Draining the Swamp, Swallowing the “Patience” Pills and Experiencing Exceeding Expectations

For my not quite yet awake friends that don’t have a clue what’s going on…

The boards are being shilled pretty hard today with people questioning #QanonPosts. I’d like to interrupt your normally scheduled programming with the following:

The swamp is being drained. See the list of accomplishments below, corruption at this scale takes time.

  • There was a massive roundup of Saudi elites, including Al-Waleed bin Talal, notable for his endless meddling in US affairs and membership in the cabal. All were neutered.
  • ISIS is on it’s last breath. Why? Saudi purge? Who else funds ISIS? See how fast they disappeared once their funding was cut? Imagine the intricate planning needed to cut those strings.
  • North Korea suddenly wants to make deals & negotiate denuclearization. Did this happen by accident? The same strings being cut with ISIS were cut here, they are in survival mode, North Korea Talks are a total capitulation, we just need to let Kim Jong Un save face.
  • Look at how many people in Hollywood have been outed, and I don’t mean the phony metoo movement, I mean Weinstein being outed 5 days after Hefner died. I expect the rest to be exposed soon enough. Major swamp here.
  • Look at all the resignations from top corporate positions (more than 1000). Definitely not a normal occurrence. Schmidt was the biggest scalp, and now Blankfein at Goldman Sachs is leaving on the heels of Gary Cohn out of the POTUS administration? Coincidence?
  • Have you ever seen so many people in Congress either resign or not seek another term in office? Big time Draining The Swamp happening here. RINO John McCain will be soon. Many are leaving quietly, don’t be fooled by that.
  • The veil is being lifted on the MSM. Every day we are more and more aware of how fake the news is, and how it’s controlled. Fake News and the Fake News Media are dying. Proof? Ratings. POTUS has been hammering them daily, and it’s working. Disconnect from legacy media.
  • Massive corruption at the FBI and DOJ is being exposed. The release the memo moment was only the start. The OIG Report is going to drop soon. Many of the evil doers are already named. Don’t be fooled by the lack of indictment. The report is the key. IG
  • Slowly traction is developing on an Internet Bill Of Rights. The IBOR is fundamental to free flow of information, so that it cannot be suppressed and people cannot be deliberately misinformed by mega corporations engaging in political activism.
  • MS13 is finally a focus area. We learned from the Politico expose about how Obama let Hezbollah run wild, and got in cahoots with MS-13. More will come out, but we know a lot already.
  • Human Trafficking arrests are way up under POTUS. Thousands of kids have been rescued worldwide.
  • Related to Human Trafficking and Child Trafficking, the real Donald Trump executive order seizing assets was signed, and is currently in effect. While information on actual seizures is scarce, it stands to reason the order is being used.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is currently under investigation for CORRUPTION, and it’s anticipated his, and his cronies, connections to the Rothschild family will come to light. Also, no coincidence that the embassy is being moved to Jerusalem.
  • Per PACER searches, the number of sealed indictments have been increasing almost daily. On average, there have historically been about 1 to 2 thousand sealed indictments at any moment, since POTUS took office, that number has rocketed to 18,500! That’s a massive number.
  • The truth about Las Vegas Shooting is starting emerge. More will follow.
  • DOJ and other agency investigations are now open into:
    • FISA abuse
    • Clinton Foundation
    • Leaking
    • Fast And Furious
    • FBI corruption
    • Awan Brothers
    • Planned Parenthood
    • Elections
    • DOD audit
    • And many more

Taking down corruption at this unprecedented level is an incredibly complex task. Has POTUS failed to live up to any of his campaign promises? Did he promise to Drain The Swamp? How much more evidence do you need? It’s happening.

This operation was on a global level, and all safeguards had to be put in place first, all strings cut, all DUMBs destroyed, all escape routes battened down, etc. Only get one shot at this, and gotta do it right.

The “patience pill” has been hard to swallow for almost all of us. I do think, however, that an undertaking this massive has to take time to get all of the pieces set and strategies planned.

This storm won’t have been implemented the way we wanted or imagined, but so much better, and we will look back mesmerized at what we just witnessed and how it was done will still exceed our expectations.