The Florida School Shooting




After reading Part 1 you should be questioning everything about this shooting already. What we are about to cover isn’t easy, or comfortable, but it is facts that must be considered.  Today, even MSM has been forced to report this kid was troubled and brought to the attention of law enforcement 39 times, including 5 weeks ago when proof of his troubled thoughts were given to the FBI. Not one record was made of this or logged into the system that prevented him from buying a firearm. I think there is way more here than a troubled kid with a gun. None of this is ringing true. It also has Sandy Hook patterns all over it.

First, let’s really get to know who is Nikolas Cruz. Yes, we need to know this. Why? He’s the exact type the deep state searches out, identifies. and then uses as in MK ultra. A sort of Manchurian Candidates to do exactly this kind of thing. History has proved this over and over. I will be providing the government documents to PROVE they have been involved in this and now are potentially doing it to millions of children. I will explain all of this but lets start with Nikolas.

Nikolas Cruz was born to a troubled mother. He and his brother were together adopted by a loving older couple. He was just an infant. The loving parents that took on this task of adopting two boys from an abusive, drug addiction life were Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Cruz. Mr. Cruz passed away unexpectedly of heart attack when Nikolas was only 6. Mrs. Lynda Cruz started having trouble handling both the boys alone. Nikolas seemed to take the loss of his dad hard and Lynda did what she was advised to do, get him into psychiatric counseling.  Picture is Nik and his mom Lynda in happier days.

lynda with Nikolas infant

Nikolas was diagnosed as autistic around this time. We will at some point in future discuss how vaccines contributed to this child’s autistic diagnoses. He had trouble in school and from what I can determined from numerous news reports, was placed on psychiatric medications at a very young age. Most of these medications include ADHD medications, which is pure speed and no different from meth. They also include selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI) medications. Please read this following article on SSRI’s. Also review that 98% of all mass shooters have been on SSRI’s or recently stopped the medication.

SSRI stories and facts   

Sample from the SSRI link is below. YOU MUST read this site and share it. It has already cost us a generation and we must stop this madness for money and mind control. Sadly there will be an addition to this list, adding the Florida school shooting with 17 dead.

Screenshot 2018-02-16 22.52.28

Please watch the video with David Knight on Real News. He covers all this medication with the woman who created the above data and how this evil exactly came to be in the American culture, who made billions, and who developed them. It’s shocking.

Lynda was said to have been a very devoted stay-at-home mom. As the boys got older, Lynda reported having trouble with Nikolas in middle school. No major problems, just like not coming home on time, normal pre- and early teen behavior. Later on, as she described to friends, the disrespect escalated and she started calling the police – 39 times in fact. Most of the time Lynda said it was to scare him. Like a lot of single moms, she was using the police to have a man influence to handle an autistic, medicated, fatherless, bullied, ignored in school, young man. ALSO THE FBI was notified of the danger of this escalating.

Sadly about three months ago, right about the time this strange flu that isn’t really the flu appeared, Lynda came down with the symptoms and quickly died. This hit her young boys hard. They were now alone in the world. They were sent to live with family friends, but Nikolas didn’t like the living arrangements. Being 19, he left the home and started staying with a friend. One of the few I found he is said to have had. Actually he wasn’t known to have friends, and as of this writing I can’t find his name.

Nikolas’ outburst and behavior at school escalated to the point that even though he was in special education, he was expelled from school about a month before the shooting. That is also the same time the FBI was notified of his social media post, saying he was going to be a professional school shooter and more.

At this same time, as backed up with interviews of students, the Secret Service, yes you heard that right – the United States Secret Service, came into the school and did an active shooter drill with training for all the staff and students. They also implemented new “protocols” according to the student interviewed. This student found this so odd he questions a trusted teacher and the was told they had no idea what all this was about and hadn’t been told anything else about it, either.

Lets recap what we just learned. A low functioning, autistic, troubled young man, on long-term seriously dangerous medications, recently orphaned 3 months ago for the second time in his life, couch surfing, expelled from school, known to local PD and the FBI, asked for help over and over and  the FBI IGNORED REQUEST. At the same time the United States Secret Service shows up on THIS campus to train and drill staff and students on active shooter protocols all within days of each other. DAYS!!!! Also, at exactly this same time he tried to return to school and was denied due to carrying a restricted back pack.

So, the entire staff was aware of this kid and denied him entry to the school that had ONE entrance guarded by security. This isn’t a drop the ball – it’s a set up! Might as well have just placed bombs all over the school, call the FBI tell them where they are, have the Secret Service come in and train everyone for it but not remove them and just wait for them to blow up. With everyone knowing is going to happen. What you will see as we go on is it’s very possible he didn’t do it all or if he did, he wasn’t alone.

This brings us to the day of the shooting. Nikolas was feeling bad and later said it felt like he was getting the flu. He went to sleep on the couch. Next thing he remembers is walking down the hall at the school. Backed up here by a student who not only knew him, spoke to him in the hall, and said HE HAD NO WEAPON and SHOTS where BEING fired at other parts of the school at the time!!!

