[Qanon card 001]. Donald J. Trump starts the series. The working mans billionaire from outside of DC. Charged with a mantra of #MAGA is restoring the republic.


By:  Ace♠️Global™️ 💫 @kg_NewsAccount


[Qanon card 002]. Melania Trump. The uber Classy First Lady sets the tone for style, elegance and grace.
[Qanon card 003]. November 9th 2016 America elects DJT. A day that will live in imfamy!! Putting the NWO on notice. Build the wall, renegotiate trade deals, build Military
[Qanon card 004]. Fake News hits the mainstream. MSM goes ballistic but the people know it’s true. Everyone knows it’s true. P.C culture under attack. 4am drops 🇺🇸
[Qanon card 005]. Good News!!! Gods eternal Promise 🕊 Restoration of the Republic. 2018 will be glorious. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
[Qanon card 006]. The Creature is named. It’s called, The Swamp! Who to trust? Everyone has an agenda! Which string to cut first? Ahh. That’s the tricky part. Cut well & Live 🇺🇸
[Qanon card 007]. 007. Fitting! Anon revels Q to public. Max level intel group near 45. We hear all. We see all. No deals. No escape. Why are they so stupid?🇺🇸
[Qanon card 008]. The Bible says, “What does a man profit by war” and “the wages of sin is death.” We must choose our future now. God has granted reprieve. 🇺🇸
[Qanon card 009]. Arise Patriots Arise! American exceptionalism means America is the exception to all prior forms of government. Caesar or President? No going back!
[Qanon card 010]. Anon shifts focus to Traitors! Referred to as “Black Hats.” Denizens of the Swamp, they do it’s bidding [187] and serve the highest bidder. Gallows for them!
[Qanon card 011]. DJT is a known twitter grand master. Bypassing the Very Fake News he speaks to the people. Linguistic-kill shots are his calling cards. [Little Rocket Man] VSG!
[Qanon card 012] Who controls the DC swamp? Who controls the global swamp? Who controls news, religion, policy, military & Alphabet agencies? (((Them)))
[Qanon card 013] WWII ally to perpetual enemy. [Why]. No evidence of collusion but mountains of info screaming deep-state coup! Is Russia NWO? Can DJT ever trust?🇺🇸
[Qanon card 014] Yin & Yang ☯️ For every Black Hat there’s a White Hat. Quietly collecting Intel, waiting to strike. They hear all. They see all. Don’t lose hope 🕊 WWG1WGA.
[Qanon card 015] McCain = Disdain We don’t say his name for a reason! Supports extremists the world over. Knows every ISIS leader [still alive]. Wants chaos. Why?💰💰Hates 45 🇺🇸
[Qanon card 016] Behold! Mad Dog the Pius. Halo of Peace and Grenade of War, he’ll rock your world and never blink. God help those in his path. 🆘 Let’s play 3D chess!Hooyah! 🇺🇸
[Qanon card 017] One of the Top Black Hats. Known liar. Known leaker. Exonerated Crooked Hillary w/o investigation. Now does poetry by the fireside🍷 Gitmo bound!
[Qanon card 018] Trust Sessions. Gotta have faith🕊 He’s building the greatest case the world has known to bring down the Swamp! It’s not easy / requires patience.
[Qanon card 019] “The Worst” BHO oversaw stage 1 of the plan. Hates the West! Set up deep state ops center in DC to take down 45. He will fail! Follow the 💰 Soros
[Qanon card 020] High Priestess of the Swamp. Tasked w/stage 2 of the plan. Lifelong leftist & criminal. Can justice ever be served? How much more can we take?!?
[Qanon card 021] Anon shares out common Q theme of Boom Boom Boom Boom. Usually preceding big news or events. Follow the crumbs. We love this! Make it rain Q team. #Qanon
[Qanon card 022] Q Team. Talented and Patriotic team working with 45 to Drain the Swamp. 40 year plan is rolling out. They won’t fail & can’t be stopped. Follow ➡️#Qanon
[Qanon card 023] The NSA. White Hats working to drain the swamp. Alerted 45 that Trump Tower was bugged. Perhaps saved his Presidency. Chief rival [ClownsInAction]
[Qanon card 024] Anon follows with CIA. AKA [ClownsInAction] False Flags & Chaos are their game. Love poppies. Who created google?!? 4am drops. Operation Mockingbird .
[Qanon card 025] Code name Panda. Rest In Peace Patriot! 🕊 #SethRich #SethRichMurder
[Qanon card 026] ES. At times seems 🎩 but recently White Hat. Playing both sides? Has he heard Freedoms Ring? Credited for post MZ testimony drop. Where is he?
