Approximately 17 hours after the 2,232-page bill was released, the House of Representatives passed the bill 256–167 on March 22. The Senate passed the bill 65–32 after midnight on March 23.

General appropriations

  • The bill funds the federal government through September 30, 2018.


  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration budget is increased by $234 million, including $20 million for disaster assistance to fisheries and $65 million for the salmon recovery program along the Pacific coast.

Department of Defense

  • The bill increased the budget of the Department of Defense by $61 billion. Military employees will receive an increase in pay of 2.4 percent.

Domestic aid

  • The bill authorizes $74 billion for the adult Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.


  • The bill gives $300 million for cleaning of the Great Lakes, particularly to prevent invasive Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes by building new barriers and improving existing barriers.

Foreign aid

  • The Palestinian Authority is ineligible from receiving federal funds unless the Palestinian Authority stops providing stipends to Palestinians imprisoned in Israel for attacking Israel or people in Israel.

Homeland security

  • The bill includes $1.6 billion for Mexico–United States border wall, less than the $25 billion sought by the Trump administration.  The funding is largely restricted to upgrading existing fencing and planning and design.


  • Broadband internet will be extended to certain counties in central Appalachia by way of $10 million of funding.

Law enforcement

  • The bill amends the Stored Communications Act of 1986 to allow United States authorities to use warrants and subpoenas to require United States-based service providers to provide requested data stored on computer servers regardless of whether the servers are located within the United States or elsewhere. The bill also instructs the executive branch of the federal government to end mutual legal-assistance treaties with foreign governments.

Science and medical research

  • The bill provided the largest increase in research funding in a decade, rejecting deep cuts requested by the Trump administration.
  • The bill includes funding for the National Institutes of Health’s research into opioids, the Centers for Disease Control’s programs for overdose prevention and monitoring, improving access to treatment for people in rural areas who are addicted to opioids, and the development of a protocol to notify medical facilities about patients’ previous opioid use.

Visas and immigration

  • The bill authorizes an additional 60,000 H-2B visas to be issued each year.  H-2B visas allow foreign workers to work in the United States on a one-time, seasonal, peakload, or intermittent basis.
  • The bill extends the EB-5 program, which allows a foreign individual to immigrate and receive a green card if the person invests at least $1 million in a business in the United States that will employ at least 10 people.
  • The EB-4 program is extended, which allows certain religious workers to immigrate and live permanently in the United States.
  • The bill extends the Conrad 30 Waiver Program, which allows certain foreign physicians in family medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, internal medicine, or psychiatry to remain in the United States to work in an area with a shortage of physicians, rather than be required to leave the country at the end of their medical residency training.
  • The E-Verify program is extended for three years. E-Verify is a website by the Department of Homeland Security that allows businesses to verify the employment eligibility of their employees.






All right. So here’s what’s going on.

All your questions answered.

This is why Trump signed the omnibus spending bill.

A round table discussion in Paris on Middle Eastern security has seen a speech by the commander-in-chief of the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.
General Ahmed Assiri insisted Saudi Arabia’s only aim was to bring stability to Yemen.
The agreement that we have with our friends in Washington is that we will continue to work together for the stability of the region against what terrorist groups, extremists or those countries who have ideologies that they export beyond their borders. We need to implement the international law, respect sovereignty of countries, respect internal, domestic issues for countries and work between countries as states,” he said.
This is a fight that has been going on now for three years, we are talking about 10.000 people killed, three million deplaced, millions suffering of disease. Why is this conflict dragging on since even the crown prince said that Iran is not a rival to Saudi Arabia?” asks Euronews’ Anelise Borges Andrade.
This is once again why we work against countries who work through militias, this is the result of working with militias and we need the international community to feel this pressure. Areas that continue to admit militias into a country will drag other countries in as a result,” he insisted.[3]

The final sentence of the article…

“Assiri was with the crown prince in the states last week where they got Trump’s support for the offensive against Iran, for their operation in Yemen and the rest.”

“Offensive against IRAN.”  So regime change in Iran is on.  Our military must now train like maniacs.  We’ll be working closely with the Iranians and their Arab allies.  THAT is why we wiped out the Russian unit in Syria.  We had to show the Iranians that we’re serious.

Trump is slapping China with all sorts of penalties.  Why?  Because we don’t need their help in dealing with North Korea.  H. R. McMaster is an expert on North Korea.

In April and September of 2017, the USS Jimmy Carter returned to port flying the Jolly Roger, indicating the successful completion on combat missions.

The Carter patrols the Pacific and specializes in inserting and removing special-warfare units.

