Who is Edward Snowden??

Hero Whistleblower or Traitorous Spy

By: @_VachelLindsay


Wise up : Edward Snowden is one of America’s greatest ever traitors. Don’t fall for his BS story about being an innocent whistleblower.  He was a Russian spy.

… Really? Soros supports Snowden being pardoned? Wasn’t expecting to see his name. Others on here include Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Linda Sarsour, Valerie Plame, Patricia Arquette, John Cusack, Alex Soros and John Perry Barlow. standwithsnowden.com/supporters

Snowden’s theft of US secrets went well beyond the actions of a ‘whistleblower’. Most don’t realize just how much classified intelligence he handed to Putin & the Chinese. How many NSA top secret documents do you think he stole, over many months?
Try 1.7 MILLION. At least. No one really knows the whole number. ALL in the hands of Vladimir Putin.  The single greatest intelligence disaster in US history. Of course, it all happened under the Obama administration, the worst in US history.
Seth Rich, Bernie Bro, was a patriot who leaked DNC data to Wikileaks because he was disgusted about what was going on at Hillary Clinton’s DNC.  He was inspired by Snowden, but the two men couldn’t be more different.  Moscow & Beijing organized for Snowden to get out of the USA via Hong Kong, en route to Russia.
There’s no way Snowden did that himself. If he was a genuine whistleblower, he would NOT be running away to China & then Russia. Where he now resides.  The cover story was perfect : ‘I’m an innocent guy who just wanted to expose NSA surveillance abuses.’  BS – he gave Putin the entire NSA playbook. Deliberately. Don’t be fooled.
Snowden gave Russia (and I suspect China) unredacted secrets that exposed US military and intel assets – human beings. Many would now be DEAD.
The fact the NSA were abusing their power IS damning. I guess we should be grateful for Snowden for exposing that.  But Snowden’s intention was to cause division by exposing that information, in the service of Moscow (and Beijing). Be in NO doubt at all.  No doubt some of you are saying ‘he did the right thing’.  Think about the dead and tortured men and women exposed by Snowden.   Not to mention everything else.  He knew EXACTLY what he was doing.
Putin played Obama BRILLIANTLY. He saw an opportunity to wreak havoc and boy, did he take it.   Snowden was a great hit on the United States. Yet another HUGE Putin win. One of many during the Obama years.  As we learn, 24/7.
It would be great to hear Edward Snowden’s real story, but of course that’s not possible.  The scumbag is living in Russia. Where he always knew he’d end up.  And he continues to cause trouble, as Vladimir has ordered.
OnWithLogic @OnWithLogic 

Snowden is CIA. Plain and simple. Anyone that believes the CIA is an American agency is a fool. It’s the enforcement arm of the Cabal – globalists that want the NWO. Exposing NSA capabilities was part of the plan to destroy America. Obama is CIA. Wake up people. QAnon

MAGA808 @Northwest808 

I agree with you. Snowden could not have landed in Russia without cooperating 100% with Putin. Wish the NSA was exposed in a different way. Not at the benefit of Russia and China and more importantly exposing our assets which likely resulted in their death.

Kalamazoo @jessesgirl1111 

I am embarrassed to admit he snowed me, too (see what I did there). All levity aside, I really wanted to believe—and falsely did—that he was a good guy like sethrich . Thanks for the timely and needed education.

no #chemtrails @cindyvsoto 


Do you know the story of the deaths of John Perry Barlow and a few others in relation to Secure Drop? Was Snowden involved in architecting it? Wasn’t Snowden CIA before NSA, possibly still is? They are heavy deep state, may have wanted the leaks to Russia and China.



The Q phenomenon has discussed Snowden as well on several occasions already too.

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