The Senior Executive Services (SES) of the Deep State’s Shadow Government


This was & still is President Barack Obama’s Shadow Government / Deep State known publicly if you look hard enough as the Senior Executive Service (SES)
Thread w details follows

What or Who is the Senior Executive Service You Ask? The SES is a Deep State is group of over 9,000 appointed ‘Mangers’ in 75 Federal agencies that control the executive bureaucracy & tell new political appointees what they can and cannot do.


American Intelligence Media has done a great piece on the ins & outs of the organization and I have included it below. They are rarely talked about but known amongst themselves by this lapel pin. If you see this pin, they are most likely bad news!


These Deep State groups are all about their symbology & this one is no exception. They explain the meaning behind the Keystone on the OPM website.


When we look at the ‘Who’ think of those who have obstructed Donald Trump & his administration to include his transition team. Evelyn Farkas was Obama’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine.


How do I know she is or anyone else is a Senior Executive Service (SES) member is all based on the pay scale and coding for each position.   NA & TA are reserved for these SES personnel.

Evelyn Farkas was Obama’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine & had a lot to say about what they actually did while she was part of the SES while in Office on MSNBC in March of 2017.  What they did to Donald Trump & how they did it is now very clear.

The SES goes into 75 departments of the government to include the Department of Justice &  the FBI. We start seeing this now that we have the Key to find the players. One of them just so happens to be Bruce Ohr, whose wife works for Fusion GPS.


Here is the backstory on Bruce Ohr / Christopher Steele for those that are just tuning in or just starting to pay closer attention to details.


Just to show you how the Special Counsel is comprised, Robert Mueller’s top gun prosecutor is none other than Andrew Weissman. He is also part of the SES as listed in the Federal Registry along with David Rybicki.




Mary McCord, George Toscas & David Laufman are also listed in the Federal Registry as part of the National Security Division of the SES in 2015. Toscas & Laufman remained as of Dec 2017 in the Federal Registry.


George Toscas was in a pinch over the revelation of the Anthony Weiner laptop that included Hillary Clinton’s emails with Huma Abedin. He’s also mentioned as part of the crew in the Page & Strozk texts released by Chuck Grassley & Devin Nunes.


The Lisa Page & Peter Strzok texts & emails start painting a bigger picture as to what exactly Evelyn Farkas disclosed on MSNBC in 2017.


This starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together and who the remaining well known players are in the SES at the FBI & DOJ. These people have also stepped down over this debacle! Michael Kortan & James Baker both are out!


FBI/DOJ Co-Conspirators Just Lost Biggest Asset – FBI Director Wray Kicks Out James Baker


Other players at the FBI National Security Branch include Bill Priestap & Carl Ghattas.


We know that many have stepped down from their posts to include Rachael Band & Currie Gunn. Gun may have also been part of the SES after the 2016 report was released or personnel were promoted & this may be why Band had to step down.


Rachel Band resignation….


This goes all the way back to the top according to Julie Zebrak who has insight into the FBI & an advocate for Moms4HRC  She claims Andrew McCabe is career SES & they can’t get rid of him so easily. Andrew McCabe as you can see is claimed to be Career SES.

And by TOP I mean Evelyn Farkas & the rest of the Coup D’état crew in the FBI & DOJ got marching orders from Barack Obama himself!


I encourage each and every one of you citizen journalist & investigators to dig through the names & departments of the Senior Executive Service (SES) I provided & connect more dots to this Treasonous Puzzle. We need to shut down this program because it is the Heart of The Swamp!!


So is this why Obama & his Deep State Senior Executive Service (SES) Cronies to include the Comey/McCabe brass at the @FBI worried about??  Evelyn N Farkas spells it out completely as to what they were doing to…

I mean look guys, Obama placed this out there like a NEON Sign that he was going to Oust Donald Trump day in & day out when Clinton lost the election and started using illegal surveillance against Trump & the transition team.


I mean plain as day this was out there and the Obama Administration was just like….Ehhh, We did it & We don’t care what you think about it. All up in our faces! Thumbing their Pinocchio Noses at us!


All of this was made possible because Obama’s rule changes opened door for NSA intercepts of Americans to reach political hands!! Totally Illegal…..  But guess what? Because of this EO, Trump is unveiling the truth about Obama & his SES team of traitors!!


Evelyn Farkas transcript from this interview is in Black & White! Full Stop…….you are ALL done son!!!

What ever happened with @Reince recommending this to be investigated dealing with Farkas?? Hopefully it was followed up on by Devin Nunes & Chuck Grassley before he left the White House!



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