Did the Clinton Foundation Facilitate the Distribution of Watered Down HIV/AIDS Medications in sub-Saharan Africa??


Feb 20, 2018


The problem is that none of these entities, and especially not the original William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, or the two HIV/AIDS charities (Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative, Inc. and Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc.), “have ever obtained legally compliant and independent audits of their financial results,” the analyst pointed out.

The Wall Street analyst, who has been carrying out a private inquiry into the Clinton charity’s alleged fraud, explained that under many laws a charity cannot solicit funds for one supposed tax-exempt purpose, and then use funds it receives for another tax-exempt purpose.

A charity certainly cannot use solicited funds to pay expenses of political campaigns (strictly forbidden), or worse to enrich directors, executives, or donors,” the investigative journalist noted. “Moreover a charity must ensure that any funds raised for a long-term capital endowment are solicited, making full and fair disclosures, and that funds received actually go into the endowment.”

However, ongoing review of publicly available records, “including many that are purposefully omitted” among Clinton Foundation disclosures on their own websites.  Indicating a “longstanding and escalating set of international frauds where many hundreds of millions of dollars seem to have vanished, often in years where presidential campaigns were taking place.”

The analyst reiterated that “a far smaller set of frauds” amounting to $800,000 resulted in a five year prison term for a 71 year old African American woman and politician named Corrine Brown.

I believe that few Americans believe charity fraud is a minor offense and that all Americans hope to be treated equally before the law,” he remarked.

How much did AUS donate to CF? Here the work of New York-based financial analyst Charles Ortel is extremely important.  Ortel’s meticulous work has documented that the Clinton Foundation has solicited almost $100 million to fight HIV/AIDS from the Australian government starting by 2006.

Ortel insists the Clinton Foundation was certainly not authorized to fight HIV/AIDs, anywhere and failed, in any case, to ensure that medicines distributed in its name were safe, rather than adulterated, and lethal.  To combat HIV/AIDS in Africa, the Clintons bought defective HIV/AIDS medications manufactured by Ranbaxy in India.






Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN07) has released a 78-page report entitled: The Clinton Foundation And The “India Success Story”: Self-Serving Philanthropy, Watered-Down Drugs, and Money in sub-Saharan Africa.

The “India success story” details the Clinton Foundation’s partnership with drug companies Ranbaxy, Matrix and Cipla in the subcontinent beginning in October 23, 2003.  The Foundation joined the drug companies with the goal of combating HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa by less expensive medications into afflicted countries. This relationship saw the companies mature quickly and become acquisition targets for larger global pharmaceutical entities.

It also resulted in encouragement for the disregard of intellectual property standards, the likely use of taxpayer money, through PEPFAR, to distribute watered down drugs that “subjected patients to increased risks of morbidity and mortality” , donations to the Foundation, and possible kickbacks in the form of million dollar consulting contracts to President Clinton from the friend of convicted felon and Ranbaxy advocate, Rajat Gupta.

Key Findings:

  • The Clinton Foundation Likely Facilitated The Distribution of Watered Down HIV/AIDS Medications In sub-Saharan Africa Through Its Health Access Initiative
  • The Distribution of Watered Down HIV/AIDS Medications In sub-Saharan Africa May Have Increased Patient Mortality Rates
  • Watered Down HIV/AIDS ARVs Were Purchased With Taxpayer Money Through PEPFAR As A Result of Price Agreements, Some of Which Were Likely Negotiated By The Clinton Foundation
  • President Clinton Was Personally Enriched With Million Dollar Consulting Contracts By A Friend of Convicted Felon, and Ranbaxy advocate, Rajat Gupta From 2002-2008.


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