Several “Emergency Drills” are being staged this month from Houston to Dallas to Louisville, Kentucky.

Including this on the Houston Scanner…. The Houston Fire Department Just Declared A Mass Casualty Incident After 22 Students Become Sick From An Unknown Substance At The Young Women’s Preparatory Academy Near Downtown Houston -Scanner…

Volunteer Roles:

“Victims” – (need to arrive at 5:30am for moulage) – victims will be moulaged, triaged (assigned degrees of urgency) “on scene,” transported by fire personnel to a waiting bus which will take victims to one of five participating hospitals. Upon arrival at the hospital, victims will be released from the bus in time increments into the hospital. In the hospital victims will run through a hospital process of triage, admittance and discharge. Upon discharge, victims will return to the bus and once the bus has all its passengers it will return to the Majestic Theater where you will have an opportunity to eat lunch and complete evaluations.

“Family Members” – (need to arrive at 6:30am) “family members” will be transported in city vehicles to one of the five participating hospitals to look for their assigned family member. Once you have found your “family member” you will return to the Majestic Theater to eat lunch and complete evaluations.

“Evacuees” – (need to arrive at 7:00am)evacuees will evacuate the Majestic twice; once at 8:00 and again at 8:15 when the actual scenario begins. At 8:00am evacuees will work with Majestic staff to safely evacuate the “damaged” facility, they will return back to the theater, resume their seats and practice the scenario again once the large event “kicks off.” Once evacuees have left the second time they are free to go home, unless they are also acting as family members.

For your safety:

Youth that would like to participate are welcome to do so in one of two capacities; either as victims being transported to Children’s Hospital or as an evacuee. For your safety and the safety of the children participating, we will have police escorts for each of the buses going to the pre-designated hospitals. We will have on and off duty police officers at both the Majestic Theater and the hospitals, as well as riding inside the buses. Although these are highly secure facilities, we want everyone to feel comfortable while participating in this event.


Continental breakfast, coffee and water will be provided in the morning at the Majestic Theater. Box lunches will be provided for victims after they return from the hospitals.



Now this follows an advertisement for crisis actors posted in the Houston area needed for March 4th.  Is this another Mass Casualty Exercise AKA FALSE FLAG as well??


And then there is a call for crisis actors for Louisville, Kentucky that must look young and be discreet… hmmmmm????

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**Special THANKS to Christi Q West and Adrinne Payton for sharing this information.