Trump has agreed to a face-to-face meeting with Kim Jong-un.  ALL American presidents refused to do so, because that would show Asia that we consider North Korea an equal.  Everything adds up: We’ve destroyed the North Korean nuclear capabilities.  And now Trump is reaching out.  We used Rods From God.

One of the bombardments killed Kim’s entire nuclear-weapons unit.


So North Korea has surrendered.  McMaster resigned, because he won.  Now he goes back to the army.

Enter John Bolton, a guy who has balls of steel.  Regime change in Iran will require balls of steel.  Ergo, John Bolton.

Trump wrote this.

That means the mullahs will be gone by September.  Also Hezbollah.

There’s talk that Trump will use funds from the omnibus to build the border wall.  Well, I suppose it’s possible, but the wall pales into nonexistence compared to everything else that Trump is accomplishing.  Besides, we’re doing pretty well without the wall.

During fiscal year 2017, there were a total of 310,531 apprehensions by U.S. Border Patrol nationwide. That’s the lowest its been in at least 17 years.
Of those apprehensions, nearly 98 percent were along the Southwest border. Apprehensions are used as an indicator to measure illegal border crossings.

By the end of the fiscal year, Border Patrol apprehended 75,622 family members and 41,435 children.
“We remain concerned about the steady increase in the flow of unaccompanied children and family units from Central America,” Vitiello said. [5]

Since wall-heads are never satisfied, and since they’re angry no matter what, my guess is that Trump has something ELSE up his sleeve.

Before the midterms, I think we’re going to learn a hell of a lot about Democrat criminality.  On a level that nobody anticipated.  Trump will GO THERE.

Trump sent this message to the Iranians.

Thus, as I always knew, Trump has everything under control.  He used the wall to distract.  We’ve defeated North Korea in combat. They’ve surrendered.  The mullahs and Hezbollah are next on the assembly line.  Or DIS-assembly line.

Best president in American history.  When you see the big picture, you don’t let piss-ant bloggers and pundits get you down…

ADDENDUM: I forgot to add this:

In September–after the mullahs are gone–Trump will have the giant showdown with the swamp.

THAT’S when he’ll veto everything until they give him what he wants.  He hasn’t done it YET, because we needed this time to prepare for regime change in Iran…

ADDENDUM TWO: I got yer wall!



That piece is from July 19, 2017.

“And at the end of a long and exhausting day (and story), that means Pentagon money can be used to construct a border wall.”

Thus we have THIS:

Trump: Border wall construction will start on Monday

Although the White House requested $25 billion in funding for wall construction, lawmakers included just $1.6 billion in the final version of their omnibus. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) [7]

“President Trump said Friday that construction of his promised border wall would start ‘immediately’ after signing the omnibus spending bill, which included $1.6 billion in funding for the wall.”

“‘We’re going to be starting work literally on Monday,’ Trump said during an event Friday at the White House. ‘We have a lot of money coming to the border.'”


I told you: When Democrats gloat, it means they’re about to get reamed.

For ONCE, Republicans played the game the way Democrats do.



And here is more on the wall……


Brilliant theory being discussed on the boards: The military are now funded… to build a defensive wall along Southern border.

A wall planned using the US Army Corps of Engineers. Their logo? Q posted RED_CASTLE 1 hour before POTUS went on TV.

By having the military build the wall, there is no need for Swamp Creature subcontractors and kickback Rats, so who cares if the full wall is not funded?  POTUS may have just checkmated the Democrats.


POTUS’s favorite wall sample was from a small company that could not do it on it’s own. How could a little company would be able to fulfill such a contract? It doesn’t have to. It will receive compensation for the design concept.

Army Corps of Engineers will build it – and save a ton of money in the process. And now all the disgusting pig lobbyists can look on and witness a Very Stable Genius at work.

US Army Corp of Engineers HQ

USACEHQ mission and usage:

  • Nation’s environmental engineer
  • Owns and operates more than 600 dams
  • Maintains 926 harbors
  • Supports Army and Air Force installations
  • Provides technical and construction support to 100 countries
  • Army military construction programs
  • Much more…

Is Q definitely referring to the Army Corp of Engineers? Above we see the red castle logo.

Where is a field office located? Greencastle IN. No coincidences.

Need more proof?

January 2017

Trump team discussing border wall with Army Corps, Interior Department






Did POTUS just pull a master stroke? Share this with all our friends, some of them are feeling a bit down today, like they were sold out. Donald Trump hasn’t broken a promise yet.

I’m pretty confident we’re going to get the wall.

Addendum: oops! forgot the Army Corps of Engineers… RED_CASTLE

Addendum pt 2: We were right anons! POTUS outwitted Democrats. Classified as national defense project built by Military as Q said.

We’ll never see another president like this in our lifetimes. 



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