Written by James Hovda (shared with written permission)

Daily, I have friends asking me, “What the Hell is going on in Washington?” My friends are too busy looking at the picture and not at the frame to understand the situation. What we have is a framework of progressive-globalist powers of evil that are dictating the course where they are taking us in order to have the ultimate power and control over the people in order to have the money and resources flow their direction to profit from.

I have a close friend who was once a congressman. He left the House (and politics) because he discovered there was nothing much he could do. He told me that it is all controlled by a select few in Congress who are puppets to corporatists, lobbyists, and global-elites who assemble in their private domains to figure out the necessary steps of action that needs to be implemented in order to achieve their agenda. The rest of Congress, they are nothing more than figurative pieces sitting upon a mantel like some sort of relic of importance to the past.

For those who do watch the news, how many times do you see congressmen and senators talking about “saving the world”, yet do nothing when they are in session but give a lame speech that no one hears, where no one cares, because the decisions have long ago been made, and that is the way it’s going to be no matter how many bitch and complain. The final vote usually goes against us, or is road-blocked by one of the other pieces of the 3-ring circus of Branches. The systems of governance are now purposely designed to fail, not to succeed.

One only has to study how Hitler took over Germany, how Stalin took over Russia, how Chavez took over Venezuela, and how Mao took over China to understand the process we are currently going through… they are all the same that leads down to only one road. Communism of the New World Order!

OK, so you say that America is different than those other countries, and to some degree you are basically correct. But America isn’t infallible… we leave ourselves wide open each day because we are not paying attention, focused upon the things we are purposely being distracted to see, and too busy with ourselves to care less. Many put their trust and faith into our representatives. How’s that going for you so far?

My congressman tells me that it is pure insanity upon the Hill. No one knows what they are doing, everyone has a different idea how to solve problems, and no one will budge. Thus, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnell dictate policies that are told to them to follow.

President Trump has long ago laid out his plan to make America great again, and he is trying to follow through. He understood the powers he would be up against, but never realized how entrenched into our systems they have become. Clinton, Bush, and Obama have done a superb job of jelling congress, the intel agencies, the 3-letter bureaucracies, the MIC, and Wall Street into one mold for their ideal formation. And this mold has been very tough to break.

Think about this: How long have we been discussing things like abortion, flat tax, trade, the United Nations, the Dept of Education, terrorism, gun control, the military, welfare & entitlements, immigration reform, national security, and so forth? These are our country’s biggest hurdles, and yet not a one has been corrected nor seen any accomplishment to make them any better. In fact, many have only become much worse. Government is now an illusion. It purposely revolves in a circle to keep the illusion that they are trying to do something, meanwhile swaying one direction a little for Democrats, then sways the other way for Republicans. Few citizens see what they are truly doing subvertly in order to corral us, contain us, and brand us into a single herd.

And how well is our Constitution protecting us? I sometimes wonder if we still have one? The Constitution wasn’t created for government to use, but for the people to use against the government to keep them in check. It wasn’t designed to protect criminals, to protect immigrants, to protect judges and the courts, nor to protect the politician. It was designed to keep us, the people, safe from them! To hold them accountable! Again, let me ask: How’s this working out for us so far?

For many of us, common sense, rational thought, and pure logic can surface solutions to a vast many problems. I watch good people, smart people, and wise people come across with some of the most ingenious ideas to fix some of the hardest issues we face. Yet, who is listening that has the power to steer us in those directions? Many of these brilliant people are actually America’s representatives. Trey Gowdy, Louis Gohmert, and Mike Lee are just a few of them. But their voice and wisdom is being drown out by Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durban, and Mike Blumenthal, just to name a few who are formatting and assembling a one-way agenda.

We use the term “the swamp” very loosely. Most just cherry pick it, or combine everyone into it without understanding the means. What we term as ”the swamp” is a vast organization of powers that uses bureaucracies, media, congress, the administration, academia, unions, religion, and corporate elites together to promote their ideology and further their agendas towards their end game… America’s demise by fundamentally transforming it, and total control of the people by the elimination of our heritage and documentation that has set us free while granting us liberty.

