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Posted By: Watchman
Date: Sunday, 25-Mar-2018 14:31:32

We are under a state of “DECLARED NATIONAL EMERGENCY”, People.

People and alt-right personalities whining about Trump signing “The Budget Bill” and ‘betraying his base’ need to take time out to change their diapers, and perhaps get a different pair of glasses while they are at it.

It is just part of the plan. DJT did not ‘cave’. It is essentially an act of rope-a-dope. WTFU, and grow up while you are at it.

YES there is a plan. Has been for a long while. It DID NOT geta setback, rather–it got a big boost.

IT’s an OMNIBUS plan, NOT a standard Budget plan. The Reason that it is not a BUDGET plan is simply, because, DJT has previously declared by XO that we are in a state of National Emergency. A budget means business as usual. A time of ‘national emergency’ and martial law IS NOT ‘business as usual’. The omnibuss plan is simply a ‘wish list’.

This means that DJT can determine WHEN the actual expenditures can be made based on National needs of security (think wall) and justice (think deepstate crimes) among other things (like planned parenthood). He can use this to abate such things as deepstate diversions and ‘riot’ organization. IOW he simply asks “Do we need this at this time of national emergency?”

So, buckle in and just watch, because indeed things are speeding up as the White Hat plan is in full roll.

STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS…because deep state is in panic mode. They know what their fate is to be. Many are detained (indicted–which means they are essentially ALREADY in a prison where their freedom of travel is both monitored and limited. Right now, they are limited to social and static responses such as media, marches and other SJW pranks.
Should it become more kinetic, such as riots, antifa and blm, obozo’s army would be squashed like a bug…There is already declared Martial Law, National Emergency, remember? But still, they may try… STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS.

I have collected the following group of articles and posted with some comments between them. The reader should quickly see the continuity of progress on killing the deep state is NOT a Trump innovation, and that “Lock ’em up” has been determined AND planned IN GREAT DETAIL by the few white hats in .MIL as well as the few trusted white hats in Intel for a LONG Time. A LONG, LONG time.

As with any long term plan, there are things which need to be used, things that need to be altered, sub plans for deep state roadblocks, plans for social (SJW) control, and plans for security of mission (Media)… IOW “staged” implementation. Think “Q” (stage 5:5 post)? Five out of 5…

Stage 1: So the FIRST stage had to begin with a powerful white hat leader. Enter from stage right, DJT.

OF COURSE– DJT was selected by them as the one to pull the trigger BECAUSE he was not in any way, shape or form a politician with deep state baggage. He was/is an obvious patriot, Christian, but most of all willing to restore Constitutional fairness. (Stage 1) COMPLETED

Stage 2: Restore the Concept of the founding principles.. Eliminate/force out of power deep state holdovers wherever possible. Restore respect to the Military, replace key people in cabinet positions with white hats, replace corrupt judges, expose many of the rest to judicial punishment. (stage 2 pretty much completed –(at least we know who most of them are) Which is why “lock em up, they are guilty” has been the cry for quite a while. Hang on, children…we know they are guilty,—BUT the deep state lawyers would have them out on bail in 15 minutes. This would last 25 years of corrupt court fights. That’s not justice…so–

Stage 3: Declare A “NATIONAL emergency” and Martial Law.

This places the Military and the UCMJ (Universal Code of Military Justice) as the LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL means of true JUSTICE. Fast. In accord with the declaration, place impediments to travel to restrict the fleeing of the deep state rats, such as mysterious airport closings and operations, turning flights around, etc. if necessary. Seize/lock funds of obvious corrupt players. Completed

Stage 4: Meanwhile – Go after the low hanging fruit such as MS-13 and other gangs, sex traffickers, dope peddlers, enablers such as CEO’s with their corrupt schemes. Hollywood, Disney, Google, Facebook, etc… And, Imprison the real deep state enablers temporarily with multi thousands of “Sealed Indictments”. As long as the indictments remain sealed, their money and lawyers, as well as the corrupt media can do nothing… but wait for the sword of Damocles to fall. In progress, and
Getting near completion, because stage 5, the final onslaught against the deep state has been announced.
You cant lock up rich powerful corrupters until you have a place to put them, where their money don’t work, and their lawyers have to stay in military barracks until their clients trial comes up.

We have been waiting for the ticket punch line for a while.

Stage 5: Now, as promised, here is a review of just how long these plans have been laid. Enter CAMP JUSTICE, Aka Gitmo…
The White Hats knew from the beginning that the monstrous construction at GITMO would take a lot of work, attract a lot of attention, and have to be done quickly. DJT fits well here, because he is a master at solving construction problems. He has done that all his successful life,

Read and THINK….quit listening to the hand wringing charlatans shouting that the sky is falling and that Trump has been outflanked by signing a stupid budget bill. WAKE UP… The roses never smelled sweeter. [1]

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Here’s a breakdown of the known lockups and other buildings:  Camp X-Ray, Camp Delta, also known as Camps 1-2-3, Navy Base Brig, Camp Echo, Camp 4, Camp 5, Camp 5 Echo, Camp Five Physical Therapy Building, Camp 6, Camp 7, Camp Iguana, Behavioral Health Unit, Detention Center Headquarters, Camp Justice  [3]

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