Any Fool Could See The US Was Being Forcefully Steered Toward Globalism

Written by Peter Huxley


The existence of natural opiates, released by the body was deduced by the body’s response to synthetic opiates, and phyto-opioids, like heroine.

Similarly, we could look at the spate of unpopular policies pushed by the last administration and *deduce* they were pushing an agenda.

Skeptical? Was the 2016 election a ‘whitelash’ as Van Jones famously declared it, or was it a referendum on a constellation of hugely unpopular policies that nobody wanted, propounded by Obama, and protected by the Mockingbird media.

There’s evidence – millions of pages of books and source documents, videos of elites making statements, and analysis by former CIA and CFR members (Pieczenik, Roberts, Corsi, Steele) that this was – in fact – what was happening: globalism had hijacked progressivism and was using Alinsky tactics to destroy the wealthiest and most empowered nations.

But even if there were *not*, we still should have been able to deduce it.

Let’s consider the issues Trump ran on….

-Political correctness
-Race issues that had largely been resolved
-Having borders
-Moving jobs overseas
-Terrible trade deals like NAFTA and TPP
-Allowing in unvetted refugees
-Carbon Exchange agreements
-The Affordable Care Act
-The elevation of Islam to the global stage
-Growing overreach by federal government
-Endless wars
-Suspension of Due Process with the NDAA
-Limits on gun ownership
-Limits on free speech
-Limits on due process
-The vilification of whites, men, Christians, libertarians
-The deprecation of traditional ‘Americana’
-Gender wars and engineered division

I would submit that this is simply too much identifiable, unpopular, stuff to be organic in any way.
No, these were socially engineered. Part of a globalist agenda.

Any thinking person has to ask, “If these are unpopular, and a government that we increasingly dislike is pushing them, 1) why are the doing this, and 2) who are they doing it for?”

It simply does not bear scrutiny that ‘things look different from up there’ (in government). They know this stuff aligns with austerity, falling wages, a divided and balkanized public.

So, even if it were not leaked in emails that they are funding Black Lives Matter to federalize police, or that total surveillance is pointed at control and not protection, or that we engineered the refugee crisis in Europe, or that we created ISIS, you have to look at all these unpopular policies aligning to be rejected by Trump and his supporters, and, logically, conclude it is deliberate.

Organic, evolutionary, incremental social movements are powered by the people, and not insisted-upon by government, protected by the Mockingbird Media.

The skeptics among us – the thinking ones – must now admit these unpopular agendas align, and they benefit globalists. All of them.

Hillary’s emails indicate she wants a borderless world, with you disarmed and taxed for CO2 you emit from breathing. Your work is centrally managed, and you compete with people in Mexico. You live in a coffin apartment and are taxed to the extreme. It would be impossible to ‘come up’ and rise to her level or the level of other globalists, with meager wages, total surveillance, and relying on the government’s approval for things like college.

It’s a dystopic nightmare – and this is not speculation.

The UN would police our cities through the Strong Cities initiative. 90% of populations would live in urban squalor.
Meanwhile, globalists have armed bodyguards, fly in jumbojets, go to orgies. Like Morlocks coming up to snatch Eloi and enslave and devour them, or the decadent animals living in the Capital in Hunger Games, Hillary sees herself as entitled to take from and abuse you.

These are not organic ‘tides of history’. Government is pushing for a form of feudalism, where we are not owners, where we are dependent on government for everything and give them that control, and where globalists on boards govern in super-sovereign bodies, like the TPP or the UN or the EU.

You MUST see this by now. Their big mistake was trying to do it all in 20 years or so. They only awakened a sleeping giant.

Written by Peter Huxley

Peter Huxley is a bi-racial (black and white) libertarian who made the long physical and ideological journey from Oakland, California, where he worked in the tech and supported Obama, to the Coastal South, where he hopes to develop real estate and voted for Trump. He made thousands of Facebook posts trying to wake up others in the Great Meme War of 2016, during the US election. Peter offers a unique perspective, being of two races, and having traversed the political (and geographical, and employment) continuum from Occupy Wall Street to the TEA Party. Peter is an Alex Jones listener and marketing consultant, and contributes cultural, historical, and economic commentary.