Yesterday, we as nation where stunned, shocked, and traumatized as yet another mass murder took place at a Parkland Florida High School. Our hearts are broken for the families who lost loved ones. We are praying as a nation for comfort and healing. This nation lost 17 lives yesterday while others are still in critical condition at local hospitals. May God send his healing angels that the number of fatalities doesn’t rise.

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The shooter, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, the “lone gunman”  in the attack according to official story, was arraigned in court today. With Florida having the death penalty the number lost in this tragedy may increase by one in the future.

The Great Awakening, the waking up of people, combined with what we have lived through; we know all too well the official narrative is about as far from truth as one can get. Just a few months ago, the largest mass shooting in US history was committed in Las Vegas. That attack from the beginning was obviously not a lone gunman. That ‘official narrative’ was also a flood of lies from the beginning and it still continues to this day. We are lied to by the FBI, MSM, Local Law Enforcement, and government officials in this case and so many more.  Sadly we have discovered we are being lied to almost continually about something effecting our lives. The lone gunman has been proven a lie in so many tragedies including JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, UT Clock Tower shooting, Sandy Hook, Florida Night Club Massacre, Vegas, and I believe this case too. I probably left some out, that’s how bad it is.

What do we know about this kid? Why should we care about this kid? Why should we not only question the narrative that is being pushed; but why should we fight for him if the official story turns out to be lies? Because it will never stop unless we deal with it by exposing the truth. If this kid was manipulated, didn’t do it, was helped or coerced by drugs, mind control or other means, and the deep state had anything to do with it like all the cases I listed before, there will be more. They will get worse, more shocking, more frequent, and more deadly.

We  have known 911 was a complete lie for over 17 years – 3000 lives lost and more still everyday from the after effects and yet we let it go. To afraid of being labeled a conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat-Alex Jones type, so we just move on.  Well, Alex Jones has been proven more right than wrong over the last 22 years.

JFK’s assassination was on live TV as well, right before our eyes. He was obviously shot from more than one angle and we let it go. Not until Trump released the JFK files and autopsy last year  did the lie the government upheld for 56 years come out. The government covered up the truth on the assassination of a President to its people! Has it stopped? Until we as a PEOPLE demand it STOP it won’t. This, like the Vegas shooting of Trump supporters,  is possibly payback for what I and others are starting to think is the releasing of “The MEMO” and the draining the swamp that is now happening at a much more rapid pace.

If by me asking about the kid, or even looking into his possible innocence in whole or part, is making you angry; then the mind control and induced trauma reaction they want is working. Hang with me. Write me back and get mad at me if you need to. I just want the truth and every angle needs to be examined by you an me – the AMERICAN people; because we sadly can’t depend on the officials to tell us the truth.

Don’t question the horrific tragedy of murdered innocent children or you will be considered evil or racist by some. Hate the person the officials point the finger at, shut up and move on. Oh yeah, and as usual, lets take away your gun rights, your privacy rights, your rights – period.  Turn all schools into prisons. Get them ready for a micro-controlled prison farm life. Prison is the largest business in the US. This makes the children terrified of even going into a school building so they can’t learn. In an active trauma situation or PTSD flashback, you don’t create memory correctly.

This doesn’t just traumatized the kids at Parkland, it’s every kid, everywhere. It every parent. It’s the nation. We have not been allowed to recover from the last event until they orchestrate another. With each one we are trading liberty and freedom for perceived safety, and it’s all a lie. You are less safe and have less freedom. They are creating tyranny – one False Flag at a time. It’s also a way to put more kids on the medications that cause this crap in first place.

Lets look first at the signs of the official story being a total fabrication. First thing I was made aware of yesterday within minutes before the news even knew numbers injured or dead, was web searches existed that where dated hours and days before the event occurred. Had a google and website builder say this happens all the time with caches. I also had others who know more about computers than I do say, no it doesn’t. The thing they can’t explain is how the information includes pictures and shooter details that are correct while the event was still unfolding. This is a pattern we diggers find in false flags like in Vegas, Charlottesville, Sandy Hook, and others. Same way we find the same crisis actors on all these scenes. They are always the ones in front of the camera, repeating the official story line. CNN is famous for this and has been caught so many times. They even faked a war to help get us into a conflict. There are always patterns to False Flags. I do not mean kids did not die. No, a false flag is a tragedy and most of the time with real victims, but with a false narrative and deep state or political motive or both.

shooter pre notificationgoogle pre knowledge shooter

These are just a few of the examples of the internet had the story ready before it happened. People started looking and found more than that. I will embed my original tweet that went viral so you can see how fast this was happening.

