A few days ago, a lawsuit was filed with the FEC that alleges that the DNC and HRC’s joint fundraising committee (JFC) and “HVF” (Hillary Victory Fund) and “HFA” (Hillary for America) circumvented federal contribution limits and earmarking restrictions to launder money


The way it worked (as per the suit) was this: The HVF would transfer funds to the state Democratic Parties, then, the State parties ON THE SAME DAY (or in some cases the day after) would wire that money to the DNC, who would then use the money by wiring it back to HFA. In that way, the HFA (campaign) could skirt federal restrictions by taking the money folks donated above federal limit to the HVF, launder it through the states and the DNC, and into the HFA (campaign). Here are a few screenshots of the lawsuit. It is available on PACER.
The lawsuit contains diligent work and attachments– using FEC reports to verify that many times, the states did not report the wire incoming from the HVF- that they may have been unaware or they didn’t actually receive the money even though the HVF reported they sent it.


The Bernie Sanders campaign raised this issue throughout the primary- stating that the Clinton’s were, in effect, laundering money through the DNC back to the campaign. Politico wrote a story about it here:


Clinton fundraising leaves little for state parties The Democratic front-runner says she’s raising big checks to help state committees, but they’ve gotten to keep only 1 percent of the $60 million raised. [1]
As I was reading this, I knew that I could go to one location to corroborate any of this– from their own internal communications. Wikileaks. Obviously, the DNC denied any of this was happening. They made several claims about down ballot candidates, etc. Even inside– The DNC corroborated with state party officials to get in front of the story, handing them talking points and requesting they stay moot. [2] and [3]
I am still researching this, and I am nowhere near finished- however, I thought it would be interesting to share this particular email I found which *seems* to be to be particularly damning, given the lawsuit. I am no election finance expert but…..From this email, it appears that what the lawsuit alleges is true. The staff are talking about NGP-Van (internal software) reflecting an inaccurate total in contributions- look at what the director of finance says: [4]
He acknowledges that they are taking contributions from HvF and moving them to HFA. Is this allowed??? Any election/finance experts who can weigh in here? If this is NOT allowed, (or even if it is) this seems to be pretty damning evidence that HRC was LAUNDERING money. Victory fund (less stringent rules for donations) made “donations” to state parties, who same day transferred the money to the DNC, who then took that money and sent it to the Campaign… the investigation is ongoing. Share!