Please watch both of these videos. The first one is both the witnesses at the school, including the one that was walking with him at the time shooting is still being heard and commented HE HAD NO WEAPON! There was a DELIBERATE decision somewhere, by someone, not to do anything and NO NEWS is covering these facts. Even if this kid was part of it, he was not alone and at the very least not the only person to blame. The FBI must be held responsible and a real investigation into why the USS was at the school  about 5 weeks ago. Why do I ask these questions? Let’s look at some recent Q post, facts, and government documents that show in these cases the ball wasn’t dropped, it was condoned, allowed and possibly even facilitated.

fbi missed

Feb 15 2018 14:02:33
Read very carefully.
Unreleased [CLAS-HIGHEST]:
Ability to use frequencies [incoming sig]/modify/code/program over ‘x’ period [designate] mobile phone to ‘control’ target subject.
OP conducted/ORIG outside of US.
CAR control?

Statement by the driver?

This is referring to the recent driver in the car that tried to take out the Presidents motorcade. The driver, like Nikolas, has no memory of the events.

Feb 15 2018 14:10:38
ID: 114bd6
Lincoln Park – Calgary Military Base


The CIA convinced the Allan Memorial Institute to allow a series of mind control tests on nine patients in the Montreal school, as part of their ongoing Project MKULTRA.[7]

The experiments were exported to Canada when the CIA recruited Scottish psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron, creator of the “psychic driving” concept, which the CIA found particularly interesting. Cameron had been hoping to correct schizophrenia by erasing existing memories and reprogramming the psyche. He commuted from Albany, New York to Montreal every week and was paid $69,000 from 1957 to 1964 to carry out MKULTRA experiments there. In addition to LSD, Cameron also experimented with various paralytic drugs as well as electroconvulsive therapy at thirty to forty times the normal power. His “driving” experiments consisted of putting subjects into drug-induced coma for weeks at a time (up to three months in one case) while playing tape loops of noise or simple repetitive statements. His experiments were typically carried out on patients who had entered the institute for minor problems such as anxiety disorders and postpartum depression, many of whom suffered permanently from his actions.[8] His treatments resulted in victims’ incontinence, amnesia, forgetting how to talk, forgetting their parents, and thinking their interrogators were their parents.[9][10]

When lawsuits commenced in 1986, the Canadian government denied having any knowledge that Cameron was being sponsored by the CIA.[11]




Feb 15 2018 14:13:45
ID: 8ec7df
Have any recent [shooters] received therapy in the past?
Be the autists we know you are.
You were chosen for a specific reason.

If you took the time to read the links provided you will see this is an actual government CIA program to create killing machines they can control, through drugs, frequencies and triggers, at will. The subjects used to carry out attacks usually have no memory of committing the act. Some known cases, Charles Manson, Ted Kazinsky, Sirhan Sirhan, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, David Koresh and many more.

The documents show the CIA claim to have stopped testing subjects, which they performed without the subject’s knowledge. These killing machines, like the Kennedy assassins, had no idea what happened. Never regained the memory. It’s built into it. The recent church shooting in Texas killing 29 was also this perfect “type” – same meds, government let out of psych ward and was allowed to purchase weapons due to “clerical error” not entered into the database.

I believe they stopped testing, I believe they perfected it and with injury in the womb by drug addicted mothers, trauma,  vaccines, ADHD meds (which is just meth by prescription), they have created an army of these kids. They can easily find the kids that fit the “type” with medical and social services records. They have pushed mind control onto an entire generations of American Children – the schools, medical records, and social media is all there for the taking and finding the new MK ultra killing machines.

Who made friends with this kid in the past few months? A kid other students said would anything he was told just to make a friend, especially in his most venerable time of grief? Why did the FBI do nothing? Why was the USS at this school? Why does he have no memory? Why is feeling like they have the flu, go to sleep, and wake up accused of horrible crimes seem to be theme? Did he get the flu shot when his mother came down with this killer flu that isn’t the flu? How can he be exiting the school with a witness who knew him – without a weapon – while the shooting was going on? Why is no MSM showing these interviews? Why is FBI hiding facts here just like in Las Vegas? Since his mother died, was anyone seeing that he hadn’t just stopped taking very dangerous medications? Medications that if you just stop, produce homicidal and suicidal obsession and hallucinations?

This young man’s lawyer is said to have had to tell him yesterday before court what he was accused of. Up until that time he didn’t know why he was in jail. Now this young man with all these looming questions is begging to plead guilty to all 17 murders he has no memory of committing to avoid the death penalty and the state of Florida is rejecting that offer. This must be really investigated by a law enforcement agency that isn’t also guilty of accessory. Do we have one left?

This kids life, even if camera footage shows up with him shooting, must not be killed over what is clearly not the truth! He clearly didn’t act alone, was seen without a weapon, and was quite possibly used as political pawn in huge game of chess for your guns and a memo! We must start asking the hard questions, demanding the answers, and put an end to all this madness and the first step is the damn TRUTH!!!!

They are already planning to tear down the school. Sound like Sandy Hook? Here is one more thing. We have the repeat crisis actors showing up as grieving parents. Look them up, they’ve been around a lot of tragedies.  My twitter family is the best and is showing many inconsistencies. If you haven’t read part one, please do it now.



Keep in mind Qanons we are a danger to the downfall of the deep state and these shooters all being labeled and pushed in MSM as Autisic! We will be targets and blamed soon!