America: Some Assembly Required part 2

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The Great Seal of the United States                                              Belcher Coat of Arms

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This coat of arms probably looks familiar. That’s because it resembles the Great Seal of the United States, and there is a reason why that is so: The U. S. Seal was probably derived from the Belcher coat of arms.


30 Second American History – 11

States of States today are corporate franchises of the British Territorial United States subsidiary presently doing business as the USA, Inc. Their Territorial Courts are formed by appointing or electing Judges from the ranks of the local Bar Associations to serve their State of State Courts and their United States (Military) District Courts which are organized by State of State Attorney Generals and United States Attorneys.

The States of States like the State of Georgia today operate under state franchise constitutions, such as The State of Georgia Constitution, all in compliance with the Territorial contract — The Constitution of the United States of America.

People become members of the State of State Jury Pool by Registering to Vote. This act of Registering to Vote means that you are acting as a British Territorial United States Citizen and are voluntarily subjecting yourself to British Equity Law and Territorial United States Courts, which are foreign international court venues that are only supposed to be serving the needs of federal employees, federal dependents and political asylum seekers, who are living here as temporary residents.

Take home messages:

  • (1) unless you were born in an actual federal territory like Guam, are working as a federal civilian or military employee or are a federal dependent or actually seeking federal political asylum, you have no business Registering to Vote–as spelled out in the 14th Amendment of their Constitution.
  • (2) Residents of the federal State of States are not eligible to own soil in this country and if they aspire to own land, they must first pay off a huge mortgage which the British Territorial United States subsidiary owes.
  • (3) British Equity Law allows the judges in Territorial Courts to use discretionary powers to disregard written law, which in turn leads to petty despotism and abuses of power.

30 Second American History -12

The STATE OF STATES are also foreign with respect to us, and operate under foreign Municipal Law. These entities like the STATE OF GEORGIA are franchises of the Municipal United States. The Municipal United States Government is limited to operate within the 10 square miles of the District of Columbia— so how is it that we have STATE OF
STATE organizations everywhere? Answer: They are acting as appointees of the British Territorial United States subsidiary under the 1951 Appointments Act.

The system of federal racketeering they run is called a Split-Title Scheme in which the British Territorial United States of America subsidiary creates and attaches a copyrighted label known as a title to American assets, then splits the title, keeping the beneficial title, and handing off the legal title to Municipal subcontractors to enforce. The
British subsidiary dodges its treaty and trust responsibilities by getting the Municipal subsidiary to do the asset seizures for it.

By 1965, bribes began in the form of Federal Revenue Sharing and Federal Block Grants to County level governments. To receive all this free money the counties had to incorporate as franchises of the British Territorial United States of America subsidiary.

Take home messages:

  • (1) Americans still believe that State of State and National Elections are Public Elections when in fact, these are Private Corporate Elections.
  • (2) As volunteer franchises the victims are liable for all debts of the British Territorial United States of America subsidiary.
  • (3) Just as Territorial States of States function as  franchises of the British Territorial United States of America, so do incorporated counties. They are all foreign with respect to us and unknowingly subscribed to be part of this foreign conglomerate when they signed on to receive federal kickbacks.

30 Second American History – 13

The federal states are organized into multi-state service districts.

The States like the Georgia State are grouped into Postal Districts numbered 1, 2, 3….

The Territorial States of States like the State of Georgia are organized into Military Districts called United States Districts which are numbered as First, Second, Third….


Take home messages:

  • (1) States like Georgia State form Postal Districts…. 1st Judicial District is a Postal District.
  • (2) United States of America subsidiary franchises like the State of Georgia form Military Districts called United States Districts; only the District of Columbia is named. First Judicial District is a Military District.
  • (4) The purpose of all these federal states and federal states-of-states is to provide
    essential government services to the nation-states per Article IV.
  • (5) Some services are organized on a multi-state level via Postal Districts, United States Districts, and UNITED STATES DISTRICTS.
  • (6) Due to the predatory fraud that has been practiced against the Americans, the Postal District Courts are barely functioning and the Territorial and MUNICIPAL DISTRICT COURTS are both being used to promote organized pillaging aimed at Third Party non-combatant civilians.

30 Second American History – 14

To recap: Georgia is a republican nation-state in possession of the soil of Georgia and holding complete jurisdiction within its boundaries. Georgia does business in international and global jurisdictions via an unincorporated union of the nation-states doing business as The United States of America since September 9, 1776.

The Georgia State is a land trust franchise operating under a Statehood Compact. It’s supposed to be a State of State operated under The Articles of Confederation (1781) by the States of America, an American federal subsidiary, but this level of government hasn’t functioned properly since 1860.

