You can’t be protected from deception unless you know how to recognize the techniques. We need to inform the public about this. [1] #QAnon

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Lies of Omission include:
i. denial
ii. withholding (eg redacting all/part) relevant info info
iii. cherry picking/stacking the information to frame it in a misleading way
iv. to use info out of context
v. to fail to disclose conflict of interest re source etc
Deception by Saturation involve:
👉🏼overwhelming the target population w too much information – most of which cannot be processed in a timely manner (and often charge for it)(A common technique of agencies forced to respond to OIA is to redact &/or use this technique)
Deception by Spin involves twisting/white-washing info; using lies & half truths, & truths out of context etc:
to make it appear
i. something/someone is better than they actually are
ii. not as bad as they are
iii. use of Lesser of 2 Evils or
iv. No alternative argument
This article may (or may not) be relevant to how the Q Phenomenon operates
Note info on HyperGame
K Knowledge
E Empowers
Y You#QAnon

According to this analysis there are 4 strategies of information war (ie propaganda)

There is no doubt there is an Orwellian war on to control information, hence how we think and what we do.


Classical deception/propaganda techniques include:
i. the Lure
ii. the Reptitive Process
iii. the (apparent) unintentional mistake
iv. the “obvious” solution and
v. bad luck and can’t be attributed to anyone (plausible deniability)#QAnon


[1] Ausair Power