A point about Saudi Arabia that should be emphasized.




Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy. In other words, the king is the law. There are three armed forces in Saudi Arabia:

The military (Ministry of Defense).

The Internal Security Forces (Ministry of the Interior).

The Saudi Arabian National Guard (The Ministry of the SANG).

The SANG existed to protect the House of Saud from coups. It was kept separate from the two other armed forces. In about 2003, the Saudis integrated all three armed forces, in the sense that they all train together now and share communications systems. In other words, there could be a coup at any second. What the royal family decided was that they would essentially throw themselves on the mercy of the armed forces. This is actually another brilliant move. The Saudis understand a natural law: The better the soldier, the more humane. By training their armed forces to such a high level, the Saudis accomplished several things simultaneously. They made sure there WOULDN’T be a coup, because a coup can now happen at any time. The armed forces could step in whenever they want. It’s just like in the US. We could have a coup at any time. But we won’t. In fact our armed forces would unite AGAINST a coup. But having such well-trained troops means that future Saudi rulers can’t backslide. Humane troops hate oppression.

I predict that Saudi Arabia will become a constitutional monarchy, either formally or in everything but name. VERY few people can handle absolute power, so the future of the country depends on power sharing. The reason Iran and Turkey have had so many problems is that the leaders imposed secularism by force, violently. It was only a matter of time before the countries reverted. It appears that the Saudis will create a federation, in which the states choose their own religious laws. The new community NEOM is being built AWAY from Riyadh. Thus the religious can continue their lives without being forced into anything. The only way all of this was able to happen was through the election of an American president who agreed to HELP rather than give orders.

By the time Trump finishes his second term, all the changes in the Middle East will set in stone. And that means we can’t go in and create problems anymore. EVEN TODAY, at this very second, which geopolitical and military “experts” are talking about ARABS? It’s all about what the US has to do. Garbage. Ridiculous.

Our role should be to help if asked and to provide momentum by throwing our weight behind various issues. But that’s as far as we should go. The locals know best. They’re proving it every day.

And FINALLY we have a president and a cabinet who accept that the locals know best…

@supersteak asks a question.

CAIRO – 5 March 2018: Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark Diocese praised his meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, pointing out that the Saudi Crown Prince expressed his great appreciation to the Copts.  The Saudi crown prince spoke about his appreciation of the Copts, Tawadros noted, adding that he invited all the Copts to visit Saudi Arabia, especially Pope Tawadros. [1]

Let me explain the process I went through. The Saudis first SAID that they were going to change the world.

Israelis and Saudis Reveal Secret Talks to Thwart Iran In five secret meetings, old foes have planned against a common enemy. [2]

Anyone can SAY anything. So when did I begin to BELIEVE the Saudis? I was ALMOST convinced when THIS happened:

Those are actually Emirati armored vehicles, but the Saudis somehow landed them. To this day, nobody knows how. But the Saudis convinced me in October of 2015. [3] Multiple armed forces began winning effortlessly AND getting the credit. I knew that these armed forces had help. SECRET help. I saw that unbelievably advanced weapons were being used, and I traced them back to Israel. There was only one answer:

The Israelis had made peace with the Gulf Cooperation Council, which then funded Israeli weapon development to the tune of trillions. [4]

Nobody has EVER built up its armed forces to this level and then used these forces to help OTHERS in secret. THAT is proof that the Saudis are sincere. King Faisal essentially overthrew his brother King Saud, because Saud was bankrupting the country by building palaces for himself, etc.


As Crown Prince, Faisal had instituted sweeping reforms, such as allowing the education of women and introducing television. This did not go over well with the strictly religious. As king, Faisal tried to walk a tightrope between modernization and traditionalism. For example, he ordered Saudis to educate their children in the kingdom, and he he cracked down on dissent. Although Faisal reduced the influence of the strictly religious, and he reached out to non-Wahhabists, he supported pan-Islamism and a hedge against pan-Arabism. Faisal’s nephew assassinated him on March 25, 1975. And then in 1979, there was an armed uprising that resulted in the House of Saud embracing the strictest possible interpretations on Islam.


