Allow me to introduce 2 auto dealerships in the D.C. area. BMW of Sterling and Rolls Royce Motor Cars of Sterling. Both are owned by this man, Thomas Moorehead:




Profile: Thomas Moorehead The local businessman makes automotive history as the first African American to own a Rolls-Royce dealership in the United States. [1]
Moorehead opened his first auto dealership in Omaha, Nebraska in 1987. Moorehead moved to the D.C. area in 2001 to open the 2 aforementioned dealerships. Larry King of the Omaha pedo-satanist ring centered at his bank, Franklin Credit Union, was released from prison in 2001 and planned to move to the D.C. area.
Franklin Figure Lawrence King Leaves Prison After 10 Years – Apr 11, 2001 [2]
This man named Larry King lives in Reston, VA, a D.C. suburb
Opera NOVA | Larry King archived 21 Dec 2016 20:57:03 UTC [3]

This man from Reston named Larry King “moved to this area from the Heartland of the Nation.” Perhaps Omaha? This man from Reston named Larry King “has owned and operated catering companies and restaurants.” Larry King of the Omaha child trafficking ring owned a catering company and restaurants. This man from Reston named Larry King “performed at the White House” just like the Larry King of the Omaha child trafficking ring. This man from Reston named Larry King is associated with the “Thomas Moorehead Foundation”. Recall Thomas Moorehead from earlier. He moved to the D.C. area from Omaha, just like Larry King of the Omaha child trafficking ring. This man from Reston named Larry King is on the board of a charity AHEAD Inc.

AHEAD, Inc’s mission is “to improve the quality of life for orphans and other vulnerable children, women and youth”

About Us > AHEAD INC AHEAD, Inc. (Adventures in Health, Education, and Agricultural Development) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1981 whose mission is to work with under served communities in developi… [4]
If this man from Reston named Larry King is the same man that ran the Omaha child trafficking ring, then he is now working with children. Help me decide if this is the same man. I’m almost certain that they are.
Wayback Machine 2006. A man named Larry King works in service dept. of BMW of Sterling, a dealership owned by Thomas Moorehead.
Moorehead owned a dealership in Omaha during the Franklin trafficking ring & cover-up. [5]
Larry King is no longer listed on the BMW of Sterling website. He may no longer work there or they’re hiding him. The dealership owner, Thomas Moorehead, is obviously King’s friend from Omaha and possibly involved in the same activities. Comment in this Voat thread says he lives in Reston, VA, so I fact checked it. [6]

Lawrence E. King Jr: Overachiever

Lawrence E. King had his humble beginnings September 7, 1944. Who would have believed that just 40 years later Larry, (as he was affectionately known) would be singing the National Anthem at the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION, a feat he would repeat just four years later in 1988?


He [Lawrence E. King, Jr.] loves boys. He loves them like he shouldn’t.” -Eulice Washington

Lawrence E. King, Jr., former Vice Chairman of Finance and Youth Advisor of National Black Republican Council (NBRC) of Omaha, Nebraska, sit at the pentacle and the eye of an elite blood oath pedophile and espionage ring that is cloaked, hidden behind smoked mirrors and the looking glass.

Larry King was at the middle of a national and international organized crime syndicate, engaged in not only pedophilia, but pornography, drugs, money-laundering, CIA-MK ULTRA, espionage and the OCCULT.

Nebraska Senate investigating committee also found that over 100 children, some as young as 10 years old, could testify to an internationally operating satanic cult/sex/drug ring directly linked to the black Republican conservative compatriot. Child victims of King’s cult/sex/drug ring charged him with participation in at least one SATANIC RITUAL MURDER of a child, and direction of SATANIC RITUALS. [7]

[6] Voat