RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA… and adjoining thread

By: Freya Ferdinand


Putin’s Empire – Putin Made Russia Great Again

Putin became the Acting President of Russia on Dec 31, 1999.

Over the next few years, he took on the powerful oligarchs, corrupt politicians and the elites who formed the fifth column. With authoritarian KGB-style, he assassinated some pro-western journalists, jailed opponents and consolidated his power. Putin was helped by rising oil prices, but he used the new wealth wisely. He grew the Russian economy, built up gold and foreign reserves, and significantly reduced the national debt.

Between 1999 and 2014, Russia’s GDP grew 10-fold and it’s world rank surged from 22nd to 8th.

Russia’s debt-to-GDP ratio fell from 100% in 1999 to 17% in 2016.

Foreign reserves grew from virtually nothing to the 6th largest in the world.

Gold reserves grew to become the 6th largest in the world as well.

Putin started RT – Russia’s own global news channel, banned GMO, kicked out George Soros, and fought Cultural Marxism. He built over 15,000 churches, encouraged families to have more children, and banned transgender/gay propaganda to children.

Finally, Putin rebuilt Russia’s military, crushed Islamic terrorists and, in a geopolitical stunner that transpired in Syria, prevailed against a mighty coalition of the US, Israel, UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and 40,000 jihadists.

Putin’s diplomacy has also been remarkable. After the 2014 US sanctions and the precipitous fall in oil prices, every pundit and politician predicted the isolation of Putin and the demise of Russia’s economy. Fast forward to 2017, 144 US corporations and 62 countries attended Russia’s Economic Conference in St. Petersburg. In France, the new President, Macron, chose Putin for the first visit of a foreign leader.

In other words, Putin made Russia great again. This is why his approval rating is still over 80%.

Sound Familiar? 😊🇺🇸😃

The following are comments under this post:  Initials have been used in place of actual names as not all contributors permission was given prior to publication time.

Freya: The Central Bank of Russia has been steadily amassing vast gold reserves since 2015 – accumulating 1,828.56 tons by the end of 2017 – making it the fifth largest gold reserve in the world.

Freya: I wonder who seems to be taking notes. 

CC: Like today= Putin is Treasonous.
😂😂😂😂😂 This guy today is really stupid😂😂😂
Wait 🤔 the more I thought it through he’s def got ☠️skeletons! The louder he became the more obvious the trigger.

DT: Shared on ADN group. Great take on a tough topic. VERY INSIGHTFUL.

DM: Looks like mine is TOO insightful 😡

Freya: No way!!

Freya: I couldn’t post mine until I wrote #ClassAction#Lawsuit at the end.

DM: Why I have to be careful on here, been at it since 09 and they watch everything I do with a fine toothed comb 😡

Freya: Me too. I also received a written threat. They listen to my phone calls to the point that I know, etc. Such BS.


DM: I’m now getting the 000-000-0000 and the 111-111-1111 etc., phone calls

Freya: Yep. I’m not getting that but happened to my cousin. Then he got detained at the airport and so on. He was helping people reclaim their estates and remove their strawman avatar.

DM: where they stop one of us, 10 more take up where they stopped us

TD: Thank God. There’s someone else. Sorry.
My late mother; who I sound exactly like an look like hated the telephone.

CS: What’s that mean I’ve gotten them???

TD: When bho was in office bho was on one side of Islam Putin the other. Sunni versus Shiite. I guess President Trump is neither; Christian.

IN: Interesting… Russian economy is practically dead! You have to talk to somebody who knows situation from inside out…. I often listen to very trust worthy russian economists who say their economy is in state of disaster with no chance to survive.

CS: On Some level Every country is because the world economy is so interconnected and the central bank’s are literally buying one another’s bond debt with one another’s treasury debt ie fiat currency it’s a god Damn race to the bottom where all fiat will be worthless and all prices will go back to normal because they have too. Ie DOW stocks should be DOW 6000 not 28000!! Median home prices should be 85.000 not 225.000. Etc etc

IN: I agree. Just a little detail – there is no parallels between American economy and Russian, because they have “The raw materials economy”.

MR: Ya know one of my first rants after signing up on FB cerca 2007 were against Putin and mother Russia.. Ignorance is bliss. I dove right in…and proceeded to take a Red Pill the size of the Hindenburg 

Freya: That’s fine. I will ask some Russians.