Note the kid is wearing an ANTIFA shirt, showing the hand gesture of the #resist movement. However, MSM is reporting today he is member of white supremacy group and had paramilitary training with them. Needed to add that to explain how a below average functioning autistic student can set up such an advance pre-planned – well orchestrated attack on a secure location. They need to also explain why he knew to bring gas mask, smoke bombs, and had perfect kill boxes pre-planned. When we get into who he is you will see he couldn’t and didn’t do this alone, if at all.  It was also the perfect touch to add the ‘race card’ to this mix. A race riot is all they have left to go for or just let North Korea fire away. This was tried in the 60’s with the same play book. Helter Skelter  they called it. People to awake then.  Another MK ULTRA trained – created monster put on that horror show as well. More on MK ultra later in the article and in depth in part two.

Next, what you find in false flags is the real witnesses and the official narrative don’t match. Remember all those poor people in the Vegas Massacre that spoke out and ended up dead? I think last count was 9. The deep state doesn’t like their fabrications exposed. Well lets just say their slip is showing on this one in record time. Either they don’t even care anymore, they are so desperate they are sloppy, or both. People are also more awake. We don’t listen to songs of the Mockingbirds anymore and MSM is as over as rotary phones. The 4am Clown dump of what the news is going to be and how to cover it was revealed by a Q post yesterday – but that is a whole other rabbit hole. I’ll post what Q shared just for the record.

Feb 14 2018 23:25:44

Thank you for showing the world how Clowns pass the narrative to journalists @ 4am.
Re_read crumbs re: SecureDrop.
John Perry Barlow.

John Perry Barlow the co-creator of SecureDrop died on February 13th, 2018. The other creators, James Dolan and Aaron Swartz have also died.

There is much more Q to come in this article because it shows proof of what I am suspecting. This is set up and this kid was not alone or didn’t do it at all. I am including the time stamps on Q as always, because as Q always stated future proves past. The time stamps show foreknowledge of the MSM narrative and those of select politicians they have in their pocket through blackmail of money, corruptions, pedophile acts or worse on tape, or all of the above. Why, well we covered that. For review, look up Operation Brownstone or the Franklin Cover-up. Pray first as it will make you sick.

Alex Jones on Infowars dug in deep to this and has some first hand interviews from the kids that saw it for themselves. Alex is the only news covering the TRUTH of this event. This interview was originally caught by a Texas Sports News Reporter down in Florida for baseball try outs for Texas teams. He stated he would put the interview on the station 10pm broadcast; however it never made the news anywhere. This reporter had to post on his twitter feed to get it out at all. You would think every news outlet would be leading with it. I think he thought so too. There isn’t much deep state cover-up ‘how to’ in sports reporting though.

Lets look this video. This is of a Senior at the high school that knew the shooter, spoke to him in the hall while it was going on and reported he didn’t have a weapon! Shooting still being heard in other areas of the school while he was right there with her, also in shock. WITHOUT A WEAPON!

Caution – Live Video Footage of the shooting. I am not showing this for shock factor but so you can see for yourself it is NOT an AUTOMATIC weapon or SHOTGUN at this point in the shooting. Now, what the young lady will tell you is that there was more that one shooter.


Also including full show. It is jammed packed with information on not only this but other false flags. This was amazing coverage.

The video below is a first hand interview on Alex Jones today of another student with some very odd information. He is very well spoken and wide awake. This kid is going places, and Alex does an excellent job of getting out the critical intel from this witness. I will let the videos provide the names since I have no way of checking. I know Alex did all the legal stuff. I’m just a lady from Texas after all.

Yes, you just heard correctly! About a month ago the United States Secret Service came in and performed a drill and training with all the students, teachers and staff. THE UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE! Have you ever heard that the SS is in the business of school drills? Not the FBI, not the local law enforcement, not the hired private school security firm. THE SECRET SERVICE.  This student also eludes to protocols. That is an odd word from a high school student about drills. This got this witness curious enough to ask his teacher about it. Teacher had no information on it either.

You also just learned that at about 9 am, not at the time of shooting, they had a fire drill. Also note he says, as per the “new protocols” the teachers lock all the doors and all the kids are forced into the hallway and outside. That funnels them into a kill zone hot box. Many targets small narrow area. I will link the schools “protocols” here for you. They where not changed per the SS instructions to my knowledge on the website.

Well I was going to add that proof but its gone now. What I read last night is everyone must go though a single entrance to enter the building. They must show proof of ID and are issued a pass if they are not a student. All entry into the building is from a single access point that is monitored for the safety of the students. If that was the case, not only was Cruz not a student because he had been suspended for over a month. He had, at least one other time. not been permitted entry for having a backpack. He was on the radar of the staff to not let him in building. Yet magically, yesterday, he walked the halls and spoke to students while a shooting was occurring and no one batted an eye.

