“After More Than A Year Of Wins In Office, Can Progressives Finally Admit Why They Hate Donald Trump?”

If you are against Donald Trump, at this point, this is who you’re aligned with:

1) Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Dutch Royal Shell, The Bank of England and the other owners of our Federal Reserve, who supported Hillary, and who don’t like Trump because he understands that private banks lending our money to us – at interest – securitized by treasury bonds, is a scam.

2) A Pope who protected (failed to prosecute) hundreds of institutional child molesters, and who – despite living behind 200′ walls, purports to shame *you* about taking in ISIS-containing, mostly-male, ‘refugees’ (failed Jihadists whose ass Putin kicked, from Saudi Arabia and Iraq – look it up).

3) The National Review and George Will. Lyndsey Graham. Mitch McConnel. Paul Ryan. John McCain. Mitt Romney. RINO republicans. The Koch Brothers – perennial villains for the Left. Yeah, you’re with them, not with ->Her->.

4) The IMF/Worldbank. The international ‘wing’ of the Federal Reserve.

5) Vincente Fox, who lost his country (after it was disarmed) to X-13, Senaloa Cartel, Cali Cartel, and Los Zetas. 200,000 dead in the past few years. Sounds charming. Yeah, bring that here, please.

6) Warhawks who made 95% of the 6 trillion dollars spent on pointless wars in the Middle East, under Obama and Bush. Trump was against the Iraq war. Trump’s defense spending is not for new wars; it’s to prevent them and going toward troop wage increases and safer (non-China steel) vehicles and materiel.

7) A globalist shill ex-president who would drone-strike wedding parties to kill ISIS with 3% effectiveness, who toppled secular regimes through overt and covert means (Ghadaffi, Arab Spring), who believed in secretive trade agreements, who enriched insurance companies with Obamacare, who doubled black unemployment, who never saw a single year of 3 percent GDP, who unquestionably gave political cover to badly-behaving groups, and who abused executive privilege for carbon regulations and immigration. He compared the NSA to ‘Paul Revere’, and constantly pressed ‘wedge’ issues of guns and race (and flags and bathrooms) to divide us. He elevated poverty and welfare levels, and oversaw the highest number of non-working Americans in 40 years. He had 20 people step down amid constant scandals, and a list of crimes that remain unprosecuted. He – ironically – persecuted the press more than any other president (1917 Espionage Act), and surveiled and persecuted his political opponents (with the IRS), blocked his records and has a phony birth certificate. Obama has systematically exported American wealth and power, and elevated radical Islam. He gave money to state sponsors of terror (Iran) and set the world on fire. You’re with him.

8) The Bush Family and ‘baby Bushes’, including Cruz, Rubio. The Bush family has a criminal past that goes back to Zapata Oil and Nazi gold. Look into it. Skull and Bones, CIA, three different answers to where HW was when JFK was killed. W and Cheney quarterbacking the absurd narrative of 9/11 and HW talking incessantly about a New World Order.

9) The Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky. Basically, weaponized culture. A Cloward-Piven attempt to implode the west, and to use infiltration and deceit to do it. You find marginalized losers, foment them, attribute it not to their efforts but ‘The System’ and try to ‘equalize’ things (position government as referee/controller) without the loser people having to do anything more/different to attain success. Diabolical, but appealing to social justice warriors.

10) Socialists and social justice warriors. We haven’t seen a version of socialism work, yet. And social justice warriors want to ban anything that hurts their feelings, including Ann Coulter.

11) Jobs. The news never reports this big win, under Trump. When they are forced to, they try to credit it to Obama, though they credit Obama – paradoxically – with fixing Bush’s mistakes during his own watch. By their logic, Bush’s problems were Bill Clintons, and Bush fixed the mortgage crisis during Obama’s term(s).

12) Companies repatriating their corporations and war chests.

13) Having a border.

14) National pride.

15) Vetting systems for people who hail from dangerous places.

16) ISIS.

17) The TPP.

18) European terror attacks. Merkel and May and Macron helping people whose native regions are no longer at war.

19) Pedophile criminals who flew on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ multiple times, like the Clintons.

20) You are FOR 500 regulatory agencies running this country, who now regularly seize private property and arrested political opponents of the president (Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Carson, Roger Stone); you are FOR the Senior Executive Service and unelected and opaque federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies (who kill sovereign leaders and embroil us in phony wars). You are for Mockingbird Media, like WaPo and the NY Times and CNN.


Trump is besieged by the Establishment on *all sides*, including the political class, their banker/globalist owners, the mainstream media, and their minions, including angry feminists, race-baiters, misled Hollywood activists, foreign leaders, big technology (Google hiding Hillary’s crimes; Facebook censoring).

Trump hasn’t rounded up Latin grandmas. In fact, he wants an immigration deal; he offered a DACA deal, which was turned down. He’s been going after Sinaloa Cartel, and if you have an issue with that (Oakland’s Mayor), you’re FOR Kate Steinle’s murderer going free.

Noodle Salad Americana (Trump) isn’t a racist. Borders are not racist. Safety from potential terrorists is not racist. Empowered men who aren’t cowed and broken aren’t oppressing you.

The world was not on fire because of working people in ‘red states’. Look at California; it’s best days were when it was red. Progressive policies are stopping dams and bridges and roads and power plants and resorvoirs from being maintained as money goes to social welfare programs; the high taxes and regulation run off business.

On the environment; all I’ll say is CO2 soda gas (which you are exhaling right now) is not raising ocean levels. Lots of manipulated NOAA data and ClimateGate; the Paris Climate Accord was simply a way to help China and Mexico and hurt the US. That’s why they’re saying global warming is on ‘pause’. It’s a hoax. The Antarctic ice shelf is so big you can barely squeeze a ship through it.

The world was not incidentally on fire under Obama; it was set fire, and Trump is going after the arson(s).

So, if you *still* don’t get MAGA or Q Anon, and hate Trump – despite his wins and proven political gifts – if you don’t care that your 401 has doubled in value, admit to yourself that you don’t have a good reason for your hatred, and can’t explain it. Nothing he could do would mollify that hatred.

He hurt you, somehow, but you can’t articulate it. Sure, Hollywood did worse to women, but they get a pass. Frankel and Rangel get a pass.

I can tell you why you hate Trump.


You hate Trump because he killed Political Correctness.

An empowered, white, man rolled the ‘victim narrative’, and that was unforgivable. Liberals abandoned principles of being pro-jobs, anti-war and pro-civil rights for a pretty black Manchurian Candidate president. Anything – as long as they got to continue to assuage undeserved white guilt, programmed into them through our broken public education system.

Trump has received awards from Rosa Parks and Jessie Jackson, Jr, for hiring black people. He’s reportedly allowed a homeless black woman to reside in Trump tower, rent free, for years. He was mentioned in 89 rap songs; he’s an American Boy Scout Gangster, the kind of guy who *bullies the bullies*.

Maybe you were wrong about him, and it’s time to look into why being an affirmative action ANYTHING (Political Correctness) was so important to you.

Written by: Peter Huxley

Peter Huxley is a bi-racial (black and white) libertarian who made the long physical and ideological journey from Oakland, California, where he worked in the tech and supported Obama, to the Coastal South, where he hopes to develop real estate and voted for Trump. He made thousands of Facebook posts trying to wake up others in the Great Meme War of 2016, during the US election. Peter offers a unique perspective, being of two races, and having traversed the political (and geographical, and employment) continuum from Occupy Wall Street to the TEA Party. Peter is an Alex Jones listener and marketing consultant, and contributes cultural, historical, and economic commentary.