I would love for Josh Meyer , who wrote the Project Cassandra investigative report, to get together with Luke Rosiak and compare notes on a *possible* local link to Hezbollah funded car dealership owned by criminal House IT staffers. Anyone talk to Khattak?


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House IT Aides Ran Car Dealership With Markings Of A Nefarious Money Laundering Operation. Where did the Awans’ millions go? [1]
Anyone check out link between the other dealerships the Awan’s took cars from, VIN numbers, where they ended up, etc? There’s something odd about government employees owning a used car dealership funded by a wanted fugitive whose money manager lives in Virginia and works directly with Awan’s. Something odd about the Manitoba Drive apartments where the Awan’s have all lived, as well as their extended family, business associates, friends, and West Africans who have ties to car theft and shipments to West Africa. There’s more to this story. Directly tied to the government.

For more on the IGNORED Awan Brothers Pakistani criminal network that infiltrated government and illegally breached Congressional Democrat networks… refresh your memories with the following threads. [2]

It’s not just the Awan’s. They have friends and other family members involved and STILL working for federal government and contractors. [3]

Still waiting for DHS to answer Chuck Grassley letter asking about their immigration status and security clearance. You’d think national security would be a priority when a criminal network has years and years worth of government data. [4]

While everyone focuses on Facebook and stupid “mind control” by Russian trolls, I’d think Awan’s would be a bigger priority considering what they had access to. Remember PTECH scandal after 9/11? It’s eerily similar. [5]

I guess stealing government iPads and iPhones and sending them to Paki police and government officials is normal. [6]

Anyone know why some dude from the UAE is loaning the Awan’s $28,000? This would be a very easy case for @USAO_DC [7]

The Justice Dept to investigate and prosecute. All the work is already done for them. What’s the point of OIG report if nothing is done when conclusions show massive cyber breach and theft of government documents and equipment? Maybe Speaker Ryan and Nancy Pelosi can tell us why they ignored the Awan’s and are still covering it up. They knew before election.

House Report Concluded Pakistanis Made ‘Unauthorized Access’ To Congressional Servers  ‘Classic method for insiders to exfiltrate data’  [8]

Project Cassandra report it talks about Ukraine-based arms merchant suspected of being a Hezbollah operative moving large amounts of weapons to Syria. I wonder if Abid Awan’s Ukrainian wife Nataliia Sova knew him? It’s odd she has no footprint in the USA until she married Abid. Speaking of Nataliia and Abid, why did they use name OMAR Awan? Is Omar short for Abid? No. Didn’t other staffers who just met them and friends with them on Facebook find that odd? Why do legal documents use both Omar & Abid? Can I use a nickname on legal docs? [9]

Nataliia had a lot going on huh? Why so many LLCs tied to cars? Why lie about additional income? If she or Abid weren’t earning income from these LLCs, what was their purpose?
I think Nasir Khattak needs to be paid a visit. Well known guy. Organized numerous special events at UN and participates in international events on Climate Change and renewable energy. Why is a guy tied to a Hezbollah fugitive & criminal House IT staffers ignored?
I also find it unsettling that the dealership located in same space as Awan’s old dealership, that was giving Awan’s cars/plates to use, has their servers run by Ejaz Abassi who uses a virtual office address that many other companies tied to government agencies do. What goes on there?
Good ole Ejaz Abbasi. I wonder if he’s friends with Haseeb Rana? Both at Northern Virginia Community College. WTF did Haseeb do for Defense & Space????
I don’t know why people don’t find this REALLLLY disturbing. How do these people end up working in government? I wonder if our alphabet agencies know.
🤔Probably. Seems like something our intel agencies would do. Spy and collect data on our own people and use against us. [10]
Hey Josh Meyer, during your Project Cassandra investigation did you ever look into where cars were coming from? Did you ever look into Congressional IT staffers used car dealership ties to Hezbollah? Their other funders/partners? How bout VIN numbers? [11]

How bout Awan’s bankruptcy docs? Who are these people lending them money? Why, after they filed for bankruptcy were they still allowed ALL access to Congressional Democrats networks? Security clearance? Why did Ukrainian Nataliia open car LLCs AFTER bankruptcy? [12]

Didn’t it bother Debbie W Shultz and Crowdstrike that Imran had access to her personal email password? The email she used while at DNC rigging the primary? Did FBI check to see if the ONE computer on DNC network “calling home” belonged to Imran? [13]

Maybe FBI Agent Hawkins can tell us WHOSE computer was compromised? If FBI was monitoring ONE computer on DNC network… WHOSE??? [14]

Why is lil Debbie so angry about her laptop that Imran Awan had? Was this the computer “calling home?” Was Imran logging into DNC networks to move money around? Mess around with NGPVAN data? What’s on this laptop that made Debbie threaten Capitol Police?

Hard Drive Tied to Wasserman Schultz Is Central To Imran Awan Case Via @dailycaller ‘Voluminous discovery’  [15]

Why are you so bent outta shape about your laptop that criminal Paki Imran Awan had? Why are you threatening Capitol Police? Don’t you care about “threats to our democracy?” Why did Imran try to flee? What’s on the laptop Debbie?

Ya know what’s weird? @DWStweets @RepYvetteClarke @RepSpeier and all the other Democrats who are so outspoken about #MeToo and #TimesUp
REFUSE to comment or condemn Imran abusing and enslaving multiple Muslim women. Why is that? Scared? Blackmailed?

House IT Worker At Center Of Scandal Allegedly Abused Three Muslim Women Via @dailycaller One said she ‘just wanted to leave and go to a shelter’  [16]

Their car dealership was funded with $100k from Dr. Ali Al-Attar. Regardless of their religious background, they are criminals that ran a shady dealership while working as IT staffers- who breached Congressional networks, sending American Intel to Paki government.

House Dem IT Staffers Owed Money To Hezbollah-Connected Fugitive

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, wrote that Attar “was observed in Beirut, Lebanon conversing with a Hezbollah official” in 2012–shortly after the loan was made. Attar has also been accused of helping provoke the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq as a leader of Iraqi dissidents opposed to Saddam Hussein. After moving to the U.S., Attar made his money practicing medicine in Maryland and Virginia and defrauding Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies by billing for non-existent medical procedures. The FBI raided his offices in 2009 and the Department of Health and Human Services sued his business partner in 2011. [17]


Why does CNN, MSNBC, NYtimes, WAPO and every other Fake News Media care more about Stormy Daniels overused vagina than one of BIGGEST government breaches with national security implications and ignoring former MARINE Andre Taggart? This is THE BIGGEST STORY-BIGGER THAN Russia.

A History Of Alleged Intimidation And Tampering In House Hacking Case Marked By Witnesses’ Silence

Soon after the House of Representatives found that Democratic IT aide Imran Awan and his family made “unauthorized access” to congressional data, Imran hurriedly vacated his house, renting it in February 2017 to a former Marine. Imran angrily told his new tenant, Andre Taggart, that he was homeless and to refuse any certified mail in Imran’s name, Taggart said. A lawyer contacted Taggart about some items Imran left behind in the house and threatened to sue if he didn’t return them, saying he’d accuse Taggart of theft, Taggart said. The equipment included Blackberries and “hard drives they look like they tried to destroy,” as well as laptops and “a lot of brand new expensive [printer] toner,” he said. Based on his military training, they appeared to Taggart to be government equipment, and he called the police. [18]