Who is John Dee and why should we really care. You have heard Q mention several times Wizards and Warlocks, while Q post have double meanings he is the True Wizard to the Royals. John Dee brought the occult into a our realm completely again.

By: JALFT [1]

His work brought the exact way the rituals must be done to activate the portals and commune with unclean spirits. This knowledge by the elites and the activation of the rituals – that are the accepted religion by the Royals and the Elites – DO GIVE POWER; Satan told Jesus he had dominion of the whole world and would could give it him in a exchange. That interjected itself into what we are finding we fighting today. With the disclosures on the horizon and the Dec, 21 2017 Emergency order that proclaimed child trafficking a national emergency may we need to know why all this suddenly; well not so suddenly surfaced.

It hasn’t. This is the religion on of the elite. Partly brought out of the past and into our present and past by this man. While Allister Crowley, and the NAZI and Operation Paperclip played a huge part, they studied this mans, rituals, rights, incantations, and the Nephelium or Demonic alphabet he and his medium, the Warlock, Edward Kelly took years perfecting, known as the Enochian or Nephilim Alphabet. I am not putting a picture of it here, theses are real symbols with power and I wont be the to show them to you. You have seen in the all types of symbols in Hollywood, advertising, logos, etc. This is their original, most powerful format.

While this is ancient Babylonian practices revived, and what the elites practice today, John Dee helped put all the ancient mystery religions and their dark arts, into one mind one place, and with the help of communing with demons, unlocked then rebuilt the rituals used by the elites and their secret societies practice today.

John Dee was born in 1527 he was brilliant man and by 15 had already competed most of higher education studies. He spoke and wrote fluently in at least 4 languages. Hebrew, Greek, English and Latin. He was also a master in Astrology, Mathematics, Alchemy, Cryptography, History, and was fascinated – willing to die – for the secret knowledge possessed by the ancients lost to time and barriers of language.

He was the perfect storm. Knowing Hebrew and being fluent he read and delved into the Kabbalah, the Talmud and all other practices of the what the bible calls the Synagogue of Satan. Revelation 3:9 King James Version (KJV)
9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

Over and over in the bible shares how the Jews encountered different religious practices and at times fell away and worshiped false gods. The ways of the Pagan, the ancient mystery religion known as Babylonian was created by Nimrod himself, the first Anti-Christ. This is the practice known as sacrificing or passing your children through the fire to Moloch or Ba’al depending on region. Same evil – different name. Always a gold bull heated internally with fire and the first born after much sexual depravity would be usually placed alive, in fire hot hands of the IDOL to be a holocaust, a burn offering, to the false god.  In the secret sect of the Orthodox Judaism they still practice these forbidden occult Pagan Rituals and beliefs systems, as do many other so called religions. Abortion is one one the ancient occult rituals taught by the Nephalim.

Dee knowing the history and the power of the teaching of these false gods, the Nephilim, the fallen Angles, he began a life long quest to gain and obtain all the lost occult practices that had, during the scattering the people at Babylon been divided, into several dialects and text all over the world.

His choice of languages he became fluent in was by no mistake. The Catholic Church held the secrets in Latin, the Greeks the mysteries of the Pantheon of the Gods, Hebrew, the Kabballah and Gnostic the Talmud, then finally in English so he compile all this information into what is referred to as the dark arts, and he is the known as the Master.

Dee got his rise to power by an astrology prediction, he received while communing with demons. He predicted that Queen Mary would be killed to the date, and Queen Elizabeth the first would rise up and take power. Mary got wind of this and put Dee in prison. Many dark occult practitioners were killed over the 3 year period he spent there; but I believe out of fear, he was never executed.

As he predicted the divination came to pass, and Queen Elizabeth took the throne. She immediately let Dee out of prison, gave him a home on the Royal estate and became her official advisor and unofficial Wizard of the Royals. She almost did nothing without consulting Dee. He wielded great power. That power and purse gave him access to chase down the most rare books on the occult, oldest manuscripts, and darkest most hidden occult objects from all corners of the explored world. Anything could be had with a price. Ancient Practiced dark arts from all corners of the globe amassed in one place.

Who else attempted and succeeded pretty well at this? Hitler and his SS occult. He ran his whole life, military, and the war based on the divination of occult masters, who followed in footsteps of Dee and his Wizard, Kelly.

Kelly was Medium of extraordinary power. Those two together opened the pits of hell. They were dictated the rights, the rituals, the incantations, of the ancients, to raise or call the most powerful of demons, by the highest most powerful demons they could summon. Those rituals as you can see throughout history require blood sacrifice. I’ll leave you with this for today. Just think to every ancient religion you have ever known from the Mayans to the Egyptians, all the blood of the pure and the innocent and the more torture the better. No Pagan practice didn’t require HUMAN sacrifice and they still do. It didn’t change. Selling your soul to devil came from this man and his prototypes like Foust who followed in his footsteps.  John Dee kept perfect exceptional logs and transcription of all these communications.

The Demons showed their true colors, always information or power in exchange for more deviant rituals. It started with wife swapping wives between himself and Kelly. Then it went down hill from there, blood letting, murder, then to pedophilia and child sacrifice pretty rapidly. Spirit cooking, the mixing of blood, breast milk, and semen also has its origins in a specific ritual practice – actually given word by word to them from the demons they where communing with. All of his divination devices and more on those in the next chapter called the black mirror are at the British Museum on proud display.

John Dee code name was 007. Why because he invented glasses that would reveal hidden communication between him and the queen. Sound familiar? Benjamin Franklin in National Treasure? Also a Bovarian Illuminist.


Imagine holding the handle of the 7 and the 00 are the spectacle glasses. They also bent light to see the antimatter demons. The Vatican now uses a similar lens, called a Santilli Lens, it sees dark matter on the worlds largest private telescope, they named Lucifer.  This is just a beginning into the reason for what you are seeing. I am no scholar or biblical expert. Just a lady form Texas. DO the Research Your Self.

God Bless you and yours. We do NOT fight flesh and blood but princes and principalities. This is the introduction into a deep dark rabbit hole.

Source: The Red Pill Chronicles