Illegal Spying is STILL Illegal


One of the revelations that we will learn more about in the coming months is the sheer extent of Obama’s illegal spying program within the US.


Apart from new sunlight on his abuses of the NSA Prism program (see above), we also have last year’s important criticism of Obama’s widespread abuse of the FISC to illegally spy on innocent Americans:

Full report here –


Here’s a good overview on Obama’s NSA/FISC abuses in this McCarthy article :


There’s also evidence that Obama was building his OWN database, presumably inputting NSA & FISA intelligence – as well as intel he gathered from other sources. We know this because Maxine Waters opened her stupid mouth, back in 2013: [5]

 This is a genuinely frightening statement (note how much she LOVES the idea): ‘That database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been done before.’  And Maxine the Idiot said that back in 2013.

What we DON’T know yet is how many Americans Obama illegally spied on, or how his administration was able to attribute classified intel to citizens in this ‘database’, without their consent. Or in what ways Obama used the intel he illegally gathered.  We DO know that Obama targeted reporters, Congress members and groups of citizens (eg Tea Party, conservative groups). We ALSO know he was more than happy to spy on powerful citizens such as Donald Trump.

So Obama WAS spying on and targeting innocent Americans. We know this with the FISA abuse we are seeing now. Obama’s dogs knew what they were doing. It was a very sophisticated operation that they had clearly executed before. But against whom? How many citizens did Obama spy on in Trump’s orbit? Did they target their families?

See what I mean? Where did it end? And more fundamentally, how many citizens were spied on illegally, but never targeted between 2008-2016? Did Obama have a secret file on say 1000 citizens? 10,000? 100,000? 1 million? More?We have a right to know. Don’t you think? Thing is, we still know next to nothing.


Now imagine what Trump knows about Obama’s hidden police state. It would be chilling, I’m sure. One of the issues he will be thinking about is how much transparency he will allow. One example that may end up being useful is the excellent system set up by the Germans, in the wake of the collapse of East Germany.

Of course, the East German state was communist, with a well known secret police & surveillance system (the Stasi), that reached into every citizens life. Informers were rampant, including children informing on their parents.

Obama’s system wasn’t on that scale, of course. BUT America’s population is vast & Obama’s spying was ideological and targeted. It will be far more widespread than we know.

Also, the USA is a Democratic Republic. NO innocent citizen should be spied on. EVER. Anyway, the system they’ve set up allows any citizen to apply to see their Stasi file, should they want to. It also encourages a public discussion about what should and should not be permitted.

The Stasi revelations have been disturbing:


We need to swallow our pride. Sadly, Obama WAS spying on innocent citizens in a widespread, organized way. This was a great crime against the American people.

We need to know what went on. Don’t you agree?  IMO, any citizen who wants to see Obama’s file on them should be able to. If Germany can do it, surely America can.

If Obama had a file on YOU, wouldn’t you want to know what he and his goons had gathered? And how it might have used it against you?

I would.


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