[Qanon card 027] Arrh! ☠️ Anon explains FF Attack! This is 🔑Understand FF and never be fooled again. Top tactic of Clowns & Deep State. Who really starts wars?
[Qanon card 028] FED has been busy. All time record busy🥇 Well over 13k by now. Gitmo facelift. For who? Not ISIS, they’re [187]. No escape! Down they go!
[Qanon card 029] A curious thing. Nearly every single mass shooter or bomber starts off as FBI informant or on watch list. Must think we’re stupid. Goldeneye below👇
[Qanon card 030] Under-reported by MSM, President Trump is on total offense against the global human trafficking cabal. So much has been done. Just the beginning!! 
[Qanon card 031] Known in drops as JA, this uber-hacker has the goods on the infamous Podesta hack. See 25 🐼 Not Russia. Rumors of extradition. Location uncertain…
[Qanon card 032] Slick Willy. Frequent Flyer on Lolita Express. Keeper of the mysteriously “dead” list. [Arkancide] Said of HRC “she worked like a Demon.” Wink😉! 
[Qanon card 033] Hoax ➡️ False Flag ➡️ Reality. A hoax is a completely false event. It never happened. Massive media coverage leads to confusion. Name a hoax! 
[Qanon card 034] DJT returns! Now over a year and So Much Winning💥Cabinet reshuffle. Rocket Man calm. Jobs Jobs. Jobs. Human trafficking. NAFTA. Illegals🚫 Pray🇺🇸
[Qanon card 035] Anon updates with Indictments. Over 25,000 by now! This is historical by all accounts. Trust Sessions. Trust Wray. Why prep Gitmo?!? 🔒Down they go! 
[Qanon card 036] Anon shows Liddle Adam Schiff. Deep State sleaze ball. A real Mos Eisley type. Leaks classified intel while the meeting is taking place. Trust = 0
[Qanon Card 037] Hannity! Big voice calling out HRC Crime machine. Personally destroying MSM & leading charge for MAGA! He can handle the Truth! Let Freedom ring!
[Qanon Card 038] More Schiff! The memo sheds light on how the Deep State likes to play! Congress demands more docs & is remembering its oversight duties. We the People!!
[Qanon Card 039] Not Bots! 🤖 We are being censored! Algorithm block. But not this day!! Trumps Army tirelessly pushed #ReleaseTheMemo & overwhelmed the system. Mission Accomplished!
[Qanon Card 040] Camp Delta. Can civilian courts be used for Deep State crimes? Perhaps something a little different is needed. Delta is being prepped. For who? Chatty Tarmac types?!
[Qanon Card 041] Reich Minister of Censorship🚫 for the Swamp. Ensures non-approved comms fail to trend. Did ES get Algorithm? Project Deep Dream. Are you Shadow-Banned? Sleeping yet?
[Qanon Card 042] Anon follows Jack with Censorship. Fitting. On all platforms Free Speech is being hampered: FB.Twitter.MSM.Campus Government.Silicon Valley. Youtube. Fight!💥
[Qanon Card 043] 43 trumps 42. ☝️ Free Speech. The 1st amendment= foundation of the Republic. Keep speaking up & engage on all social platforms.Memetic warfare 💥[Injection good]
[Qanon Card 044] Hero!🎖White Hat entrapped in the Fake Russia probe. Known as super spy master and military genius. Like the Phoenix, he will return!! [Flynn Is Safe]
[Qanon Card 045] Old 45. Absolutely pounding the Deep State. Chess grand master. Shockingly effective 1st term. Election was the beach head. Full Attack is on💥. 2018 will be glorious.
[Qanon Card 046] Lets Play! Anon gives look at Q capability. Card shows live feed tracking ES possibly in China. Current ES whereabouts unknown. Hat status uncertain. Leaning White?
[Qanon Card 047] Tragedy! So much confusion that day. Lives lost💔Where was the Sheriff’s office? Where was the FBI? Why are schools left open to attack? Immediate calls for gun grab!
[Qanon Card 048] Caught! Anon continues Parkland. Another sad story. Warning signs abound. System failed. Where do voices in your head come from? Medication? Can people be programmed?
[Qanon Card 049] We say NO!! In April 1775, when British troops are sent to confiscate colonial weapons, they run into an untrained and angry militia. Not then & Not now!
[Qanon Card 050] NRA. Anon follows Gun Grab with NRA. The #2A enforces the #1A. Inalienable right to defend your life. No guns, No security. Membership Up! Thank a Hogg! 


Reference: Archived – https://archive.is/N0A3d