Part 2 Abramovic’s Spirit Cooking

By: Elemi Fuentes [1]

This incredibly large set of information will be separated into multiple sections. Part 2 continues with Marina Abramovic – the High Priestess of the Spirit Cooking and Elite Satanic Cults, Covens and Rituals. The author has spent countless hours compiling a thorough background into Marina to form a basis for following parts in this series. The history behind many of the rituals used as well has been documented extensively by the author. As ADN publishes each part, links will be added to previous posts to make easy reference of massive material that is being presented. Grab a seat and leave the light on, as this series of GREAT AWAKENINGS is the stuff nightmares and horror films are based on………..


Let’s have a look at the next recipe in the Spirit Cooking cookbook.
Rose Quartz for breakfast.
Obsidian for lunch.
Tourmaline for dinner.
Other than learning enough to pass geology class, I never really paid much attention to crystals/rocks. Quick info on this one

What exactly goes on here, I really have no idea. ☝️I don’t know if this ‘eating’ of crystals is code word for something, if you are suppose to meditate or what.
Some of you more verse in the occult might want to shed some light
Still not feeling the aphrodisiac thought.

Essence drink.
What the hell is that?
The naive part of me would say is water.
The researcher part of me tells you is PERIOD BLOOD.
Mmm, yummy!



Another recipes from the ‘aphrodisiac cookbook’ #SpiritCooking
“Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk. Drink it on earthquake nights.”
Are you guys horny yet❓😂
This is especially significant as a mockery of ‘The Divine’. Or ‘Divine Nature’, depending on your beliefs

The above recipe ☝️mocks two very sacred things that are part of our humanity. ‘The Seed of life’ aka Semen, and Breast milk, Shaddayim (Hebrew). The milk that nourishes the infant one he moves into the world.
The reference to earthquake nights is very noteworthy.

Earthquakes do occur naturally. But, most modern Day Earthquakes are by no means a natural reaction of Earth’s tectonic plates bumping or sliding against/past each other. (Chile, Haiti, 2010)
The implication of this is that ‘these’ people have foreknowledge of such events

“Look in the mirror for as long as it is necessary for your face to disappear. Don’t eat the light’.
This is a fascinating ‘recipe’ whose origins can be traced back to mankind itself.
Countless experiments have been done on this subject

The strange-face-in-the-mirror illusion [4]

This is a form of meditation used in ancient Shamanism, referred to as ‘Face Dancing’. As you concentrate in the mirror, your face will distort. You will see your true self, your parents/ancestors. You will see strangers in the mirror.
Don’t be scared❗️

Even if the faces you see are ‘evil’ looking or their grimaces are strange. What you see is a projection of your soul, and hence if you see that you need to work on your soul and try to live without fear. “Fear is the mind killer” (Dune, F. Herbert)

But those projections aren’t just YOU. Cause you aren’t a single individual. We are a web of light and energy. All intertwined. We are all ancestors, our neighbors, our friends & our enemies.
Past, present and future become one.

As you overcome fear and realized there is more to your soul than just the self, you will develop a great sense of self-acceptance and confidence. Appreciation for all vibrational things.

 Law of Resonance [5]

 Vibration [6]

Why does Marina tell us not to ‘eat the light’?
Accepting the light means accepting the ‘wholeness or oneness’ of us with the universe & all living & innate things.
Not accepting it means going towards darkness, accepting those creatures that live in the realm of invisible


I realized how esoteric this sounds ☝️
Research & think:
We don’t see waves,gravity or sub-atomic particles,but we can measure them. We don’t see (yet) black holes or pulsars, but we know of their existence cos of how they affect other bodies.
Bacteria/Viruses we don’t see

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