KK: The Russian economy is suffering through sanctions put on them by the West… But not enough that they haven’t been able to find a way to get things done and kick ISIS’s ass in Syria 

MH: Any more sanctions on them and they will retaliate with their nukes which will be the worst thing to happen

DM: won’t happen Michael, Russia is assisting Trump in this coup and knows he’s play acting and Trump knows Putin is play acting, this is alllllll to take down the cabal

Freya: DM His “programming” keeps kicking back on…

MH: Well when Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones is saying that they are worried about the situation with Russia and the UK, and they have real high level sources backing up their claims, it makes them very believable

MH: They also say that the elites want to use AI as their new God and those meetings with the globalists in New Zealand is exactly what they are pushing.

MH: And they are worried about the situation with the Parkland shooting and the globalists are preparing to take control of our 2nd amendment rights.

MH: Its all interrconnected and it’s their End Game solution to forge ahead and create their global government. The only thing standing in the way of that is Russia, the US, Japan, Israel and Saudi Arabia

Freya: Yes, we know

CT : It’s all a ruse, Michael

CT: Misdirection. Has been the entire time.

CT: I would stop listening to Corsi and AJ

CT: They do and say things to make a name/money for themselves.
Do you follow Q?

MH: Misdirection for what though? The globalists taking over or the fact that Trump and Putin are working together which will make the Democrats way of thinking even more believable

MH: CT Q has been on the Alex Jones show

CT: Nope

CT: Zack is not Q

MH: I didn’t say Zack was Q. For all we know Q could be Edward Snowden

CT: Q has most certainly not been on AJ

CT: No outside comms, remember?

MH: Do you have any links so i can follow Q?

CT: Of course!!

CT: One sec!

MH: He could be Julian Assange


CT: That will get the posts. If you click the post, it takes you to the page.

CT: It’s scary AF, but everything is totally under control 🙂
I promise!

MH: According to his latest report we should have faith in Bolton despite him being a hawkish leader for wars

CT:MH well technically he says to “follow,” but that certainly feels like the understanding, yes

MH: Bolton has been saying not to trust the NK and China and should be prepared for their trap

MH: As long as we don’t lose the midterms in Nov and trump doesn’t get impeached

RAM: Think Mirror 💎

CT: Again, it’s classic misdirection. I didn’t see your earlier post, but to answer misdirection for what, the answer is to keep the media and deep state focused on something other than the 25k indictments that have been sealed, and the prep for the economic reset

RAM: Controlled Op

RAM: Limited hangout

RAM: Ltd Slip Diff

CT: MH don’t worry, good sir! The landscape will be so different by November, none of this will matter!

CT Tyler 11/11/11

MH: Problem is a lot of people are going to believe that Trump is trying to become a dictator like the Chinese government if that reset with our currency doesn’t help everyone

CT: I agree. That’s why Q came into our lives

CT: To help soften that landing

RAM: We have foreseen this.

CT: Watch what Roseanne will do

CT: That is no coincidence 🙂

RAM: Moves planned years in advance

CT: MANY years!

MH: The last thing we need is an authoritarian regime here by then but I’d love to see some justice against the globalists and Hillary Clinton and Obama

MH: CT I’m going to be watching her show tonight

CT: MH did you see her tweets?



MH: But not everyone knows Q or what he stands for.

RAM: Que: Roseannne…

Freya: MH That’s What we are to do..

CT: Nope. But think of this: she keeps seeing success.
She keeps tweeting about Q
Only a matter of time before interviewers ask

CT: I’d bet my left nut she mentions Q in one episode

EM: CT I’d love if he did a cameo on her show. Lol

CT: That’s how you do it. Soften the landing. Prove Trump is no authoritarian. This was planned a long time ago.

MH: CT ,yeah but unless she had a change of heart in the last 2 years she was making fun of our country and anthem. Her original story was pure democratic agenda, if her show gets cancelled then she is probably legit about joining Trump’s side. Did you see Jimmy Kimmels reaction when he had her on his show?

