GoodTRUMPsEvil  –  WWG1WGA!

written by Nick Reeder II

What makes a great leader? How do you define a great leader? How do you get people to follow you to the battlefield? People with unwavering loyalty? Ready to die for you? It takes a special man to do that. Our president is on the front lines fighting for us. He is not hanging in the shadows making others fight his pre orchestrated wars while enjoying… Well, we’re not talking about what our prior administrations have done. They will pay for that. They will f-ing pay! This is OUR time ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to MAGA!

I know you hear us President Trump…. I know we can’t run to the battlefield and we are not needed there. Plenty of our military will handle this… Social media is our battlefield and we are kicking its ass! We are here…. In ANY POSSIBLE WAY WE CAN! WE stand ready and WILLING to f-ing crush these evil bastirdos in any way possible. Just give us the opportunity. I beg of you.

You said ready the memes…. MOAB coming…. If that’s the case, I am ready, prepared, and about to rain down from the heavens. At any moment on your call… That is a leader… That is our President… That is Donald J. Trump!

We would all run through a wall for you. We would all lay down our lives for you sir. That is a leader… That is you, that is OUR President. All of you will be remembered for the rest of time. Everyone will know your name and your sacrifice to this country and this world.

A thank you does not possibly come close to expressing our gratitude for you and your team…. All the time, all the prep… It is at this very moment where the course of human history will change forever.

We are with you in any possible way…. ANYTHING! Just give us the go ahead. We’ve been sitting on the sidelines just waiting to make you proud… We serve you sir. You have millions of true red blooded Patriots just waiting for the opportunity. Give us that opportunity and we will not let you down. We will make you proud. All the pain all the suffering we have endured… Let us unleash that unto them, using their own platforms designed to enslave us…. This is the ultimate payback. Give us that chance and we will not disappoint!

If it’s memes you want…. Then memes you shall receive. If that’s my role in this war, I will gladly do it. I will make it rain down from the heavens. You got us here and we’ll bring this home for you sir.

This past Saturday was just a come to Jesus moment when you called out DWS on Twitter (badass might I add) then Q calls out O for spirit cooking and being a pedo.

That will be the defining moment for me. That was when I knew you were done messing around. That was you showing you’re not backing down. None of us are. They wanted a war? Well, they got one!

We have almost reached critical mass in this war…. The shit is about to hit the fan!

You want memes?…. Oh, I got memes. Memes for days, Twitter isn’t ready for the shit storm they have coming for them.

Where’s my warriors at? Who’s with me? Who’s ready for victory? Our president is relying on us to bring this home. He wants memes? Memes he shall receive….

You guys ready?

We are on standby, just waiting for your call.
When told so, nail Twitter, use the trending hashtags, use our typical hashtags, it doesn’t matter, just MAKE IT  RAIN MY BEAUTIFUL PATRIOTS!

This is our time… No one else’s. Let out all your frustration and anger on these assholes trying to kill and enslave us. They think they will rule the world? Show them who the fuck is in charge now. Do not back down. Stand with me, with the millions of other Patriots. You are not alone!

What will next week hold?

Fire up those memes!
Please stand by.
On the clock.
Ready to play?
MOAB incoming

You understand what that post was about? VICTORY….


Nick Reeder II