The current State of Georgia is a territorial corporate franchise operated under The State of Georgia Constitution by the British Territorial United States subsidiary. The STATE OF GEORGIA is a municipal corporate franchise of the United States—originally a Holy Roman Empire subsidiary.

Take home message:

  • (1) these federal states and states-of-states are supposed to be service providers acting under contract to provide essential government services to the nation-states.
  • (2) They are all bound by constitutional agreements and have been allowed to exercise a portion of delegated authority belonging to The United States of America on a limited and contractual basis.
  • (3) The federal subsidiaries are foreign businesses and they have been made improper use of delegated power.
  • (4) These service providers trespass onto our soil jurisdiction by claiming that we volunteered to act as one of their citizens — claims built on deliberate semantic deceit, false impersonation, identity theft, falsification of public records, physical force and constructive fraud executed under color of law.

30 Second American History – 15

A great many confusions arise because of the use of similar names and because of business reorganizations and successions and restructurings that have taken place over time. The United States of America (unincorporated) is not the same as the United States of America (Territorial) subsidiary, nor is it the same as The United States of
America, Inc. which came into existence in 1868 or the 1925 Delaware Corporation calling itself the United States of America, Inc.

The United States (unincorporated) referred to in The Treaty of Paris, 1783, and its “free, sovereign, and independent people” is not the United States operating under The Constitution of the United States.

The Georgia State is not the same as the State of Georgia nor the STATE OF GEORGIA. The Georgia nation-state is a separate entity altogether. And the original State of Georgia is yet another beastie.

Take home message:

  • (1) All these similar names attached to different entities create a hotbed for confusion and mistaken identities and false assumptions.
  • (2) Georgia is unincorporated and sovereign in its nature.
  • (3) The Georgia State is a lawful business entity operating under Public Law.
  • (4) Both the State of Georgia and the STATE OF GEORGIA are legal business entities operating under territorial and municipal law.
  • (5) All these entities, with the exception of Georgia, have been given a charter to exist and do the work they do in behalf of The United States of America (unincorporated). They can lose their charter for non-performance, criminal acts, and other causes.
  • (6) The core of the fraud being practiced against us is rooted in semantic deceits, deliberately induced false assumptions, misused euphemisms and overall non-disclosure.
  • (7) Euphemistic wars like the War on Poverty are being used to excuse the use of martial law on American soil in peacetime.

30 Second American History – 16

So all the federal states and states of states are businesses and they  are all in the business of providing government services. They are all  foreign with respect to the American nation-states employing them.
The United States of America (unincorporated) delegated specific  powers to the federal subsidiaries doing business as: the States of  America, United States of America, and United States.

Like all business entities these original service companies have  undergone vast changes over the course of over 200 years; there have  been mergers, joint ventures, changes in stockholders, hostile takeovers,
reconstructions, diversifications, expansions, assumptions of  contracts, successions, consolidations, trades, acquisitions,  incorporations, and yes, bankruptcies and liquidations.

The original federal subsidiaries, except the States of Americaincorporated themselves, mostly under the State of Delaware so that  they could access the British Chancery Court to claim clemency and the
protections of privateer licenses granted to Bar Association Members.

Take home messages:

  • (1) a corporation that provides government  services under contract is not your actual government.
  • (2) Changes in  basic business structure and affiliation have taken place since 1791.
  • (3)  Delaware Corporations have access to the British Chancery Court in Delaware, which allows the Queen to forgive crimes committed by Bar Attorneys and politicians.
  • (4) Both Pope Francis and the State that  issued their charter can liquidate any incorporated entity that engages in criminal activity.
  • (5) Since the State of Delaware benefits from the corruption, don’t expect any such action cancelling charters; and since the Municipal franchise that belongs to Francis also benefits, don’t expect action on his part, short of an Act of God.

30 Second American History – 17

The United States of America is an unincorporated Holding Company which the sovereign nation-states created to manage their combined powers in international and global jurisdictions during and after the
Revolutionary War.

The United States of America (unincorporated) is the “instrumentality” the Founders used to organize this country’s external government—the storefront created to conduct international and global business in behalf of the nation-states as a group. When Ben Franklin negotiated treaties, this is the entity he negotiated for.

The former-Colonists also had to choose a Head of State. This seemingly thwarted their aspirations, by requiring them to participate in the feudal system they were trying to escape.

They turned to the Magna Carta. The men who wrote it were called Barons— which was their title in France; but in England, they were sovereigns in the own right. William the Conqueror released their forefathers from their fealty oaths to him and made them a permanent gift of soil in England upon his death in 1087 A.D. as part of The Settlement of the Norman Conquest.

