The MUELLER Effect

Written by Nick Reeder II

So, I’m going to try and show the absolute pure genius of the Mueller investigation and how it is absolutely essential to us winning.

I’m going to leave out a lot of specifics, but break it down in a way to get a good understanding of the absolute necessity and genius of Mueller. This one will be a bit lengthy, as some back story is needed. If you don’t need the back story… Just skip down to where I start using numbers to organize points.

We know Mueller was FBI Director for 12 years total. 10 is the max, but Obama and CONgress gave him an extra 2 years.

Even with that… Mueller met with Trump and Mattis (as the story goes) to be the FBI director… Well, that’s not possible, he can’t be director. So, what’s the REAL reason? Well, this is where the genius comes in to play.
It’s well known Mueller is a$$hole deep in uranium one, 9/11, SES, pick a scandal during his tenure as director… He was involved.

Why would Trump want to meet with an extreme swamp creature as director of the FBI???

Well, Mueller being an ex marine… Me thinks, they (Trump/Mattis/anyone else in the meeting) had a nice “heart to heart” with Mueller.

Now, insert Rod Rosenstein for Deputy Attorney General for the DOJ… This is happening all while knowing that they (corrupt) were going to appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump for Russia collusion. This was the plan the whole time, they knew Mueller would get appointed for this by Rosenstein.

Trump didn’t collude with Russia, so why would it matter who ran the investigation? How do you take down a criminal enterprise? From someone on the inside… Insert Mueller.

I’m speculating here, but pretty sure Mueller cuts a deal to stay out of Gitmo for this last mission, IF he pulls it off.


4 reasons Mueller is an absolute necessity and why he is one of the most important people in the world right now.

1. Control the narrative. We’ve heard Q speak about controlling the narrative several times… Now if you control the narrative, you can control the media.
Why do you think EVERY TIME Mueller starts to get out of the spotlight something happens to bring it right back into the forefront? It’s like the media is slowly backing away, then Mueller finds something to bring it back up. Why would Mueller want that when he has found basically nothing and he knows there’s nothing there? There’s more, but I’ll touch on it later.

2. Controls NWO. NWO’s plan is assassination, impeach, then civil war. This also ties in to my post about the importance of Q (I’ll link in the comments).
Assassination hasn’t worked (obviously) next step is impeachment…. Now, here’s a huge advantage we have. NWO still needs the public to be blind, so if they impeach Trump, they can ride out the next two years and put in their own president later. Smear Trump to oblivion and we’re screwed going forward, guaranteed Democrat will win next election.
The fate of the world and keeping the dogs at bay (so to speak) rides on Muellers shoulders and pulling this off. Mueller tips his hand and NWO knows they can’t impeach Trump, they will unleash hell on all of us. That is why Trump and team are mitigating any and all offensive and defensive options NWO has. This is all about protecting the public. Trump has that advantage as long as NWO thinks they’ll be able to impeach Trump. Mueller needs to keep this investigation going until all strings have been cut.
This is why Trump was so mad that WaPo leaked about Trump not being under criminal investigation and this is why the time table involving Q and the takedown got pushed up. This leads right into my next point when Cohen is brought up

3. This allows Trump to set traps and Mueller walks right in to them, easily I might add. Now, here’s where Cohen comes in to play.
No bigger trap set than the raiding of Cohen’s office looking for dirt on Trump and STORMy Daniels (lol, that’s another topic in and of itself. We see you Trump… STORMy Daniels…. Lol, you masterful troll you). Brings Trump back under criminal investigation…. That DNC lawsuit? Lol…. Are you with me? 😉
Anyways, back on track…. Mueller knows what Cohen has and doesn’t have in that office…. Knows that Cohen represented Clinton in a pedo island case…. Those documents got taken too (can almost guarantee it). As well as countless recordings Cohen had with other people. Even STORMy’s lawyer said anyone Cohen had represented in the past should be worried…. ANYONE
That raid sets up this last lawsuit against Trump, Russia, and Wikileaks. I’m sure Mueller has it laid out like Trump is guaranteed to get impeached from the documents from the raid. I’m sure these documents were carefully placed as well and calculated which ones would be there. Now, what I don’t know is the judge who will oversee the case and how that person ties in to this. I’m sure it’s a very liberal judge to make it look like Mueller will wipe the floor with Trump with that specific judge. Speculation, but it makes sense.
Look at Trump’s tweets about it…. Now Trump has grounds to bring up the DNC servers and many other things and bring to court.

Insert Rudy Giuliani…. Check mate Mueller.
One last trap needed…bait set…bait taken…

Edit* After researching and some help… The judge for this case? Kimba Wood…. Go research her. Perfect judge for what Trump is doing.

Bill Clinton nominee for attorney General when he was president (didn’t get it due to having illegal workers)… Officiated Soros wedding… Sat on an advisory board for Soros… Lol, this is just too good. NWO thinks they’re guaranteed a win. They’re probably celebrating right now. This is too good. Trump is such a genius.

4. This absolutely destroys the media…. Game over type crap. Done deal… Stick a fork in them. The fate of the media boils down to Mueller and STORMy Daniels…. Which both, IMHO are planted there by Trump to crush the media. Media has absolutely 0 credibility after hiding Clinton’s crimes and everything they said about Trump and Russia, if/when Mueller comes out and concludes that there’s no collusion.

Mueller is the man leading the bull (NWO) by the nose right into one trap after another.
Check mate.

Mueller is literally the reason why we haven’t had a major event happen to the public. NWO thinks they won, they’re going to impeach Trump with this.

The stage is all set for Trump to crush them and they’re thinking they have Trump by the cahoonas. But Mueller is working for Trump.

Mark it down…. Take it to the bank. That’s the end of MSM as we know it.

Without Mueller, all hell would have broken loose by now. NWO knows they are screwed, but Mueller is keeping them at bay… Until its too late. Biggest double crossing sting operation ever pulled off.


Nick Reeder II