Rice sent the e-mail on January 20, 2017, at 12.15 p.m. [1]

Trump became president at 11:47 a.m.



What Rice did was send the e-mail to herself at the very last second that it would be included in records from the Obama administration.

ALSO, Rice sent the e-mail AFTER the Obama administration could see it or confront her with it.

She sent it minutes before she departed the White House for the last time.

The e-mail documents a meeting between Obama, Biden, Rice, Comey, and Yates.

This meeting took place on January 5, 2017.

Grassley and Graham were sent the e-mail after they asked the National Archives for records of meetings between Obama and Comey.

This e-mail is the only record.

Without it, Obama would’ve skated.

Rice wrote the first part of the e-mail in such a bizarre way that it would immediately stand out.

It doesn’t read as though a native speaker of English wrote it.

This is deliberate.

It draws attention to what comes next.

THIS is the meat of the thing.

First, this. And then more importantly, this.

Obama said that he never spoke to Comey about ongoing investigations.

Rice says he lied.

Not only THAT, Rice says that Obama told Comey to WITHHOLD information from the Trump administration AND report back to Obama.

Rice ALSO says that Comey lied to Congress.

Bombshell Email Suggests Comey May Have Misled Congress About Meetings With Obama on Russian Hacking A newly-discovered email suggests former FBI Director James Comey may have lied about his meetings with former president Barack Obama. [2]

So, Rice handed Obama and Comey to law enforcement on a silver platter.

Did YOU figure that out?

I did. Immediately.

That’s why I said I’m not interested in arguing about this.


Rice torpedoed EVERYTHING.

It’s over. All she has to do is confirm that the meeting happened.

I called this in April, when Rice gave her interview to Andrea Mitchell.

It pays to be able to read people.

Stop thinking in terms of movies and cartoons.

“Hang ’em high!” isn’t what real people say.

And stop listening to all the IDIOTS who give you nothing but bad news.”Fire Jeff Sessions! This is awful! Call me an ambulance!”

Okay: You’re an ambulance, you childish weirdo.

You’re too dumb to see the truth when it’s rubbed right in your face…

ADDENDUM: Here’s how badly Obama treated Rice.

Rice recited administration-approved talking points that an American-produced anti-Muslim video had spurred a spontaneous and deadly protest. In fact, the attack bore evidence of an organized assault, and Rice herself quickly became Republican shorthand for Obama-administration deceit, naïveté, and everything else they could pack into a sound bite. Republicans, led by Senator John McCain—perhaps mindful that Rice had mocked him during the 2008 campaign for “strolling around the market in a flak jacket”—made it clear they would block any attempt to promote her to Secretary of State.

In the tempest, Rice’s reputation for blunt talk became a liability. Discussion of her accomplishments at the U.N. was replaced by accusations about cozy connections to African strongmen. Newspapers scrutinized her considerable wealth, most of it from her husband’s inheritance, pinpointing investments into companies known for doing business with Iran.

“The whole thing was somewhat surreal, since it was based on a falsehood,” Rice now says—still battling claims of an administration conspiracy—of the Benghazi drama. “And I have been around long enough to know that part of this was for many weeks about politics, and maybe subsequently personal politics, and it was not ever that much about me. And recognizing that was important. But also, to be honest, I couldn’t be sitting around watching cable television or reading every article that was written; I had work to do. I wouldn’t say I shut it out as a coping mechanism—I wasn’t oblivious to it—but I wasn’t consumed by it. I didn’t have that luxury.” [3]

[3] Vogue