MH: Freya just keep me informed about what’s going on please

CT: Oh she’s been a huge Trump advocate for at least a year (I’ve followed her before Q).
Many are waking up to the reality of the illusion

EM: Her show is on tonight

CT: I did not see Jimmy’s reaction, Bc Hollywood is irrelevant to ME.
However, it still serves a purpose to many

Freyaz: MH Of course but please read Q and if you have any questions let us know.
Yes, I saw. Roseanne said the left went too far left and that is what happened to me. I’m not a Republican or a Conservative, I am left over sensibility 😂😂

CT:Yes!!! Please ask questions. Once you can accept these 3 realities, you will be completely at ease:
1. Q is very real and not a LARP
2. Q works with POTUS
3. POTUS is a white hat

MH: CT well he was pissed when she said she didn’t believe in Hillary’s foreign policy and that’s why she voted for Trump. He kept telling her Trump was a wacko and she basically said that Hillary was wacko

CT: Once these are accepted, everything Q has said should be viewed as a fact.

CT: MH lol!!! That’s awesome!!!

MH: CT hope has not riding on a white Horse! The Antichrist will be doing that

CT: MH give this a quick read

CT Tyler

“Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. They are knowledge itself” -Plato
Ok, so here is what I need you to do. I need you to watch the video FIRST, because it gives a little bit more context into what the written part is going to talk about (writing all that shit in the video would have taken entirely too long and been WAY more boring than the video…if that is even possible.)
So…before you go ANY further, watch the video.
Did you do it?
Don’t you lie to me. I know where you live!
Ok, now hopefully you are up to speed. As I said, I want to talk to you about numbers, and why they are important and how they changed my life. More importantly, I am going to show you how God is using numbers to work through the president, through me, and then ultimately you too! I will include all sources and screen shots of everything that has lead me here, so that you can go through the same journey…because it is truly amazing.
As I said, a stranger had reached out to me that illustrated how the number 7 was layered into the Bible. What I didn’t tell you, was how two other people had sent me other materials, that added substance to my findings. The first was a prophecy by Mark Taylor (someone that I had never heard of), that was recorded in May of 2016 (which I listened to in October of 2016, so before the election). In this interview, Mr. Taylor tells the host that he wrote a prophecy several years earlier, where God told him that Donald Trump was going to be the president. Mr. Taylor thought that this was supposed to be for the 2012 election, so when Trump did not win (or even run), he assumed that prophecy was false. I won’t ruin it for you, but it is absolutely riveting, and he goes on to explain in vivid detail how things would come to pass (which have held the test of time). The second piece of material had to do with the word “Kek,” and Pepe the green frog that I saw everywhere in social media (I will also include the link in the bottom), provided to me by my dear friend Andrew Leach (who was a stranger at that time). This is when my life changed forever, because I then had 3 completely independent sources of material that were all indicating the same thing; something divine is afoot!
So, before we begin, you need to understand that for my entire life, specific numbers have been really important to me, and they also happen to have sort of a biblical meaning as well (unbeknownst to me). My favorite number is 21 and has been since I was about 11 years old, for no reason other than I just liked how it looked on the back of my jersey. But these other numbers are important to me as well:
1=God (there is only one God)
3=Holy Trinity (Father Son and Holy Ghost)
7=Complete/whole/perfect. Reserved for God himself (on the 7th day He rested)
Got it? Ok, now in order for this to have the FULL effect, I need you to do a little bit a work before you move on. This is the honor system now, so I’ll just have to trust you 🙂
First thing you need to do, is tell me the EXACT date of Donald Trump’s first full day of office? (Day/month/year)
I’ll give you a few moments…
How about a few more…
Don’t you look down 🙂
Done? Oh good. So as you know, his first full day was on January 21, 2017. Hey…that’s my favorite number! That’s pretty cool! Another way to write it is:
You know what’s interesting about that number 21 (other than it being my fave that is)? The only way to attain through multiplication is as follows:
3×7 or 7×3.
Wait a tick…I like both of those numbers too. That’s pretty cool. No WONDER I liked 21!
What’s another way to write 3×7? Well that’s easy, it’s three groups of 7.
In other words, 7+7+7. Whoa.
So that date becomes 1-(7+7+7)-17. Jeez. Pretty neat!
Moving on. Did you know that the Hebrew’s have a different calendar than the Gregorian calendar (the universal)? I had no clue until I started doing all this research.
So now…go tell me the year in the Hebrew calendar for the 1/21/17
Done yet?
I’ll give you one more second.
Well…now that’s interesting. January 2017 is actually 5777 according to Hebrew calendar? How about them 7’s? They are sure are lucky!
Moving on, now I need you to look up Donald Trump Jr’s birthday.
Space filler
Space filler
Space filler
Born on New Year’s Eve of 1977. Talk about ringing in the new year! But upon closer examination, that number is really interesting.
What happens when you take 12 and 31 and add them together? You get…7!
So, his kid has a birthday that has a hidden 7 7 7 in it! Now we’re cooking with gas!
Ok, now I need you to go lookup Donald Trump’s birthday.