There was a secret plan in action. Hundreds of thousands of Saudis received their educations in the west. Those people educated their children in the west. By 2015, we were into our third generation of Saudis being educated in the west. That was all it took. When the current king began instituting RADICAL reforms, the country was ready. They understood that these ideas are NOT threatening.


I withheld judgment until the Saudis PROVED with their actions that all of this is real. So for me, everything changed in August of 2015. Before August of 2015, I thought the Middle East would be at war forever. NOW, I can see that peace, stability, and freedom are inevitable. They can’t be stopped. The main factor is of course the volition of Middle Easterners. But the SECOND-MOST important factor is Rex Tillerson.


Tillerson is the FIRST Secretary of State who doesn’t try to impose America’s will on the Middle East. He’s the first SecState who has the ego structure that allows him to view all other nations as equally important. Like Trump, Tillerson delegates. The US has delegated the freeing of the Middle East to…Middle Easterners! That idea is so crazy that it just might work!

The reason that this is all going to work is that FINALLY we have benign, altruistic people in charge. They worship improvement. No challenge is too daunting for them, and they will do whatever it takes to succeed. This is a unique era in human history.

Thanks to @JohnZwicker1, I see that my favorite Crown Prince has gone MUCH FURTHER than I thought.


Saudi crown prince shocks Islamists with bold moves in Egypt It is hard to overstate the significance of a hugely symbolic move by the reformist crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (MbS). [5]
“A second dispatch from Al Arabiya includes the crown prince’s invitation to Copts to visit Saudi Arabia. Egypt’s Coptic population is under siege by murderous Islamists, so the signal that they are to be treated as guests is vital.” “Speaking to Egyptian media after the visit the head of the Egyptian church, Pope Tawadros II said: ‘In the name of the Coptic Orthodox church we welcome Prince Mohammed’s visit to his second country Egypt.'”
“Simply stated, MbS is seeking to defang Muslim extremists who seek to destroy Christianity in Arab- and Muslim-majority countries.”
“[NEOM] is planned to be a free city or open city, where Saudis can live a fully modern 21st-century life, freed of religious regulations that will be gradually relaxed elsewhere in the kingdom.”

“In addition, nationals from Jordan, Egypt, and Israel can enter and work there in planned high-technology investments.”

 You read that right. Israelis can live in NEOM.

The only thing missing from the piece is the recognition that the Saudis aren’t trying to persuade anyone. MbS’s visit and invitation to the Copts means that they’re now under the protection of Saudi Arabia. People who mess with the Copts are going to die. The Saudis keep almost all of their military capabilities secret. We don’t even know the full capabilities of their conventional forces.

The Saudi Border Guards have fixed-wing gunships.

 Not only that, the gunships have twin automatic cannons.

These are two simultaneous impacts.

There’s literally no way to determine the aircraft firing those cannons. Saudi Arabia is leakproof. I tried for three years to figure out what those aircraft are. Every theory I had ran into a brick wall. Somehow the Saudis acquired and use fixed-wing turboprop gunships without anyone outside of Saudi Arabia knowing what the hell they are.

MbS is a reformer, BUT. It’s clear that he HATES abuse and savagery. We’re now at the point where those who insist on causing trouble get dead REALLY fast.

Russian military transport plane crashes in Syria, killing all 39 on board Thirty-nine people were killed when a Russian transport plane crashed while trying to land at Hmeimin air base in northwest Syria on Tuesday, Russian state media reported. [6]
The era of warnings is over. Now, it’s “Clean up your act or die.” The fact that Saudi Arabia is inviting Israelis to leave in NEOM means that the Saudis are VASTLY more powerful than they appear.

You what’s really amazing? The Saudis won’t tell us when MbS was born. One account has him born in 1989. That would mean he’s 29 years old. They’re concealing his age because he’s much younger than we thought. What an amazing man.

What an amazing PEOPLE…


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