observations I made about Antifa’s conversations about “Neo-Nazi:”

1. The people they claimed were Neo-Nazi were not Neo-Nazi.

2. Antifa members are angry and have a problem with authority, and they were looking for a “fight club”.

3. Someone went into their groups and pushed the Neo-Nazi narrative to intentionally create a problem.

That #3 is your professional insurrectionist. Sock puppet accounts that joined these group chats and stoked fears, called for violence and suggested military tactics.

ADN – Can we use the documents you shared?

John – Yes.

John – As you can see from the above images, they were planning for a violent confrontation. The conversation continued and they admitted to initiating violence against an unarmed nationalist group in Sacramento.

John – They were being told that the Neo-Nazis were coming to get revenge on Antifa from what happened in Sacramento…. Can you guess what happened in Sacramento?

ADN  – My guess is the fake Neo-Nazi were violent toward the resistance, Creating violence from within.

John – Exactly. This traditional workers party was just a nationalist group. They were not white supremacists. Now here is where it gets interesting.



John – 300 Antifa, some armed some unarmed attacked 25 unarmed members of the traditional workers party in Sacramento.

John- And Antifa was bragging about it in private.

John – Evidently Montel Williams tweeted in support of ANTIFA initiating violence against unarmed nationalists in Sacramento. A lot of people got hurt, completely senseless violence.


ADN – What about the foreign insurrectionists. That information was totally unexpected, trying to wrap my head around that, can you add any additional information? And can you share where they were from?

John – Those foreign agents are using our own laws and rights against us. They join these protests posing as “journalists” or “medics” with the intent of inciting violence and using their title as a cover to evade law enforcement. At the time, I reported several Russian insurrectionists using this strategy.

ADN – Russian government or Russian globalist-funded individuals?

John – Russian nationals and Russian-Americans working under direction of the Russian government or members of radical leftist groups like George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

End of Part One.