This one should be pretty easy too.
You’re probably cheating now because you know I’ll give you the answer.
What fun is that?
Ok, June 14, 1946, so 6/14/1946…anything interesting there?
Nope…no 7’s
But what happens when you relate that to his first full day in office (remember 1/21/17)?
How old was he then? 70! (2017-1946=71, but he was inaugurated before his 71st birthday which would make him only 70)
How many decades is that? Why…7 of course!
But was he ONLY 70? How many months old in addition to years was he?
If he turned 70 in June 2016, that means that January 2017 was how many months away? You guessed it. 7.
Amazing…especially when you factor in that he was born on June 14th, and his first full day was the 21st. Why? Because that means that his FULL age at that time was:
7 decades
7 months
7 days (21-14)
Wow! Can it get any more insane? Am I still writing? Is this real life?
Do you need a break? Wanna go grab a beer or something? Maybe a taco? Mmmmmm…taco’s. What was I saying?
Oh yes, numbers. Hopefully you guys are all aware of who Neil Gorsuch is by now. If not, FOR SHAME!!! Kidding…I had no clue who he was until he was nominated. He is the Supreme Court Justice that was nominated by the president, which was HUGE because he was filling the spot vacated by a deceased (murdered actually) Antonin Scalia. Scalia was viewed a conservative justice, and once he was killed, his vacant spot was likely promised to Loretta Lynch (that is what the tarmac meeting was REALLY about). Inserting somebody like Lynch would have tipped the scales in favor of the liberals on the Supreme Court. Which means that ANY issue they wanted to change, would have gone in their favor. Any. Think about it. There goes your 2nd amendment. Amnesty for DACA. Free speech? Donezo. So the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch was ENORMOUS! It literally saved our Constitution.
Yes yes…but what does that have to do with my post? Let’s first examine the name; Gorsuch
How many letters do you see? I count 7 🙂
And upon his confirmation, Mr. Gorsuch was 49 years old.
What is the square root of 49?
7. In other words, 7×7 (or seven groups of 7).
The following clip is actually not mine, but somebody must have had the same idea, because they recorded it from their tv too (they just uploaded it to Youtube.) I watched it live and fell out of my seat.
You gotta be joking me. Is this the Truman Show? (btw, when I pasted that link, it had 7 likes, and was 7 seconds long)
I’m a little wobbly after that…you? Want me to stop? Me neither…
Let’s talk about Trump’s name. I’ll include the full screen shot, but I’ll give you the cliff’s notes (ever wonder who “Cliff” is? Did he cheat a lot? Was he just really lazy? I digress).
The name “Donald” in Scottish Gaelic, is Domhanll, which means “World Ruler”
The name “John” (his middle name) is derived from the Hebrew “Yohanan” which means “Graced by Yahweh.”
Now for his last name. When his dad Fred came to the US, he changed his last name to “Trump” even though it was “Drumpf.” Often when German immigrants would come here, they would change the “d” with a “t” (i.e., vader=vater). The word “Trumpf” in german means “drummer”
When you put it all together, his full name is translated as:
“The ruler of the world, graced by God and a descendant of the drummer.”
How about one more? I just mentioned his dad Fred. Donald’s oldest brother also shares the same name (the one he idolized and is the reason he has never drank or done drugs because of what happened to him).
Go look up their FULL names.
So, to summarize:
Donald Trump, the billionaire business man, who gave up his lavish lifestyle to be ridiculed and threatened, not only for himself but his ENTIRE family, who chose to work for FREE in order to restore our great Republic to the bastion of glory that we were always destined to be:
had his first full day of office on 1/21/17 (or 1-(7+7+7)-17)
in the Hebrew year of 5777
who’s firstborn son was born on (1+2+3+1=7)-77
and turned 7 decades 7 months 7 days old on that day
who nominated a man with 7 letters in his last name
and was 7×7 years old upon nomination
and had 777 opinions in order to save our Constitution.
who’s name means “The ruler of the world, graced by God and a descendant of the drummer.”
And is literally the son and brother to Christ.
Oh, and the guy he took over for, turned:
Sixty hundred
Six months
16 days after his last day in office
Upon learning all of this, my life has shifted. I started to notice things. All of a sudden, these numbers were everywhere. Clocks. Radios. Mailboxes. Everything. People have started to reach out to me for unknown reasons. They confide in me and share things unsolicited by myself. Things that cannot be explained. Today, I felt compelled to put this together, as the 7’s were everywhere all day long (I swear I saw 30 of them). Today is also 3/13 (3+1+3=7), so it made sense.
About 4 weeks ago, I came to accept something: God has been working THROUGH the president, in order to reach ME, so that I can reach YOU. Am I special? Yes. Because God has talked to me every day for 4 weeks. But guess what? He’s been TRYING to talk to me my whole life. And my guess is that He’s been doing the same to YOU too…you just have to let Him.
I love you all. Sorry this was so long.
(I put a bunch of links in the comments section for reference)
One quick note I forgot initially. I was born on the 3rd of a month. My full name spelled out in numbers equals 3. I’m 37. My kids were both born in July (the 7th month) and will be 3 and 7 this summer. So…2018 has some glorious things in store for us, methinks 
CT: “Quick”
MH: Freya just keep posting Q’s posts for me and I’ll definitely will be reading them