Take home messages:

  • (1) A President, who is by definition the chief executive officer of a company or corporation, is not a Head of State.
  • (2) A Head of State must be a sovereign either by sword or by blood.
  • (3) The former-Colonists were unable to conduct international and global business affairs without a Head of State, yet doomed to being ruled over by a King if they chose one.
  • (4) The Barons who wrote the Magna Carta were able to enforce it against King John as hereditary sovereigns in their own right.

30 Second American History – 18

The Colonists chose a Colonel in the Continental Army as their Head of State: William Belcher of Connecticut. He exercised sovereignty in his own right in England as a result of the same Settlement of the Norman Conquest that freed his ancestors. Note that political sovereignty depends on which soil you stand on—your standing. You can be a king in one country and a slave in another.

The Belle Chers part of William the Conqueror’s own family, were among those to receive their freedom and sovereignty in perpetuity in England. The Norman Conquest created a class of kings in England, all
Normans, all of equal standing.

Take home messages:

  • (1) The idea of individual sovereignty far predates the American institution and has its roots in The Settlement of the Norman Conquest and the Magna Carta;
  • (2) The Colonists chose a man already having this hereditary sovereignty to act as their Head of State.
  • (3) William Belcher agreed to serve as Head of State for The United States of America, which is why the Belcher Coat-of-Arms Array includes both The Great Seal of the United States of America and The Great Seal of the United States.
  • (5) The Belchers are not subjects of the Queen of England but have separate standing as sovereigns in
    England by conquest of soil, by blood, and by William’s gift.
  • (6) After the Revolutionary War, William Belcher bequeathed the same individual sovereignty on every man who served in the Continental Army and on every Mother’s son and daughter living on the soil he gifted to them.
  • (7) This is how Americans can and do legitimately claim to be—literally– a sovereign people, and how every American veteran is owed the same respect as a king or queen.

30 Second American History – 19

The Hereditary Head of State for The United States of America today is James Clinton Belcher, in regis, James Clinton. He has the peculiar right  and the duty to operate The United States of America  (unincorporated) to protect the member nation-states and enforce the constitutions.

His current actions and international objections are prompted by the  gross negligence, criminality, breach of trust, and compartmentalized  ignorance on the part of those federal subsidiaries entrusted to provide the nation-states and people Good Faith Service. As the abused powers were delegated through The United States of America, they can be recalled by The United States of America.

Take home messages:

  • (1) Providers of essential government services are subject to perform according to their contract, like any other business.
  • (2) The federal subsidiaries are lawfully and legally obligated to honor their commitments.
  • (3) The Founders did not set up these complex service contracts called constitutions, with three federal subsidiaries which are the actual Three Branches of the Federal Government, without the means to mind the shop.
  • (6) The existence and nature and function of The United States of America has been deliberately obscured by those who benefit from weaseling out of their obligations.
  • (6) The Great Seals owed to the Belchers were stolen by British Mercenaries during the Civil War and most recently put on display at the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, DC.
  • (7) The Trump Administration has been asked to return The Great Seals to their rightful owners, in a spirit of cooperation and token of willingness to honor the constitutional agreements.
  • (8) The British Territorial United States of America did not then and does not now have any excuse for seizing upon our sovereign property.

30 Second American History – 20

The widespread pattern of abuse of delegated powers by the federal service companies has been documented, objected to, and the presumptions underlying these corrupt practices have been opposed
and refuted continuously as these evils have developed.

The core abuse solidified with the Reconstruction of the British United States of America subsidiary improperly exercising the delegated powers entrusted to the States of America, and its change from an
unincorporated business to an incorporated structure in 1868.

The change from operating as an unincorporated business to an incorporated one, is not precluded by any constitutional agreement; however, a serious infringement upon the Common Law copyrights of the nation-states occurred when this new territorial corporation began using the name: The United States of America, Incorporated.

This version of “The United States of America” is merely an incorporated business, but owing to the similarity of names is easily mistaken for The United States of America

Using this facile similar names deceit the new entity quickly presumed upon the credit of The United States of America (unincorporated) and hypothecated non-consensual debt against the nation-states.

Take home messages:

  • (1) The British Territorial United States subsidiary has been operating in fraud since 1860.
  • (2) Unconscionable debt has been fraudulently conveyed to the nation-states and people.
  • (3) This was the first such similar names deceit employed by the British Territorial United States subsidiary to secure credit based on American assets.
  • (4) Hypothecation establishes a form of secret lien against assets that belong to other people, so the victims don’t know that their assets are being pledged as collateral.