The future of America has been designed out long ago. Is it etched in stone? Maybe… then maybe not! It all depends upon us, the people. It has always been in our hands, but long ago we relinquished control. We placed our destiny into the hands of bureaucrats, elites, and those who seek the creation of a different world to live in, one where they control our lives from cradle to grave, and where we are servants to their needs, their wealth, and their posterity. You all should know that this can be changed if we unite under God, don’t you?

It is not too hard to figure out if you look at how all the pieces so neatly fit together. If you see scattered pieces that don’t make sense, then you are a proud member of their club of indoctrinated and brainwashed minion. Actually, if you examine the facts very closely, most of us in America desire the same things. We just see different paths to take us there. Sure, there are some who are extreme, as both sides have their cheer-leading team. But for the most part, people are either ignorant of the truth, too head-strong over the lies, or simply just don’t give a damn so long as the paycheck comes, the house still stands, the car still runs, and the beer stays cold while the pizza remains hot.

It’s OK to live your life in the dark, to remain distracted, to disbelieve everything you see and hear. You vote without fully understanding the candidate, and you say little over their views on representing you once they get into office. You wonder why you are where you are, while 10% live like royalty, 10% more live very comfortably, and 10% more live very moderately. The world is no longer your friend. No one is going to lead you down the pathway to great success… you must take that challenge on your own. Having friends in high places does help, but there is a line drawn to divide classes, and most don’t ever cross it. Politicians use you as a tool, while the uber-wealthy use you as servants. Can you donate $100K to several politicians every election, give them exotic vacations, get their kids into the top universities, and donate to their favorite firestorm organizations that only returns to them later after the smoke clears?

You served your country proudly, may have even took a bullet. You got a good education, voted every election, found a good paying job doing something you hate. You paid your dues, skinned your knees, and fought to survive every time the economy turned sour… prospered when it was good. So what went wrong?

No one taught you the truth. Life doesn’t hand you silver and gold unless you were born into it, or you created it. Opportunities are a dime a dozen, but no one taught you where to find a dime. People mock what they cannot understand, and think most opportunities are a scam and too good to be true. People look for negativity in things before they look positively at possibility. Everyone is scared of failure, but look at how many times Trump failed?

Look how many times Ford, Edison, Bell, Gates, and even Einstein failed, but eventually rebounded with great success. Most entrepreneurs started with nothing, yet made millions to billions once the pieces came together. Many entrepreneurs never graduated from college, some never graduated from high school. But each had one thing in common… they had a dream. They took an idea and formulated it into success. They never gave in, they never gave up. And that is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

People are afraid to ask for a raise. People hesitate to apply for that position on the top floor. People don’t want to dedicate themselves, to put forth the effort when others won’t. They have learned to make excuses because it is easier to never try. They watch others climb the ladder, and then become disgruntled because the felt they were left behind. Was it someone else’s fault, or from their own fears and anxieties?

A man I once knew who was once a bull rider and rodeo clown with a 10th grade education, and who became a multi-millionaire said: “Do something that you love, and become the best at it. Find something others want, and show them how to obtain it. Replace fear with faith, disbelief with conviction, failure with hope, and from just being mundane to becoming very passionate. If you can follow those principles, then you are far ahead of the status quo, and on the road to your success. You can only fail because of you… you can also win by the same way.”

Yes, the game is rigged, the cards are marked, and the dealer is bought off. But in the end, cheaters never win, and winners never cheat. That next card you turn over may just be the ace of spades.

So the next time you think the world has piled crap all over you, that nothing seems to go your way, that life handed you a basket of weeds instead of flowers, you can point in every direction to seek blame and justification against anyone you felt betrayed you. Yet life is never easy for most, and the ride is so hard to handle. You can get up and get back on, or crawl to your seat and watch as someone else takes your place. It is up to you!

Have you figured it out, yet?

Thanks for your support!
Written By: Jim Hovda