Freya: MH Well Jimmy Kimmel is only against Trump because Hollywood fears exposure. They are controlled and ran by the Cabal and members of the entertainment Illuminati. They’re rise in fame is due to them being willing to collide and corrupt. 

When they get exposed it will be over for them. They know. Weinstein was the first example but they will all fall and Trump is why. So yes, they hate him. They stand to lose everything.

MH: Wow pretty amazing intel
MH: Freya Ferdinand very true but these people have big mean toys at their disposal too
Freya:  MH It’s only just beginning and we know this much solely because of Q. Q is not a person but a group of high-level military intelligence officials revealing the plan to us and we are to tell the world. We are up against Mainstream Media so it is no easy task. Q arms is with the truth.
Freya Ferdinand  MH And Trump has control of our Military. Checkmate.
MH: Trump’s presidency is going to be very interesting to keep track of this term
Freya Ferdinand  MH  Extremely. So stay tuned. 😃
MH: But the military already said that they won’t follow all of his orders especially against countries like Russia, China and NK
CT Tyler Trump is letting Mattis run it. He’s hands off completely
Freya: Trump just gave our Military $700 Billion. No one else could be trusted. He’s already exposed so much corruption to us. You won’t hear one peep of it on MSM. They operate as one group and now so do we.
MH: CT  smart delegation putting the general in charge of the military
CT: MH novel, I know
CT: All is perfect my new friend! I promise!
MH: Freya is the military going to be building that wall on our southern border?
MH: The globalists are getting desperate and will stop at nothing to take back control.
Freya: MH Yes, they have already started
MH: CT  keep me posted buddy!
CT:r MH absolutely! Just keep that chin up.
Freya: MH Yes Michael be alert but don’t feed the fears. MSM is there to enslave our minds.
Remember we are all little Paul Reveres and we are watching!
MH: But even Paul Revere couldn’t stop the British from attacking our country
CT: MH only because there wasn’t 20 million of him
Freya: MH He was the early warning system and that is exactly what we are except we are warning the sleeping public. 😇
MH: That only works if the people actually want to be woken up, it won’t work on those who remain a sleep
Freya: MH Yeah we don’t worry about them. We shed a tear/say a prayer and keep going. There is a ravenous lion seeking to devour them. This is not a game.
MH: Never thought it was a game. It’s a battle for the soul of this nation
Freya: MH That is some Q says, ‘This is not a game.’
MH: ABC news is reporting that President Trump doesn’t have the authority to send the military to protect our southern border. They say he needs Congress to approve of it first
DM: I will have to check that…in a state of emergency POTUS can call for aid of military, not sure if need congress to do that but I will check
MH: That’s what they are claiming
DM: Posse Comitatus Act
quit listening to the opposition, it’s only to put fear and doubt in our minds
DM: he’s still limited but with the state of emergency things change, not quite sure yet, still researching
DZ: I like the way Putin eliminated GMOs and kicked out Monsanto. Russia is going organic.
FF: I read that Killorys first objective would have been To have a war with Russia?