Kudos to an anon who connected the bank account from Q’s 5 Jan drop to a NJ doctor, Medhat El Amir, who was indicted for multiple tax violations in 2014. Q implies by confirmation he is connected to Hezbollah.




An anon shared some notes from President Donald Trump’s CPAC 2018 speech as Q told us to do earlier today. “Watch the speech. We are talking to you. Proofs only meant for you.” I am listening again myself to see if I catch anything else.

Q shares a photo of Hillary Clinton with Sheriff Scott Israel whose deputy, Scot Peterson (armed Resource Officer) remained outside during the shooting and took no action to save lives. Any coincidence that he is pals with Hillary Clinton who immediately tweeted demands for more “gun safety”?
Great thread by @TheLastRefuge2 on how Broward County School Sheriff Officers operate.

Here is the full video of President Trump’s CPAC 2018 speech for those who missed it.

Q asks WHY school shootings? It plays on our emotions because our children are precious. These sick people use school shootings (planned False Flag events) to distract, push for gun control, and FUND RAISE for Democrats! SO MANY go along with this! They are VILE!

Sandy Hook Two Years Later: Where Is The Aid Going? A Hartford Courant review has found that since the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, the federal government has given the town of Newtown and several agencies just more than $17 million in aid [1]

If this doesn’t SCREAM False Flag, I don’t know what will. These people are absolutely repulsive!

Report: Four of Sheriff Scott Israel’s Deputies Waited Outside Douglas High During School Shooting | Breitbart Four of Broward County Sheriff Israel’s deputies allegedly waited outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while the attack was occurring. [2]
An anon just posted the Breitbart article re: 4 of Sheriff Israel’s deputies waited outside during the shooting (see my previous #7 tweet). Q asks who we think is leaking the info. Shooter was a pawn. White hats taking action behind scenes. CNN set up. Libel laws. End of MSM!!
Anon comments on “Phase [2]” Q drop on 2/21  and “very, very unfortunate Phase 2” mentioned by President Trump today at the press conference with Australian Prime Minister Turnbull when discussing NK. Q says “expand your thinking”. Trip code failed but user ID was same as other drops in same thread. NK = Clowns.
Q seems to be having some issues with trip code. Looks like security test with device #3 is working.
Q appears to be working with other Q team members on other devices to test vulnerabilities in comms on the boards with these SEC_TESTs (security tests). This last drop, I’m guessing is Q telling another team member to run a Real-Time activity for the next 15 min.
Correction to my last tweet…meant to say “I’m guessing is Q telling another team member to run a Real-Time activity LOG for the next 15 min.”

Q’s trip didn’t work on this one but the same user ID checks out. Appears to be alerting CM (Code Monkey – 8chan Admin) to check on some codes.

“Brute force will be necessary.” Yikes!

Not sure if this means Q is telling CM (Code Monkey) that comms are not working properly for device #2 or they are turning comms off for 2 min, 2 hours, 2 days??
Code Monkey (8chan Admin) replied to Q’s request to check out code issues. Appears to be a bug in 8chan’s thumbnail generation process. CM will reply again when issue is resolved. Good to know it was not Clowns messing with the boards.
Code Monkey back to reassure Q and anons it doesn’t look like 8chan has been hacked. Not surprised to see they are getting heavy user traffic!
Q’s next post appears to be an extra breadcrumb of high significance as a payback to Black Hats for messing w/comms. Stanislav Lunev is the highest-ranking military Russian spy to ever defect to the U.S. Is he the “BRIDGE” to exposing the Deep State? amzn.to/2HGvxlw
This anon shared some thoughts about Q mentioning Stanislav Lunev and the BRIDGE. It makes sense to me.

Found this testimony fm Stanislav Lunev given in Aug ’98 to the House Committee on Nat’l Security, Military R&D Subcommittee. bit.ly/2EZSjqi

He is also mentioned in this piece as one of the defectors who warned about a “Manchurian Candidate”: bit.ly/2Chwp0O

I agree w/anons who believe BRIDGE is an acronym for Behavioral Rating Inventory for Drug-Generated Effects, which quantifies stimulant-induced behaviors. Stanislav Lunev’s book “Through the Eyes of the Enemy” mentions GRU plans to poison our water. Q said “Watch the water”.
An anon shared another possible explanation for “The BRIDGE”. Was Q referencing this book as a way of pointing out that the “Manchurian Candidate” the Russian defectors testified about (including Stanislav Lunev) is Hussein? bit.ly/2GHlz2j Interesting theory by another anon who believes Lunev, who “defected”, was STILL working with the Clowns to ensure the Hussein was successful in carrying out his “fundamental transformation”.
So many possible theories but not entirely unrelated. This one also makes sense to me. Who better to trade for Snowden than Lunev? Looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds. Future proves past.