URGENT OIG Executive Director of Intelligence Committee was fired last week? Chuck Grassley had requested preservation of documents and there’s concern of both intimidation and retaliation against whistleblowers?


1/2012 – [email protected]: An Advocate For Whistleblowers

Becoming a whistleblower is often a risky and difficult path for federal employees, and so is finding the truth and protecting those who have exposed wrongdoing from being fired, punished or harassed.

Dan Meyer, director of civilian reprisal investigations with the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Defense (DOD), took the job of protecting whistleblowers to new and often perilous territory — the Pentagon’s intelligence and counterintelligence communities and the murky world of top secret or “black” programs.

Dan is pretty fearless. He has the strength to go up against others at the highest level based on the strength of his convictions.” – David Ingram

In January 2004, Meyer was hired by the DOD inspector general to create a new program to protect the whistleblowing relied upon during national security and procurement fraud investigations. Since then, Meyer and his team have focused on helping federal employees in the intelligence and counterintelligence fields, especially those whose security clearances were alleged to have been revoked or changed due to their whistle-blowing. He also has handled cases of whistleblowers having their security clearance and access threatened for revealing procurement fraud. [1]


U.S. Intelligence Shuts Down Damning Report on Whistleblower Retaliation A top watchdog investigated 190 cases of alleged retaliation against 2whistleblowers—and found that intelligence bureaucrats only once ruled in favor of the whistleblower. [2]
This office was doing independent review of Boston marathon bombing and HILLARY CLINTON EMAIL 🔥he was allegedly put on leave but Grassley’s letter indicates he’s now been fired
Appears to be Dan Meyer. Chuck Grassley immediately sent requests, appears his instinct was correct. What’s going on at ODNIgov??
To be clear this is NOT Horowitz this is a different department. The letter is requesting documents be preserved for incoming IG who has been nominated and favorably reviewed. Grassley appears to see firing as possible intimidation.

More background. Who is Sue Gordon? 🔎

Whistleblower Advocates Defend Embattled Intelligence Ombudsman Groups ask that Dan Meyer not be fired until a new intel community IG is sworn in.  [3]
For the haters and the hawks 😉 [4]
This was Meyer’s letter in November.
Here is Chuck Grassley original letter as suspected it’s to Chuck Stone also says McCullough and Johnson were reported to be interfering in whistleblowing 🎯 [5]

Replying to

Meyer blew the whistle on the systemic failure of the IG of the intelligence community to execute Presidential Policy Directive-19 – the directive establishing the rules for IC whistleblowing and source protection. Meyer was rewarded with a negative performance evaluation.

In other words he was a whistleblower exposing to Intell oversight that his new boss, Acting IG Wayne Stone, who replaced outgoing IG Charles McCullough, was deliberately failing to protect whistleblowers and was fired for trumped up charges as retaliation. That’s also damn interesting since Wayne Stone *personally* killed the damning IC IG report on failures to protect whistleblowers that Meyers and McCullough wrote in six months leading to McCulloughs leaving. And ponder for a sec that Wayne Stone came from DIA, who has serious issues w failure to protect whistleblowers & actually hiding criminal acts by DIA personnel. Wonder what was in that McCullough/Meyers report on IC whistleblowers?

I doubt you’ll find out. The lack of concern about and outright enabling of WB retaliation by SSCI and HPSCI means there is no safe avenue for disclosure. Want to know why nobody talked about Obama spying and FBI corruption? Bc (because) there never were any WB (whistle blower) protections.