IVth Generation Warfare:

Social Media and MEME Wars of 2016-2018

Written by Peter Huxley

Twitter and Facebook are going to be historically recognized as the first examples of open-source, IVth Generation Warfare tools. IVth Gen. Warfare is an admixture of warfare and politics, with blurred distinctions between citizen and soldier, ‘civil’ and ‘trans-national’ warfare, and no physical ‘battle front’.

It is ‘Information War’

Twitter serves a different function in the info-war than Facebook. This is obvious, as it operates differently, but since both platforms have been re-purposed and weaponized, it’s interesting to compare them.

Facebook is focused on more strong, private, social bonds – a symmetrical social network – whereas Twitter is more weak, public, social bonds, and is asymmetrical. Twitter – it’s where a mob of strangers with similar views can ‘have at’ public figures, sometimes joined by public figures themselves (like James Woods or Imperator Rex).

Facebook is where you can leverage your mom loving you and not wanting to unfriend you to red-pill her. Facebook warfare is dirtier, more personal and mercenary. It’s up close. Twitter is more policy and public-facing fighting; more drive-by and ‘sniping’.

Of course, there is a bit of overlap; external links on Facebook, which are depersonalized and public, often go viral. But they are ‘packaged’ more personally and intimately than they are on Twitter.

At any given moment, either platform or theater, or both, can be the battlefront; it bounces back-and-forth between public and person-to-person, micro and macro, context and content. A key to effective Gen IV Warfare is that it has millions of people “swarming independently”.  It operates through distributed agency, with info-warriors functioning like independent “patriot cells”.

CNN can get trolled by *one guy* with Meme Magic, for not allowing a counter-narrative on the school shooting on Twitter, and get Retweeted by someone famous, running it up the flagpole for millions – instantly. Meanwhile, longer and more thoughtful commentary on the same topic can float around Facebook.

A synergy of context and content, public and private, on these two ideological platforms, can be achieved and the Establishment narrative can be DEVASTATED IN HOURS. Just destroyed.

This process can begin or end with social media. There is no known defense for an effective meme, and if Charlie Don’t Surf, the Establishment Can’t Meme.

Memes are the most irreducible, viral, potent, form of weaponized information (the truth in a sardonic or ironic comedic wrapper, leveraging cultural context) yet discovered. In the aggregate, it can change society. Memes got Trump elected.

In the final analysis, I think having both has been indispensable. And, in either case, these platforms were invented for an entirely different purpose than they are being most historically used for now.  Yes, we have weaponized social media. I’m kind of proud of that.


YEAR 2046

“You fought in the Great Meme War?”

“Yes, I did. In the PizzaGate offensive. I assigned myself to Relief Memetic Squad, Weak Public Social Bonds; they used to call that Twitter.”  “What’s a ‘Twitter?”

“It’s a place where you can publicly text on a given topic, called a hashtag. I fought in the PizzaGate Offensive, just before the election. They had gotten this fella’ Podesta’s emails, and he was using coded language to discuss child trafficking.”

“Kids could drive then?”  “Don’t worry what that’s about; it’s the reason you’re safe playing in the neighborhood with your friends. Later on, I reassigned myself to Media Ops and started a Steemit channel; YouTube was basically inactive after Trump’s re-election.”

Social media IS IVth Generation Warfare – the fusion of politics and warfare. Bullets don’t have to be fired for people to lose, to go to jail, to be arrested and tried and ended. People don’t have to die to win elections that enact a Velvet Revolution. We don’t need POW camps…never mind. We actually *will* need POW camps for agitators. Point is, the Founders would be proud we were able to pull this off without carnage.

And you can thank the 2nd Amendment for making this Information War capably won with the 1st Amendment. If we didn’t have guns, it would NOT be going down like this, if it was going down *at all*.





Written by Peter Huxley

Peter Huxley is a bi-racial (black and white) libertarian who made the long physical and ideological journey from Oakland, California, where he worked in the tech and supported Obama, to the Coastal South, where he hopes to develop real estate and voted for Trump. He made thousands of Facebook posts trying to wake up  others in the Great Meme War of 2016, during the US election. Peter offers a unique perspective, being of two races, and having traversed the political (and geographical, and employment) continuum from Occupy Wall Street to the TEA Party. Peter is an Alex Jones listener and marketing consultant, and contributes cultural, historical, and economic commentary.


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