“When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions” -Shakespeare

You’ve heard the name a lot lately it’s “MI6” and one of its former spies compiled the Trump Dossier but perhaps we’ve forgotten our history with them? Hint: WMD’s

In 2003 an American whistle blower from the U.N named Scott Ritter came forward and claimed that MI6 had a campaign to exaggerate the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. it was called Operation Mass Appeal and it’s intent was to “shake up public opinion”
Operation Mass Appeal depended on using non-actionable intelligence and spoon feeding it to the media. It was a disinformation campaign run by MI6 against Iraq. In 1998 it was leaked to press in Washington and then suddenly vanished.
The same year it leaked Democrats began rumbling about WMD’s urging Bill Clinton to take action against Iraq. In the U.K a British Ambassador to Egypt worked closely with MI6 to ensure it had a successful effect on public opinion.
Jump to 2002 and we now have Operation Rockingham again run by MI6, the idea was to “Cherry Pick” intelligence, leak false information to the press about WMD’s then use said press to force inspections, THEY FOUND NOTHING.
Perhaps you’ve heard of Dr. David Kelly, they depended on him as a weapons inspector to confirm WMD’s in Iraq the day before he “died” he admitted his role in Operation Rockingham if your gut tells you he was murdered, you are correct though never officially noted.
In 2002 Tony Blair presented (drum roll) the Iraq Dossier which appears to have relied on the information first obtained in Operation Mass Appeal later reports would even say the MI6 spies sought revenge against Hussein because he’d made them look like fools.
So Tony Blair flew to meet with Bush, they both knew the intel was flimsy at best but Tony Blair’s secretary had sexed it up bit, changing words here and there enough to make it more believable and let’s face it, he wanted it to be true WMD’s were real.
By the time Iraq Dossier made it to our intel agencies we were soon told it had the “backing of all 15 U.S intel agencies” (sound familiar?) in reality only ONE American had interviewed the source and said he was a drunk. CIA told him the war was happening regardless WMD.
Operation Mass Appeal and Opperation Rockingham had worked the Iraq Dossier was given a stamp of approval by Blair and Bush, and CIA has gobbled up what MI6 fed them Iraq had WMD’s except they all knew it wasn’t true.
What did Hussein have to say about it? He said it was lie, that he didn’t have any WMD’s but that he would die by his country, the disinfo campaign would continue and we all know how it ended. Iraq Dossier.
Meanwhile MI6 has made a deal with Gaddafi – long story short he got rid of his WMD’s and they would do the dirty work, at some point CIA joined. Perhaps it went awry when Clinton came around.
We know from documents found after his death that Gaddafi had abandoned any WMD or nuclear ambitions, in fact he’d panicked that U.S would turn their wrath on his country. While he’s no saint, perhaps he never stood a chance because he knew how much MI6 & CIA had done.
By the way Gaddafi also denied the claims made against him and he had quite the message about what the future would hold if he were attacked. Spoiler alert: he was right 😳 Libya. Cut to: 2015 and what do you know, British intelligence is first to report Trump ties to Russia 😅 knowing what we do now about MI6 and CIA any clear thinking American should at least be suspicious?
Now entering the stage is Fusion GPS who hired Orbis where Christopher Steele AND Christopher Burrows (who no one talks about?) both former MI6 agents. Bush is familiar is MI6, Clinton is familiar with MI6.
PS- The only reason we actually know they are both MI6 is because of a leaked document from 1999 that the UK tried to have taken off the internet. Steele worked for Russia and Burrows- Berlin, Bonn & Athens.
So it begins, the modus operandi we’re now so familiar with, as with Operation Rockingham we have an Ambassador from the U.K, we have the head of GCHQ handing intel directly to CIA.
We also have Christopher Steele “leaking to press” and Fusion GPS paying the press. If we’ve learned anything from the past, this is a method used to then have media sensationalize then use those reports to investigate….
How do we know Christopher Steele and Christopher Burrows are EX MI6? After they were outed via leaked documents did we assume they no longer were? Why did their report make it directly into hands of top officials? Why did the UK ask press not to report?
Oh and as we know Putin denies it, he has many times actually and he even says something interesting he refers in the plural to people who provide this kind of info, does he know?
Will we ever know exactly what has happened or when we’ve lied to by Intelligence agencies? Probably not but we should learn from history and be lead blindly into what we’re being force fed. MI6.
Moral of the story is: let’s not fall for s**t we’re force fed, we’ve done it before and it’s cost hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, so who benefits?