What I also keyed in on in the interview Alex did with the very well spoken young man, was that he became alarmed with so many cars and helicopters within minutes of the second fire alarm for the day. He was outside watching and was getting nervous something didn’t feel right to him. He finally heard they had active shooter and a friend asked to borrow his phone to call his parents.

While the friend was using the young man’s phone, a teacher approached them and upon hearing the other student telling his mom there was a shooter at the school, the teacher told the student not to say that. When he continued to tell his PARENT what was happening, the teacher actually physically took the phone away from the student. The young man being interviewed had to do some talking to get it back.

Why wouldn’t this teacher [ with active shooters, or as the new protocols called it – a code red, happening and no one knowing where the shooter was located] advise the children to run away from the school instead of fighting about a phone call? They, according to him, were never told to leave by staff. Just stand there like it was a fire drill. He finally walked home.

A safe zone should have been set up far away from the school by the law enforcement and a roll call of names started to know who was accounted for and who was not. With a designated pickup point for parents. Children finding their way home for themselves is not normal.  The “shooter” was also allowed to walk away and ended up being caught on the same street as the young man being interviewed.

Does any of this story even come close the MSM narrative? Does it appear to be sound “protocol”? No, being funneled into a kill box isn’t either one. Locking doors on kids who need to get out of harms way during what was thought to be a fire drill is not normal. None of this normal. Does what I have shown you sit right so far? If you read or follow my blog it shouldn’t.

In an earlier post I said don’t ever forget this name. It is in the blog post about timing is everything and the possible assassination of President Trump. I  said never let this man leave your mind or what he said, because they are deadly serious. Well last night on CNN Mr. Mudd is back. You must watch this.

The man who bragged the government going to kill our President on National TV, former Director of CIA foreign Office, head of “wet works”, paid to kill, just tipped his hand way to far.  Crying like a baby, without tears. Why isn’t the Secret Service out arresting him for threats against the President instead of being at a school in Florida. A school that just so happens to, less than a month later, have the worse school shooting in Florida history. Doing drills writing protocol for active shooters or changing fire alarm drills? Or screening Trump Jr. mail before his wife is exposed to what could have been a very deadly substance. It was addressed to him. He is just as much the first family as Barron.

Why did I title this piece “The Massacre the Left Promised”? Well they went on rampage about the releasing of Nunes Memo. Went on show after show saying there would be “massacres” if the memo was released. Not just one or two of them, many. MSM also talking heads had the same exact talking points. Operation Mockingbird in full swing. It was a direct threat not to release the memo. Well it was released and we had massacre right on schedule. Changed the narrative didn’t it?

The memo wasn’t the end of the investigation. It just lit the torch of justice on many more and led to the informed awake public movement that will land most of the ones screaming the loudest in jail, or worse. Treason carries the death penalty, too. The memo was the band-aid holding back the breaking of dam, so to speak. The globalist knew once it was out, that genie wasn’t going back in bottle. The Mueller investigation would go nowhere even be ended, it was farce. So impeaching Trump that way is done. The investigations it will open and will lead to the cleaning out of most of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, heads of departments and  a whole lot of Congress.  It was the beginning of the end of globalist deep state control of our country, their unchallenged rule, and criminal lifestyles at the American taxpayer expense.

As you just witnessed “the leftist”, or globalist as I call them, signaled this. What else happened that morning that is getting no attention?  Was there another major story or would have been if this shooting hadn’t happened? Remember what it was?


Shooting at Ft. Meade

Two men in dresses, one killed, three injured, when a black SUV tried to FLEE the NSA! FLEE the NSA why would people who had clearance to get into the NSA need to be in a disguise to try to FLEE leave the NSA? One of most secure places on earth? Guess we will never know because, just like Sept 10, 2001 when Donald Rumsfeld testified before congress 2.3 trillion dollars was missing from the pentagon, 911 happened and you never heard about it again. Patterns. I guess if it works once.

That’s the reason we must look at this completely. I have no problem being wrong. I’m just a lady from Texas. Not a reporter or lawyer, just an American, who knows if we don’t expose this now, many more innocent will die to cover up, change the narrative, or propel a political agenda. They have done this too many times to count. We need to be just as demanding for answers about this, and heck VEGAS, as the globalist are demanding our guns.  #NOMOREFF


A huge shout out to Alex Jones and his amazing crew at @infowars – getting next weeks news today and for having Dr. Jerome Corsi on their team. Congrats on your new YouTube channel. I watched the first of your live streams this morning and loved it.

Part 2- Who was Nikolas Cruz and what is MK Ultra and what Q posted about it.

All the Q post for yourself. Read up.

Source – The Red Pill Chronicles